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Shuttle Bus Leasing Launches New Website

October 30, 2019




Shuttle Bus Leasing Launches New Website



RIVERSIDE, CA – Shuttle Bus Leasing (SBL) announced it has gone live with a completely redesigned and rebranded website at SBLBus.com. The website is expected to provide users a clean, simple design that incorporates improved functionality and enhanced content. In addition to improved design features, updated content throughout the site provides expanded information on SBL’s company history, core values, and capabilities.



Created with the user experience in mind, the website design uses the latest technology, making it compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. Drop-down menus for both mobile and desktop versions are available, and the improved structure of the content is impactful. “With the new website, we are taking the opportunity to strengthen and modernize how we represent our company and promote the industry to customers in which we operate,” states Brad Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing.


SBL is an affiliated company of Complete Coach Works and Transit Sales International. It’s the third website to be launched this year. “Our marketing department has worked hard to construct a website tailored to our customers wants, needs, and expectations. We are excited to provide our customers better access to information about our company,” states Brad.


SBL is more than just a bus leasing company. It’s a transportation solution provider with a support network that is dedicated to making customers’ operations a success. SBL’s new website will be regularly updated with product information, industry knowledge, innovations, events, and news. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and sign up for the company’s e-newsletter to stay up to date on future press releases, and key announcements.



Shuttle Bus Leasing (SBL) specializes in providing short to long-term leases of high-quality, used transit shuttle buses for a wide range of applications. We provide customized leasing term options to suit our customer’s needs, such as seasonal leasing, contract leasing, gap leasing, and private employee shuttle leasing. With multiple locations within the United States, SBL is able to provide leasing services to accommodate various transportation needs. SBL was a proud supplier to the U.S. Winter Olympics in 2002, and Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.



Please contact Brad Carson at 800-287-7253 or brad.carson@sblbus.com  for more information.

Complete Coach Works (CCW): New Study calls for more Electric buses

September 17, 2018



Complete Coach Works (CCW): New Study calls for more Electric buses




The results of a recent study, performed by the Union of Concerned Scientists (https://www.ucsusa.org/), further highlight the environmental benefits of electric-powered buses. Buses powered by electricity are responsible for far fewer carbon emissions than their diesel-powered counterparts. The study found that on average, electric buses produce less than half of the harmful emissions than those of buses powered by diesel or natural gas. The findings appeared to be true even in areas where fossil fuels are used to generate energy for the power grid.



Results like those produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists have increased interest for electric buses by municipalities and transit agencies. The growing demand is beneficial for organizations such as Complete Coach Works (CCW), a bus remanufacturing company based in Riverside, CA. CCW’s eco-friendly option, known as ZEPS (Zero Emissions Propulsion System), was designed to help clients meet the goals of their green initiatives.

CCW takes a simple approach to sustainability by minimizing environmental impact, enhancing its value to its customers and society, and providing sustainable solutions. Adopting the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy, CCW takes previously used, diesel-powered transit buses and remanufactures them into like-new vehicles containing all-electric drivetrain systems.


CCW’s commitment to sustainability has enabled it to assist numerous transit agencies in their pursuit of preserving the planet for future generations. CCW looks forward to helping more agencies go all-electric to save money, save fuel, and save the world!


Complete Coach Works (CCW) is the largest U.S. bus remanufacturing and rehabilitation company and the leading provider of a vast array of transportation solutions with over 30 years of dedicated service in the transportation industry. CCW is a pioneer in the business and strives to continually provide cleaner air through innovative design and engineering, resulting in the world’s first and only remanufactured all-electric battery powered bus. Regardless of how small or large the job, CCW provides an exceptionally experienced team of over 350 experts, committed to customer service and satisfaction.


Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a nonprofit science advocacy organization based in the United States.UCS scientists and analysts develop and implement innovative, practical solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing problems—solutions for combating global warming; developing sustainable ways to feed, power, and transport ourselves; fighting misinformation; advancing racial equity; and reducing the threat of nuclear war.



For more information, please contact Brad Carson at (800) 287-7253 or e-mail bradley@completecoach.com