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Car park Houtwal awarded with ESPA Gold Award

November 08, 2016

Car park Houtwal awarded with ESPA Gold Award


Car park Houtwal in Harderwijk (The Netherlands) received the award for car park of exceptional quality: the European Standard Parking Award, or the ESPA Gold Award. The ESPA Gold Award, given by the European Parking Association (EPA), has been created to distinguish from the standard car parks through excellence, which every garage should meet.

Car park Houtwal
The underground car park is round and can accommodate 450 vehicles. In the middle of the car park there is a large glass roof that creates daylight up to the bottom, more than 21 meters below the surface. The parking layers have the shape of a spiral and lie around the light shaft, which has a diameter of 12 meters. A separate lane has been made for leaving the car park around the light shaft that leads vehicles without obstacles to the exit.



During the excavation work, remains of an ancient city have been discovered. These have been restored and are on display on the lower level of the parking garage. The garage is equipped with energy-efficient, dimmable LED lighting from RentaLite. In total there are 650 LED fixtures that have four different types of light strengths: 30, 25, 20 and 15 watts with an optimized lifespan and C02 reduction. Furthermore, the garage is equipped with a sprinkler system.