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Dodona and AppyWay use the power of the UK’s most comprehensive kerbside dataset to unlock scalable on-street EVCP planning

August 31, 2023





Dodona and AppyWay use the power of the UK’s most comprehensive kerbside dataset to unlock scalable on-street EVCP planning

  • The UK currently has only 10% of the charging infrastructure required ahead of the 2030 ban on internal combustion engine vehicles.
  • To unlock the rollout of the necessary infrastructure it is essential that a scalable, evidence-based approach is taken if the UK is to meet its net-zero goals.
  • AppyWay and Dodona have partnered to integrate AppyWay’s comprehensive kerbside data into Dodona’s market-leading eMobility platform.
  • This partnership is already enabling some of the UK’s leading charge point operators to understand the UK’s complex kerbside restrictions and help scale decarbonisation.

Thursday 31st August 2023, London, UK: AppyWay, Europe’s most awarded intelligent kerbside data and management organisation and Dodona Analytics, the innovative aggregator and platform helping eMobility make data-driven and AI-powered decisions, are pleased to announce their partnership and the integration of the UK’s most comprehensive kerbside data available into the leading network planning platform Dodona eMobility.


Sales of new electric vehicles (EVs) have outstripped petrol and diesel, additionally, the roll-out of wider ULEZ policies, in London and other major UK cities is creating a dynamic drive to faster EV adoption. However, it’s estimated that the UK currently only has around 10% of the total chargers required by the 2030 ban on the sale of new Internal Combustion Engine vehicles.

A key barrier to electric vehicle charge point (EVCP) infrastructure rollout is a clear understanding of all the lines, signs and bays on-street during modelling. This data, known as traffic regulation orders (TROs), is held by local authorities and is often stored in a paper or text-based format. These formats are rarely machine or human readable creating a headache for charge point operators wanting to analyse and formulate an on-street EV charge point strategy fully.

To help councils and charge point operators (CPOs) overcome these barriers, AppyWay built the UK’s most comprehensive kerbside restriction dataset. By collating data from local authorities and its own TRO management system Traffic Suite, used by 15% of the UK’s councils, AppyWay has created the largest and most up-to-date dataset, covering 500+ towns and cities.

Together through their partnership, AppyWay and Dodona’s have bolstered the Dodona eMobilty platform with the highly accurate dataset, updated in real-time when AppyWay’s local authority partners make traffic order changes. Through the integration, some of the UK’s leading CPOs have already been empowered with the detailed kerbside insights they need to deploy a network at scale and get ‘buy-in’ from local authorities, local businesses and residents.

Dan Hubert, Founder & CEO of AppyWay comments, “As the 2030 ban on internal combustion engine vehicles approaches, the UK is at a crucial juncture. We must act swiftly and decisively to bridge the gap in charging infrastructure. Our partnership with Dodona is a pivotal step towards a net-zero future, as it equips charge point operators with the insights needed to make informed decisions and drive the scale of decarbonisation required.”

Chris Chamberlain, Co-Founder of Dodona adds, “Our collaboration with AppyWay marks a significant advancement in our mission to revolutionise EV charger network planning. By integrating AppyWay’s detailed kerbside data into our platform, we are empowering charge point operators with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the UK’s kerbside and plan EV charging infrastructure with confidence. This partnership not only accelerates the growth of the charging network but also brings us closer to a cleaner, more sustainable transportation future.”



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