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Westward Industries Brings EV Enforcement Fleet to Milwaukee

May 31, 2019


Westward Industries Brings EV Enforcement Fleet to Milwaukee



The City of Milwaukee, WI recently enhanced its parking enforcement program with the addition of four electric parking enforcement vehicles. The latest in a series of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability in City programs, these vehicles will reduce the amount of fuel used in parking enforcement (which last year burned approximately 1,100 gallons), as well as save the City $10,000 in fuel costs per year.



The GO-4 EV parking enforcement vehicles are part of a series of vehicles developed by Westward Industries. The three-wheeled vehicles not only provide a sustainable alternative to standard sized vehicles often used for enforcement, but they are also easier for officers to enter and exit, as well as maneuver throughout their routes in a safe and efficient manner. According to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, “The city wants to have less of a carbon footprint, less of a physical footprint and less physical wear and tear for our operators. That we accomplish with these new electric vehicles.”

The GO-4 series of vehicles includes the original GO-4, the GO-4 EV, the GO-4 flatbed, and the GO-4 Van Body. They operate in cities throughout North America including Santa Monica, CA, Portland, OR, Scarsdale, NY, and Aspen, CO.

About Westward Industries

Westward has a strong history of designing and manufacturing task-specific vehicles for use across cities, colleges and universities, healthcare campuses, corporate parking facilities, and more. Their GO-4 series of parking enforcement vehicles adapt to many environments, offering a cost-effective and functional solution to parking management department needs through license plate recognition and digital chalking, while offering flexibility and efficiency not offered with standard vehicles.

As one of the largest manufacturers of task-specific vehicles in North America, Westward is leading the industry with smart enforcement vehicle technology that will propel parking enforcement solutions into the future.

For more information, visit https://westwardindustries.com/.