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ECO Lighting Solutions Now ECO Parking Technologies

January 23, 2019




ECO Lighting Solutions Now ECO Parking Technologies




Indianapolis, IN – January 23, 2019 – ECO Lighting Solutions announced today the immediate name change to ECO Parking Technologies (ECO Parking Tech). Formed in 2006 to serve the lighting industry through state-of-the-art US made parking garage lighting, ECO Parking Lights advanced to ECO Lighting Solutions as the company products moved beyondjust parking. “With the advent of FALCON VISION, the world’s only LED Integrated Camera- based, Wireless, Object Detection Parking Guidance System, the name change to ECO Parking Technologies better describes the new direction of our organization, which is to serve the Parking Industry through Advanced Engineered Solutions in Lighting, PGS, and new advancing technologies.” Commented Jeff Pinyot, President of ECO ParkingTechnologies.



Many customers have already benefitted from deploying FALCON VISION Concierge Lighting, including the winner of the NPA 2018 Sustainability Project of the Year at the California State University Sacramento. FALCON VISION is also the integrated solution in the new Las Olas Parking Structure, the visual masterpiece in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

FALCON VISION is available for both new construction and renovation projects either integrated into the light fixture, or as a stand-alone system. Pinyot further commented, “With FALCON VISION, we’re delivering rich functionality through modern IoT and Cloud Native technologies.”


For more information on FALCON VISION Concierge Lighting | PGS Contact: Jeff Pinyot @ 317.501.2892 jspinyot@ECOParkingTech.com


ECO Lighting Solutions: Girls go to College to get more Knowledge, Boys go to Jupiter to get more Stupider

September 04, 2018



ECO Lighting Solutions: Girls go to College to get more Knowledge, Boys go to Jupiter to get more Stupider



Not in this case, the ECO Lighting Solutions Boys have been at it again.  Now, after a year of operation, it’s time to brag.


The ECO Boys are also going to college.  Given a challenge by Emery University to design a unique fixture for their new underground parking garage as part of the J-Wing expansion project, the results are amazing.


ECO created the new ECO Mantis, a linear remote phosphor LED solution with optional colored uplighting to define floor levels.  This sleek, artsy lighting solution has been performing well on this magnificent campus.


ECO has been systematically relighting all the campus parking garages with the award winning ECO FlexTech LED fixture.  Oh, there is more schooling yet for these guys. Take Cal State for instance, the nation’s largest university system has chosen the new ECO FlexTech wide fixture (one down the center) and the revolutionary new camera based Falcon Vision parking guidance solution for the new garage at their Sacramento State campus, right in the heart of the Silicon Valley comes the highest tech parking guidance solution from where else, Indianapolis, home of the leading thinkers of the parking world.


Our city motto is, Crossroads of America, but it should be, home of the Parking Gods.


Contact Jeff Pinyot jspinyot@ecoparkinglights.com for more information on these projects or to book for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, or Baptisms.



ECO Falcon Vision…Surfs up!

August 30, 2018




ECO Falcon Vision…Surfs up!




The new Las Olas parking garage in Ft Lauderdale is the Gateway to the beautiful beaches of America’s Venice.  ECO Lighting Solutions had already relit two existing parking garages for the Parking Authority when they won the deal to not only light the new Las Olas parking garage, but also provide their new Falcon Vision lighting integrated and wireless parking guidance solution.




The first ever Concierge Lighting solution, Falcon Vision will guide beachgoers, shoppers, diners, and people watchers to open parking spaces through Red, Green, Blue, and custom lighting colors from the bottom of the LED light fixtures.


Walker Consultants is leading the charge on this $21M project.

Contact William Longardner at ECO Falcon Vision william@ecoparkinglights.com for more project information.