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EasyPark Acquires e24’s Parking Service and Makes Finding and Paying for Parking Easier

March 08, 2021





EasyPark Acquires e24’s Parking Service and Makes Finding and Paying for Parking Easier


EasyPark Announces the Acquisition of e24’s Parking Service




The digital mobility company EasyPark and the mobile management company e24 both offer smooth parking payments through mobile devices. EasyPark now announces the acquisition of e24’s parking service to further simplify mobility for motorists, parking operators, and municipalities all over Switzerland.

With an award-winning app, EasyPark helps millions of drivers save time and money with innovative technology that makes parking easier in more than 2,200 cities in 20 countries. Besides offering parking payments, EasyPark also features the ability to find free parking spaces and access electrical vehicle charging stations through Europe.

Now Easypark announces the acquisition of the e24’s parking service that will enable new functionalities for drivers, like prolonging or stopping parking directly from the phone. With EasyPark, drivers can use the same app all over Switzerland as well as in the rest of Europe.

EasyPark also offers the Find & Park feature in Zürich, which allows drivers to find the best available on-street parking, closest to their destination, guiding them along the most efficient route to the parking spot.

“Our vision at EasyPark is to make smarter and more liveable cities by providing a seamless parking experience. The acquisition of ePark24 makes it easier for drivers in Switzerland to find and pay for parking with minimal effort, just by using our app” says Julie Ludmann, Country Director Switzerland at the Easypark Group.

Like EasyPark, ePark24 provides parking payments and integrated mobile payment solutions for drivers and parking operators in Switzerland.

“For a time, our strategy has been to accelerate our business and to make our offer available for additional customers in new areas. The merger into EasyPark is turning the strategy into actions and new possibilities, and we are thrilled to see our business growing” says Alexander Schümperli, CEO of ePark24.

Over the coming month, EasyPark and e24 will collaborate to move all existing e24 users into EasyPark in a smooth way to make it as easy as possible for the users.

About EasyPark Group
EasyPark is a fast-growing, leading European tech company that helps drivers find and manage parking and EV charging. Our technology helps businesses, operators, and cities with parking administration, planning, and management in over 2200 cities across 20 countries. What we do is make urban life easier – one parking spot at a time. Visit www.easyparkgroup.com to learn more!

Parkopedia and EasyPark announce partnership to provide highly automated payment for parking directly from the in-car dashboard

January 08, 2020





Parkopedia and EasyPark announce partnership to provide highly automated payment for parking directly from the in-car dashboard



  • Parkopedia and EasyPark to provide seamless on-demand in-car parking payments to Mercedes-Benz drivers;


  • Service is now available in over 200 cities in Germany and is rolling-out across Europe;


  • Drivers accessing EasyPark-enabled locations can pay for parking using the Mercedes-Benz in-car system and the Mercedes me© app.



Parkopedia and EasyPark, two of the world’s leading parking service providers, today announced a partnership that allows drivers who are parking in EasyPark-enabled locations to automatically start their street parking and pay through their MercedesPay© account. The new on-demand parking service offers drivers an easy solution for parking payments, through their Single Sign-On account with the automotive manufacturer, directly from the comfort of their vehicle.


After pulling into a bay within a paid on-street parking zone, the vehicle triggers the automated parking payment using details provided by Parkopedia and EasyPark. The driver confirms the start of the parking transaction and exits the car. When the driver returns and starts the ignition, the vehicle prompts the driver to stop the parking transaction. The driver’s MercedesPay© account is then charged and an electronic receipt issued, ensuring they only pay for the actual time spent parked at that location, as opposed to potentially over or under-paying.

mercedes me store+parking

EasyPark Group CEO Johan Birgersson, said the partnership between EasyPark, Parkopedia and Mercedes-Benz AG is driven by an uncompromising commitment to innovation and excellent customer service. “The Mercedes-Benz brand is synonymous with world-class design and the highest quality driving experience. Bringing the latest technology into cars to address the main parking pain points, the time drivers have to spend on finding and paying for parking, this innovative feature allows for a smooth and easy user experience that saves time and effort for users.”


