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EVPassport and Associa Partner to Deliver an Integrated Charging Solution to Managed Communities

April 02, 2024

EVPassport and Associa Partner to Deliver an Integrated Charging Solution to Managed Communities



North America’s largest community association management firm strikes a strategic partnership with the nation’s most reliable charging network to enhance ESG objectives and improve community amenities.


LOS ANGELES—-EVPassport, the most reliable EV charging network in the United States, and Associa, the leading provider of community management services throughout North America, today announced a strategic partnership to provide next-generation electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at Associa-managed communities throughout the United States. Under the agreement, Associa will implement EVPassport’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform across its national portfolio of managed communities, delivering a reliable, frictionless charging experience to over five million residents.

“Both EVPassport and Associa aim to provide innovative turnkey solutions that make people’s lives easier—and encourage sustainable living,” said Hooman Shahidi, Co-founder and CEO of EVPassport. “Our partnership with Associa helps close the demand gap for reliable EV charging and reaffirms our commitment to continued innovation—specifically in the areas of customer service and engagement. This is an exciting opportunity for EVPassport as we move into our next phase of growth and build the most reliable and easy-to-use charging network.”

With the new partnership, Associa-managed communities will have access to EVPassport’s innovative and reliable hardware, exclusive cloud-based software, and connected infrastructure technology, through the EVPassport IaaS platform. The demand for reliable, easy-to-use EV charging has surged in recent years amid record-setting EV sales. With EVPassport, Associa-managed communities and the residents they serve benefit from an end-to-end solution that prioritizes the customer experience through high reliability and a frictionless, app-less charging experience.

“Investing in EV charging is becoming a necessity for communities who are committed to upholding their property values, increasing their marketability, and perpetuating sustainability,” said Jason Salmonson, Senior Vice President, Integrated Services at Associa. “We proudly welcome EVPassport to our roster of world-class partners, furthering our commitment to bringing industry-leading technology solutions to our communities. We selected the EVPassport IaaS platform for its ability to provide an easy-to-use charging experience for our communities while delivering great economic value that helps advance community engagement while aligning with our ESG initiatives.”

Associa is a leading community management service company delivering complete and comprehensive turnkey management services and an array of solutions and resources to provide an exceptional experience to thousands of communities. In 2021, the company founded Associa Green, an environmental initiative to help families live healthier, more sustainable lives.

EVPassport provides an end-to-end EV charging solution for managed communities and properties that helps increase occupancy, strengthen tenant satisfaction and retention, and improve charging equity. The company utilizes an innovative business model that allows for charging infrastructure to be installed under an IaaS model that provides the lowest cost of entry and a lucrative revenue share model to deliver managed communities with the fastest ROI.

Since EVPassport’s inception in 2020, the company has scaled its network to 35 states, Canada, and Mexico. It has deployed thousands of chargers while delivering 99.97% uptime. This news comes on the heels of EVPassport raising $200 million to support the rapid growth of its IaaS platform.

For more information about EVPassport, visit www.evpassport.com.

About EVPassport LLC
EVPassport LLC is the Nation’s most reliable EV Charging Network. The company was founded by a team of leaders across technologies, enterprise software, and financial services. Together, the founding team represents experience from companies like Twitter, Oracle, Salesforce, Booz Allen, and the White House. EVPassport is the technological evolution of EV charging software and hardware for forward-thinking companies worldwide that place a high value on the satisfaction of their customers. EVPassport is based in Santa Monica, California, and is backed by a $25-billion-dollar private equity firm. Some of EVPassport’s customers include Fairfield Residential, Ace Parking, Brookfield, MJW Investments, Nuveen, and National Development. To learn more, please visit www.evpassport.com.


About Associa
With more than 300 branch offices across North America, Associa is building the future of community for more than 7.5 million residents worldwide. Our 15,000+ team members lead the industry with unrivaled education, expertise, and trailblazing innovation. For more than 45 years, Associa has brought positive impact and meaningful value to communities. To learn more, visit www.associaonline.com.

