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ECO: Huge Lighting Breakthrough from Indianapolis

September 05, 2018




ECO: Huge Lighting Breakthrough from Indianapolis




It was said that it could never be done.  Put a single light fixture down the center aisle of a parking garage (60’+ width) and destroy the iesna recommended lighting levels. Well, take that off the “To Do” list. The new ECO FlexTech Center Run LED, type II distribution fixture is killing it with massive, evenly distributed lighting levels throughout garages regardless of whether the garage is a cast in place design or a double T design.




The ECO FlexTech is a shielded fixture.  That means no dangerous glare in your eyes. Many fixture manufacturers attempt to meet this challenge by using un-shielded LEDs.  Don’t compromise your client’s safety, demand shielded LEDs.  While you are at it, demand that the fixture is cast aluminum, not plastic.  The key to long fixture life and top performing LEDs, is heat management. Plastic holds heat in and is the opposite of what you want.  It is lower cost than aluminum and thus, the motivation for some manufacturers in using plastic.  It makes an excellent beer cooler, so demand plastic for beer and aluminum for lighting.


Why center run?  Why hasn’t the industry evolved more quickly?  Strong lighting levels towards the front of vehicles was motivated by the need to illuminate key holes on a car.  Today, many have never used a key in a car door, just a FOB.  New ways to control LED output has given the lighting position down the center, “Most Favored Nation” status with huge first cost savings (fixtures and material).  Now a single 80 or 100-watt fixture can hold even (well within iesna 10:1 Max:Min ratios) footcandle levels at the industry’s highest demands.  Service is a snap without having to work above cars or move cars to get access.


Finally, the center run position perfectly positions ECO’s new Falcon Vision PGS dual camera system in place to monitor and report on up to six parking spaces.  That is a value proposition you can’t’ ignore.  Include the world’s only Wireless and Fixture Integrated PGS system on your project today.




Contact Jeff Pinyot, President ECO Lighting Solutions/ECO Falcon Vision for more information.

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