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April 13, 2016






Amsterdam, 5 April 2016 – Following the introduction of digital parking, Fondation des Parkings of Geneva starts this year with a digital parking enforcement pilot.



As of the second quarter 2016, Fondation des Parkings (FDP) will test scan devices such as a scan car and a scan scooter for parking enforcement. With this new way of enforcement, FDP aims at a more transparent, efficient and fair enforcement process.


The number plate scans are processed by the SCANMAN of Agendum, the platform that automatically checks the scans on the presence of a parking right and accuracy. When no parking right is found, the system automatically sends a message to the handheld of the parking attendant (Sigmax) on the street for further review.

The deployment of scanning equipment and the SCANMAN platform has long been successful in cities like Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht. Not only is scanning of number plates and automatic processing and checking of the scans much more efficient than the conventional way of enforcement, it also decreases the number of on street follow up actions.


Part of the pilot will be a thorough evaluation report which will be based upon Agendum’s INFOMAN, a parking data analytics tool for better decision-making. This web application provides information about the efficiency of the enforcement process. It shows whether objectives are met and where further process improvement can be achieved. INFOMAN provides management information and detailed analysis of enforcement data at all times. It provides insight into occupancy rate, pay rate and digitisation rate of parking rights, per area and on street segment level, providing essential input for parking and mobility policy strategies.
“We are proud that after Amsterdam, The Hague and other international municipalities in the UK, Spain and Portugal, have chosen Agendum as their partner in digital parking enforcement, now Fondation des Parkings has also asked Agendum for testing new approaches in parking enforcement,” says Agendum’s Commercial Director Robert De Beukelaer.

About Agendum

Agendum is worldwide market-leader in digital parking enforcement solutions for a transparent and cost-effective enforcement operation. Agendum’s concept and technology have proven to be successful in various European cities. Among Agendum’s solutions are: SCANMAN, an IT platform for fast, accurate and cost-effective enforcement; PLANMAN, the automatic planning tool that enables enforcement in the right place at the right time; and INFOMAN, a data analytics and reporting tool that analyses parking data to improve operations and increase transparency and accountability. Furthermore, the INFOMAN provides for essential management information for sustainable parking and mobility management. It offers cities the insight to further introduce new strategies on dynamic parking and dynamic pricing.

About Sigmax

Sigmax helps professionals to work more efficient and enjoyable. Sigmax mobile solutions for field service and enforcement and supervisory functions of public transport, municipalities and police found international recognition, have won multiple awards and are the basis for market leadership in several segments. Its customers include companies such as timing, Carglass, Schiphol, ProRail, Connexxion, GVB, over 100 Dutch, Swiss and Belgian municipalities and police forces. Among Sigmax solutions are CityControl, CityPermit, CityAccess and BikeControl.