Commenting on the announcement, Parkopedia’s COO Hans Puvogel said, “The launch of Single Sign-On payments for EasyPark-enabled locations is another example of how Parkopedia is working to help innovate the parking industry and provide better experiences for drivers. We are honoured that Mercedes-Benz have extended their trust in Parkopedia and EasyPark to offer on-demand parking as part of Mercedes-Benz’s comprehensive in-car parking services, and look forward to continuing to work together to further enhance the in-car experience for drivers.”






About EasyPark Group
Since 2001, our award-winning digital services have been helping motorists to manage their parking in about 1400 cities across 18 countries. But what we do doesn’t stop there. On a larger scale, our technology helps businesses, operators, and cities with parking administration, planning and management. What we actually do is make urban life easier – one parking spot at a time. Visit www.easyparkgroup.com to learn more!



About Parkopedia


Parkopedia is the world’s leading parking service provider used by millions of drivers and organizations such as Audi, Apple, BMW, Coyote, Ford, Garmin, GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Sygic, TomTom, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and many others. Parkopedia provides detailed information on 70 million parking spaces in 15,000 cities around the world.

The service allows drivers to find the closest, cheapest or available parking to their destination, pay for it and navigate directly to the parking space.



EasyPark Partners with T2 Systems to Expand Paid Parking on Granville Island

June 18, 2019





EasyPark Partners with T2 Systems to Expand Paid Parking on Granville Island




Indianapolis, IN June 18, 2019– T2 Systems, the largest parking technology provider in North America, has partnered with EasyPark to expand paid parking to all public spaces on Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia. The new parking rules, which took effect June 1, 2019, will help to increase parking availability and make it easier for drivers to find a space.




Granville Island—a popular tourism, shopping, and entertainment destination—has over 1,200 parking spots but faces congestion challenges during peak times. Previously, Granville Island had a mix of roughly 60% free parking spaces and 40% paid parking spaces. T2 and EasyPark partnered to install new T2 Luke®Cosmo multi-space pay stations on Granville Island to transition to paid parking for all spaces.


“Our Luke Cosmo parking pay stations are designed specifically for cities and communities and provide a user-friendly experience for customers. Parkers can pay at the meter or through apps like EasyPark and can even extend their parking through their phone instead of having to move their car,” said CEO, T2, Adam Blake.


The new parking rules aim to encourage drivers to shift the timing of their trips and eliminate circling the island in search of a free spot. Parking will now cost $3 per hour from 11 AM- 6PM from May to September. From October to April, the parking rate will decrease to $2 per hour.


“Many municipalities find that transitioning from free to paid parking improves parking availability, reduces confusion, and generates more revenue. We’re excited to help Granville Island improve their parking experience,” added Blake.


“EasyPark has partnered with T2 over the years to be the leader in delivering innovative and reliable technology solutions for parking and transportation that helps our customers deliver world-class service,” said CEO, EasyPark, Nigel Bullers.


T2 has built a comprehensive platform of parking technology software and hardware solutions to make parking management as seamless as possible. Thousands of parking and transportation professionals rely on T2 for multi-space pay stations, permit management, enforcement, LPR, PARCS, citation services, business analytics, and event parking.


Learn more about T2’s reliable and innovative parking and transportation solutions at T2’s website.



About T2 Systems

T2 Systems is the largest parking technology provider in North America, with more than 25 years in the parking management industry and currently serving thousands of parking professionals. T2 integrates the best people, processes, and technology for powerful, high performance, and secure parking solutions. Its open technology and processes are used to manage more than 200 million parking transactions for over 2 billion dollars annually across all 50 state and ten provinces in Canada. For more information about T2, visit T2systems.com.


About EasyPark

Founded in 1947, EasyPark’s mission is straightforward: “make parking easy.” Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, its mandate is to provide safe, convenient and affordable parking, with operations that include 135 parking facilities in 60 client accounts in B.C., which are part of the EasyPark brand. For more information about EasyPark, please visit easypark.ca.



EasyPark Group launches Find & Park service in Stockholm

February 21, 2018



EasyPark Group launches Find & Park service in Stockholm




Unique new service shows available parking spaces in real time



Stockholm, 21 February, 2018 – EasyPark Group CEO, Johan Birgersson today announced the arrival of the beta version Find & Park in Stockholm, a new parking guidance service which helps drivers find an available parking space in the city. Find & Park holds your hand turn-by-turn along the optimal path to find available parking on the street, or in a garage close to your destination.


