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Smarking and Downtowner team up to provide cities with holistic transportation demand management

November 17, 2016

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Smarking and Downtowner team up to provide cities with holistic transportation demand management



Partnership seeks to turn data into action residents can see



San Francisco, CA, November 15, 2016 – Smarking, the parking industry’s leading provider of data analytics software, and Downtowner, a free on-demand electric ride sharing service, announced a formal partnership today. The two companies hope to empower their mutual client base with the data to understand when and where parking congestion is at its worse, and work to incorporate alternative transportation methods to help relieve that congestion.


Smarking has developed the parking industry’s first business intelligence platform. By integrating transaction level data from parking systems (meters, pay stations, mobile payments and others) into a single easy to use interface, the software calculates meaningful KPIs in real time, including: occupancy, revenue, number of transactions and parking durations for all parking facilities regardless of parking revenue control system. Clients are able to use Smarking’s software to gain a detailed understanding of how demand interacts with their available inventory, and craft smarter parking policies around those dynamics.


The two companies are already working together in Aspen, CO, where Director of Parking Mitch Osur was able to leverage both companies to implement a holistic travel demand management plan to address congestion in downtown.


“Working with Smarking has given me valuable insight into my parking data. Being able to get data daily, especially occupancy and turnover has changed the way we manage parking in Aspen. Some of the information really opened my eyes to new ideas, patricianly the role of micro transit. Because of that information, we implemented Downtowner’s electric shuttle service this summer and it has been well received by both locals and tourists,” commented Mr. Osur.


“We are excited to partner with Downtowner. For many of our clients, parking is only one aspect of managing busy urban environments. By forging relationships with alternative transportation companies, we are able to help turn data into action that residents and politicians can see and appreciate” said Diego Torres-Palma, Director of Growth at Smarking.



“The partnership between Downtowner and Smarking is something we’re very excited about. Many cities looking to improve mobility and provide a last-mile solution, also struggle with understanding their parking data. Smarking and Downtowner’s tech is something that sets us apart, and the integration of data will lead to levels of understanding that have been relatively unattainable before this point. Together, we’ll help paint the picture of what a smart city looks like, and be able to provide the data to back it up.”


About Smarking:

Smarking is a technology company that specializes in parking data. By aggregating and processing parking related data, Smarking provides a holistic business intelligence software platform designed to increase operational efficiency and enable data driven decision making for parking operations.


About Downtowner:

Downtowner’s concept stemmed from a need to get around town in a better way. Downtowner utilizes mobile app logistics technology and 100% electric vehicles to provide on-demand rides in downtown areas and their surrounding neighborhoods. Their focus is addressing the micro-transit issues that many cities are facing every day. Currently, Downtowner is providing the last mile of transit for hundreds of thousands of people across the country.




Smarking Contact:

Diego Torres-Palma, Director of Growth

(617) 298-0255;  diego@smarking.net