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August 22, 2023







We are pleased to announce that EMX INDUSTRIES, Inc. a Cleveland, Ohio based access control and industrial automation sensor company has acquired Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems, Inc. (TRES), a USA designer and manufacturer of RFID readers and tags for the access control market, effective June 26, 2023.

TRES founders, Steve Hale and Rick Langevin, have decided to sell TRES so they can transition to their well-deserved retirement. Both Steve and Rick will remain consultants to the EMX management team. Mark Phillips, TRES Vice President of Sales, will join the EMX Industries sales team and continue to support the RFID business.

For over 30 years, EMX Industries has been a leading manufacturer of highly engineered sensors across many industries. Main product categories include photoelectric sensors, vehicle detection sensors, and now RFID readers and tags for the access control industry. Furthermore, EMX has capitalized on its expertise in optics to develop a family of sensors for the industrial automation industry including color, luminescence, opacity, contrast, light measurement, color mark, label, tin side detection, brightness, and phosphorescence sensors.

“We are excited to add the TRES RFID Passive reader and tag technology to the EMX portfolio of products. TRES’ commitment to designing and manufacturing high performing products here in the United States shares our culture and strategy at EMX and we look forward to bringing these fantastic products to EMX’s valued network of distributors, dealers, and installers. We look forward to continuing to serve TRES’s customers with the exceptional quality and service they have been accustomed to from TRES, and also introduce our suite of other product categories to help win in the market.”

– Joe Williams, CEO of EMX Industries

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NEW EMX LRS: Loop Replacement System

February 02, 2022


NEW EMX LRS: Loop Replacement System




For the better part of a decade, we have been hard at work developing a vehicle detector that is easier to install and cheaper to maintain than a traditional induction loop system. With direct feedback from our customers, we went through three previous iterations of this new detector and are proud to release our completely updated 4th generation version in the form of the all new LRS (loop replacement system).

The new LRS offers streamlined installation much like its older siblings, but now comes fully equipped with two sensor options that can either be buried or installed above ground. All that is needed is a single pavement cut from the controller to the sensor, cutting down on the traditional 9 saw cuts typically required for an induction loop.

The LRS has the ability to activate all three axis of detection independently (x, y and z) to help change the shape of the detection zone. This is particularly useful when there is the possibility for interference from ferrous metal objects on the fringes of the detection zone.

The LRS-C1 controller incorporates our Ultrameter DisplayTM, which makes configuring the detection sensitivity a snap. In addition, the controller also includes our Detect-On-StopTM technology which allows the sensor to ignore cross traffic in high traffic applications.

In all, the new LRS represents more than a generational improvement over its siblings. It is a major step forward in technology based on valuable customer feedback and significant upgrades to our core sensor technology. Units have been field tested over the past 12 months and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are proud of this family of products and are confident our customers will appreciate just how simple we have made things. The new LRS will be available at your local dealer by end of February 2022.


EMX Industries – Increased Protection for UL325 Retroreflective Photoeye

July 12, 2017



Increased Protection for UL325 Retroreflective Photoeye



EMX now offers a protective hood for our popular UL325 retroreflective photoeye. The new hood for the IRB-RET is designed to protect against the elements, including rain, fog, sleet and snow. The hood also prevents damage from accidental contact by vehicles and industrial equipment. The IRB-RET-HD is constructed of zinc plated steel with a black powder coated finish. Installation is made easy by using the photoeye’s existing mounting holes.  This durable metal hood is sure to outlast plastic found on other products.  The industrial strength and robust appearance of the IRB-RET hood ensures long term, reliable use.




2017 marks EMX Industries’ 30th anniversary of proudly manufacturing its access control products in Cleveland, Ohio.

For additional information, visit www.emxinc.com  or email salessupport@emxinc.com.


New for 2017: WEL-200 WIRELESS EDGE LINK from EMX Industries

February 17, 2017

New for 2017: WEL-200 WIRELESS EDGE LINK from EMX Industries


The WEL-200 system by EMX Industries provides a complete wireless solution for interfacing sensing edges with gate and door operators. The Wireless Edge Link eliminates the wiring between the safety edge and operator control box reducing labor and material costs. Compliant with 2016 UL325 standards, the WEL-200 is compatible with NC, 10K and pulse monitoring.


The WEL operates at up to 200 ft. between transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is battery powered and compatible with both 8.2K and 10K monitored safety edges. The receiver connects with up to four transmitters with separate relay and pulse outputs for open and close edge functionality. The WEL-200R is NEMA 4X allowing for easy, reliable outdoor installation. Featuring an integrated antenna, the receiver offers flexible mounting options outside the operator for maximum performance.


2017 marks EMX Industries’ 30th anniversary of proudly manufacturing its access control products in Cleveland, Ohio.
For additional information, visit www.emxinc.com  or email  salessupport@emxinc.com.


Press contact:

Katie Beswick

Marketing Coordinator


New Loop-less Vehicle Detector from EMX Industries

November 15, 2016



New Loop-less Vehicle Detector from EMX Industries


The CarSense CS303-L Logic Interface component expands the application of EMX Industries’ CS303 single cut vehicle detector into one channel, two channel and directional detection installations.


The flexibility of the CS303-L Logic Interface enables the user to configure it in a similar fashion as a single or two-channel inductive vehicle detector. The advantage of CS303 however lies in the fact that the sensors are less intrusive than an inductive loop and require less maintenance.

In a retrofit installation, the sensors may be installed in an old inductive loop cut or over the existing loops without any interference. No consideration is necessary regarding rebar since it has no operational influence on the CS303 magnetoresistive sensors.

The ability to operate the CS303 in a closing loop, vehicle counting and other inductive vehicle detector applications while benefiting from the CS303 advanced features such as Detect-On-Stop™ and detection axis optimization makes it the best choice for parking and access control applications.

EMX Industries has proudly manufactured its access control products in Cleveland, Ohio since 1987.
For additional information, visit www.emxinc.com  or email  salessupport@emxinc.com.