Using advanced algorithms to process various data sources including transaction data, device tracking data, sensor data and floating car data (to mention a few), EasyPark has been able to build an accurate high-resolution map of parking availability.


“Faster paths to available parking spaces not only reduce congestion and emissions, but also a lot of stress and frustration for motorists. Unlike expensive, sensor-based solutions, Find & Park combines parking data with various other unique data sources to then calculate the optimal route for drivers to find parking along the way to the destination,” said Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.


On average, Stockholm drivers waste up to 2040 hours in their lifetime sitting in traffic, and 30% of urban congestion is caused by people searching for parking.


“Preliminary testing of Find & Park in Stockholm has shown to reduce the amount of time spent searching for parking by up to 50 percent, which has the potential to have a truly powerful effect on both congestion and pollution in the city,” he added.


Drivers in Stockholm can now try the beta version of Find & Park for themselves within the existing EasyPark app, simply by tapping the ‘Find’ icon at the bottom left hand corner of the home screen.


Find & Park launched as a part of world’s first anger management tool for parking

Finding a parking space in central areas of the city can often be both time consuming and stressful for drivers. A new survey from YouGov, commissioned by EasyPark Group, shows that more than 7 out of 10 Swedish motorists (77 percent) have felt stressed or frustrated due to difficulty finding parking. Therefore, EasyPark is offering drivers in Stockholm free ‘parking therapy’ with the help of a local psychologist, Malin Edlund.

The research showed that after less than 5 minutes, the mood of every third motorist becomes affected (31 percent) and they become stressed by the situation. To announce the launch of Find & Park in Stockholm, EasyPark is providing drivers with different methods and tools for stressing down while at the wheel.


“The EasyPark survey shows that more women than men feel stressed due to difficulty finding free parking space (81 percent compared to 74 percent). It’s widely known that high levels of stress can actually affect driving skills, so it’s not surprising that such a high proportion of respondents (47 percent) feel that stress in traffic makes them become a major traffic hazard, such as cases when they cannot find parking,” says Edlund.


Between 9 and 12pm on February 27, Edlund will be out on some of the busiest streets of Stockholm, offering motorists tips on how to stay calm when driving during peak hours and searching for parking.

To see how Find & Park works:



About the survey

The survey was conducted by YouGov, commissioned by EasyPark in Sweden in February 2018. 1 008

respondents participated in the survey conducted in YouGov’s web panel with respondents in

the age 18 years and over. The panel is a national representative.


About EasyPark Group

Since 2001, our award-winning digital services have been helping drivers to manage their parking in 700 cities across 11 countries. But what we do doesn’t stop there. On a larger scale, our technology helps businesses, operators, and cities with parking administration, planning and management. What we actually do is make urban life easier – one parking spot at a time. Visit www.easyparkgroup.com to learn more!


Making cars smarter: EasyPark and Telenor

February 01, 2017

Making cars smarter: EasyPark and Telenor



Two of the Nordic’s best-known technology and telecommunications brands today announced the pilot of a brand new on-board device (OBD) at the Nordic Car Connect Forum in Oslo. The OBD, called ‘Telenor Connect’, will provide drivers of cars built after 2001 with the technological capabilities of a much newer vehicle, delivering a suite of ‘smart’ features to rival even the most technologically advanced cars on the market today.


Telenor Connect comes with the EasyPark app as a standard feature, while also providing cars with a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot to connect mobile phones and tablets to enable a range of entertainment options. The system directs the driver to the nearest service station when fuel levels are low, and will send an alert to your phone if the car is bumped or damaged while you’re away. The EasyPark app already shows off-street availability and will also enable drivers to seamlessly enter and exit a parking garage very soon.


Chief Business Development Officer of EasyPark Group, Mauritz Börjeson, spoke about how the partnership with Telenor represents an exciting new era for motorists everywhere.

“This is the first step towards a creating fully automated parking experience for drivers. It’s far better to get an OBD than to buy a new car. This is about making smart services accessible to everyone,” he said.

The new Telenor Connect device will link to the EasyPark app to start parking. The app ensures drivers never pay too much for parking, minimizing the time spent fumbling around for spare change and trying to figure out the various parking zones and regulations throughout the city.  It will also automatically stop the drivers’ parking session when driving away.


According to Börjeson however, this is just the beginning.


