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August 10, 2016





Eimpound allows parking industry to electronically identify and/or notify lien holders and receive an email confirmation that the lien holder has been notified if notification is desired



Since the launch of eimpound.com, hundreds of government agencies and private companies from 43 states, Alberta, and Ontario have realized the benefits of using the free service, which identifies and notifies the lien holder for the parking industry when needed.


David, the General Manager of a company in Maryland using it, says, “I really like it and am really impressed with it. Police like us to process everything, find the lien holder, and send them notifications on certain tows, and it costs us a lot of money and time to find the lien holder and notify them. The government database we use doesn’t tell you if there is a lien holder match or not. Eimpound tells you who the lien holder is..this is great. I actually can’t believe it’s free.”.

More and more users are agreeing that this no cost service is helpful for those industries that want to identify and notify lien holders. Its free, paperless, and simple to use.

Eimpound’s mission is to save service providers money, time, and effort in trying to find the lien holder and send them notification.

Eimpound can also just help users identify who the lien holder is and not send an electronic notification, if that is all that is needed. If you just want to see who the lien holder is but not notify them, then just email the VIN to Eimpound.

All at no cost!

Users just go to www.eimpound.com, log in to their account, and enter the VIN and tag. It takes about 30 seconds. It can be done one at a time or by attaching a batch file with multiple vehicles. Any time you want!

Eimpound has about 80% of the U.S. lien holders’ liens in its database (about 40 million active liens as we speak).

If you do not get an email notification showing the lien has been found, just email Eimpound the VIN and/or tag. We’ll then do our best to find the lien holder through other private and public sector databases. For free.

An Arizona Municipal employee says, “The digital lien holder identifications and notifications are easy to produce and reliable. I had a Lien Holder call me once complaining about the auctioning off one of one of their vehicles after they got an Abandoned Title. The Lien Holder was complaining that they never got notification. When I checked, I found that I sent them a letter and when I told them the address listed in MVD for their office, they told me they had closed that office. Apparently they never put in a change of address with MVD, so all of the mail notices were going to a closed office.”

We hope you’ll like it. It’s easy to use and free. Please let Eimpound know of anything they can do to help!

For or more information, visit http://eimpound.com.