EVPassport and Equity Sales and Marketing Announce Partnership to Deliver New, Innovative Line of DieHard® EV Chargers

April 21, 2023


EVPassport and Equity Sales and Marketing Announce Partnership to Deliver New, Innovative Line of DieHard® EV Chargers


Companies to Deploy More Than 20,000 Chargers Across North America



VENICE, Calif. & BENTONVILLE, Ark.—-EVPassport, a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, announced today a partnership with ESM, the licensee manufacturer for DieHard brand EV Charging Stations. The companies will work together to make it easy for drivers to find and access the new DieHard Level 2 and DC Fast chargers and intend to deploy over 20,000 chargers across North America.

“DieHard revolutionized the automotive replacement battery category when it launched in 1967 and continues to deliver innovative products that provide power and performance. The collaboration and partnership of this iconic American brand will help drive the adoption of electric vehicles, and its rich history of reliability will be carried on through the deployment of thousands of EV charging stations that will be activated and running on the EVPassport platform,” said Hooman Shahidi, President and Co-CEO, EVPassport.

“EVPassport is a leading charging network in North America, and their commitment to sustainable mobility makes the partnership a perfect fit for our customers and our business,” said Terry Marquardt, CEO of Equity Sales and Marketing, Inc (ESM). “This partnership is driven by our shared mission to create the world’s most reliable, durable and sustainable EV infrastructure in North America.”

EVPassport’s software, firmware and hardware provide drivers with the easiest charging experience possible, requiring no apps, fobs or cards, just a simple QR code scan. EVPassport’s lowest cost of entry and lucrative revenue share model delivers the fastest ROI in the market. The company’s API-driven, cloud-based software provides endless integration possibilities and is the only truly open, interoperable EV charging platform.

About Equity Sales & Marketing (ESM)

ESM a diverse team of cross-functional leaders with over 200 years of combined experience in global sourcing, product development, branding, marketing, and selling across multiple channels. The Equity Sales & Marketing Team leads the way in new product offerings, overcoming supply chain disruptions and diminished margins. For more information, visit equitysm.com or connect with us at LinkedIn for upcoming product line announcements and additional information.

About KCD Brands and DieHard Licensed Products

KCD Brands operates iconic American consumer brands, including Kenmore and as a licensee for DieHard. DieHard revolutionized the automotive replacement battery category when the brand launched in 1967. The DieHard brand is owned by Advance Auto Parts, a leading automotive aftermarket parts provider. Advance acquired the DieHard brand from Transform SR Brands LLC (“Transform”) in 2019. Consumers can purchase DieHard automotive batteries and other DieHard branded products in its stores and online. Today, the DieHard licensed product portfolio includes a broad offering of reliable, durable and power items such as EV chargers, compressors, air tools, flashlights, alkaline batteries, portable power tools, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, lawn & garden tools, workwear, footwear and more. For additional information, contact KCD Brands/DieHard at; DieHardBrand@transformco.com

About EV Passport

In a fast-growing market, EVPassport is establishing a strong reputation for its durable hardware, 24/7 customer service, and API-driven cloud-based portfolio of software products. Product differentiators include:

  • EVPassport’s open network, and cloud software technology make it the ‘most discoverable’ and the easiest to manage. With open APIs, it’s also integration-ready with existing and future technologies.
  • EVPassport has the simplest and most intuitive driver experience. The brand’s exclusive “scan and charge” QR code technology is the simplest and fastest way for EV drivers to charge. Unlike other chargers, there are no fobs, apps, or cards required. It’s also compatible with all-electric vehicle makes and models (not just Tesla, for instance).
  • EVPassport’s customer service is unparalleled and its exclusive “60-second heartbeat” monitors every chargers operational health remotely, every 60 seconds, responding on demand.

For more information, visit www.EVPassport.com, and follow EVPassport on Twitter (@EVPassport), Instagram (@EVPassport), and LinkedIn.


Hooman Shahidi CEO

Terry Marquardt CEO

KCD Brands