“Later in the year EasyPark will also reveal a new Parking Guidance service, showing drivers the best route to their destination with the most available parking spaces along the way, revolutionizing the way we drive in urbanized areas,” he said.


“As the rate of mobile parking payments continues to increase across Europe, partnerships with well-regarded brands like Telenor are helping us to find new ways to make finding and paying for parking easier for our customers. It won’t be long before we can offer consumers a fully automated experience,” said Börjeson.


Following the success of the pilot, Telenor Connect will become available to the public in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.






Since 2001, our award-winning smart services have been helping drivers to find and pay for parking in 500 cities in 10 countries. But what we do doesn’t stop there. On a larger scale, our technology helps businesses, operators and cities with parking administration, planning and management. What we actually do is make urban life easier – one parking spot at a time.



The forum gathers representatives across sectors, company size and borders, and aims to become the number one meeting point for companies driving innovation within the connected car ecosystem in the Nordics. The members will meet quarterly and will be organized by and at locations of the founding partners IF P&C Insurance, Circle K, Bertil O. Steen, EasyPark, Swedspot, Mekonomen and Telenor Group.

Twitter @NCCForum




Contact Matt Tooth, PR Manager, EasyPark Group

+46 73267 81 66


Smarking partners with EasyPark to expand data analytics platform into Canada

July 19, 2016

Smarking Logo

Parking Data goes International!


Smarking partners with EasyPark to expand data analytics platform into Canada



San Francisco, CA, July 19, 2016 – Smarking, the parking industry’s leading provider of data analytics and yield management software, is expanding into Canada through a new partnership with EasyPark, British Columbia’s preeminent parking services provider.  EasyPark plans to leverage the power of Smarking’s cutting edge data analytics platform to streamline its operations and integrate the firm’s parking data into a single, easy to use, mobile friendly platform.



“EasyPark is dedicated to staying ahead of the industry curve in adopting and adapting new technology.” said Nigel Bullers, CEO of EasyPark. “We do this to ensure that our customers have the best service possible while we operate at the highest level of efficiency.  We saw Smarking’s mobile friendly dashboard at the International Parking Institute (IPI) Conference and Expo in May, and immediately recognized that this tool would enable the EasyPark team in the field, assisting our customers, all while staying on top of lot occupancies and revenues across our portfolio.”

“In the parking industry, there is currently an emphasis on getting ‘big data’ for parking operations.” says Gary Khor, Director of IT at EasyPark.  “Obviously data is really important, but more important is being able to see that data in real time, where you need it; in the field and on mobile platforms so that we can be proactive about the parking experience, rather than reactive after the fact.  Working with Smarking it quickly became clear that they had the next evolution of data management that we have been looking for to take parking management to the next level.”

The Smarking Management System enables parking asset managers to monitor and optimize their locations using real time and predicted parking data. The dashboard, which was recently optimized for a mobile viewing experience, calculates a number of key performance indicators including: real time occupancy, predicted occupancy, real time revenues, predicted revenues, and parking durations.

“Smarking has experienced a tremendous amount of growth here in the US,” said Cassius Jones, Growth Manager at Smarking, “With our yield management software now live at more than 500 locations in the US, it was only a matter of time before we expanded internationally. We are thrilled to be working with the talented team at EasyPark.”

About Smarking:

Smarking is a team of data scientists, PHDs, engineers, and business professionals who joined forces in 2014 to bring cutting edge solutions to the $50 billion global parking industry.  Our yield management software aggregates and processes parking related data to help our clients maximize use of their parking assets.  The Smarking Management System enables clients to predict future demand, optimize pricing and staffing, reduce operational costs and revenue leakage, share space availability information with customers and offer promotions at exactly the right times.

About EasyPark:

Founded in 1947, EasyPark has one mission: “make parking easy” by providing safe, convenient and affordable parking to the greater Vancouver, British Columbia community and beyond.  Since 2012, EasyPark has been the only Canadian parking firm to operate its own mobile app for lot geolocation and payment.  In 2016 the company won IPI awards for the second straight year, including one of only three “Best of 2016” honours.  EasyPark currently operates over 125 parking facilities in British Columbia under the EasyPark brand.




Smarking Contact:

Diego Torres-Palma, Director of Growth

(617) 298-0255;  diego@smarking.net


EasyPark Contact:

Gary Khor, Director of IT

(604) 608-4044;  gkhor@easypark.ca


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