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NextGen Parking announces availability of EMV retrofits for 3M/Federal APD parking revenue control equipment

December 13, 2017



NextGen Parking announces availability of EMV retrofits for 3M/Federal APD parking revenue control equipment





NextGen Parking has announced the availability of EMV retrofits for 3M/Federal APD parking revenue control equipment which ensure the continued viability of those systems well into the future. Having completed engineering development and testing of this offering over the past year, NextGen has commenced installations at selected sites and delivery of kits for installation by other former 3M/FAPD resellers.



3M’s departure from the parking business in 2014 left owners and operators of 3M/FAPD ScanNet and EFMS based PARCS systems with questions over ongoing PCI compliance, particularly as relates to PA/DSS software certification. While EFMS & ScanNet systems installed before November 2016 retain their status as PA/DSS certified payment applications, concerns have been raised as to their continued compliance with PCI DSS requirements given the lack of ongoing application support by the software developer and discontinued operating environments. Additionally, MasterCard’s recent requirements for merchant support of 2 Series BIN (Bank Identification Number) transactions present a new challenge for 3M/FAPD system owners and operators.

NextGen’s retrofit for 3M/FAPD systems removes PARCS Software (EFMS or ScanNet) from PCI scope as a payment application and eliminates the requirement for PA/DSS compliance. Additionally, the retrofit provides EMV (chip card) readers in a full PCI validated Point-to-Point Encrypted (P2PE) solution from Payment Express, a world leader in secure payment card transaction processing. Finally, 2 BIN transactions are fully supported as would be other future developments from card issuers.

Retrofits can be installed on 3M/FAPD pay-on-foot, pay-in-lane, credit card exit verifier, and PowerPad payment devices of either SST or Universal One generations of equipment. This replaces Central Credit Card functionality but does not utilize any former 3M/FAPD proprietary property nor does it require substantial modification or replacement of installed equipment components or software. Reports and other system features & standard functionality remain largely unaffected.

EMV retrofits are available from NextGen and other former 3M VARs and FAPD distributors who are knowledgeable and experienced in servicing 3M/FAPD equipment.

NextGen Parking is a PCI Security Standards Council Qualified Integrator & Reseller (QIR) Company and PARCS distributor based in Houston, Texas, serving parking markets in the South Central and Southeastern U.S.


Parking BOXX Launches First EMV Unattended Parking System In United States

April 21, 2016

Parking BOXX Launches First EMV Unattended Parking System In United States


Little Rock Becomes First City To Incorporate New EMV Technology For Municipal Parking



When the City of Little Rock, Arkansas decided to implement their first Parking BOXX system in 2014, they may not have anticipated becoming the parking industry’s EMV pioneers. But that’s exactly what happened when Little Rock installed the first EMV-enabled chip & PIN unattended parking system in the United States. With the March 2016 installation of Parking BOXX’s technology for two additional parking garages, the City now provides Little Rock drivers the most technologically advanced and secure parking payment option in the United States.


“Nearly two years ago, we issued an RFP looking for the best overall system value, and Parking BOXX has exceeded our expectations,” said James “Doc” Doolittle, Senior Director of Facility Maintenance & Engineering. “Parking BOXX has been an excellent choice for the multiple facilities in Little Rock. Year over year revenue increases from inception, as well as much improved equipment performance and enhanced reporting capabilities, made expansion with Parking BOXX an easy decision for both the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau and the City of Little Rock.”

The City of Little Rock selected Parking BOXX through an RFP process to provide Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems. There are now three City garages with Parking BOXX systems in operation, with 12 lanes of parking equipment that accommodate over 1800 parking spaces. The parking equipment includes In-Lane Automated Payment Machines, Cashier Stations, Card Access, and numerous validations and coupons. These garages also provide parking for guests from several nearby hotels.

“EMV is here to stay so we’re embracing it sooner rather than later. Parking BOXX has done an amazing job supporting us, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them to bring this new technology to all of our garages,” said Norman Hale, Parking Manager with the City of Little Rock.

“The City of Little Rock is a valued partner. We are pleased to be working with this forward-looking group of parking professionals on such an important product launch,” said Renee Smith, President & CTO of Parking BOXX. “Our business strategy focuses on delivering new technology that provides value to customers. Kudos to our amazing team for being the first to certify and launch unattended EMV in parking.”

Parking BOXX’s EMV system utilizes Moneris Solutions technology to collect payments and keep them secure. Moneris Solutions has more than 10 years of experience working with EMV and is one of North America’s largest providers of payment processing solutions.

“As a leader in EMV-enabled payment solutions, we are pleased Parking BOXX has chosen to work with Moneris as part of their unattended parking systems,” said Pat Woods, VP Strategic Partner Sales, Moneris Solutions. “EMV technology is proven to reduce incidences of cardholder fraud, and with a high proportion of unattended kiosks, the parking industry stands to benefit immensely from the new security standard.”

About Parking BOXX
Headquartered in North America, Parking BOXX is a leading parking system provider. Parking BOXX accommodates the needs of small lots as well as large, complex parking systems. With over 50 years of parking industry experience, Parking BOXX has dealers throughout North America and parking sites in operation from Los Angeles to the Caribbean to Newfoundland. Parking BOXX systems reliably run sites with thousands of daily vehicles and millions in annual parking revenue. For more information on how Parking BOXX can help meet your parking system and parking lot equipment needs, please visit http://www.parkingboxx.com, call 800- 518-1230, or email info@parkingboxx.com.