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EasyPark & Fortumo bring mobile payments for parking to Switzerland

May 27, 2021








EasyPark & Fortumo bring mobile payments for parking to Switzerland



The parking technology company EasyPark and the mobile technology company Fortumo are today launching carrier billing payments for parking in Switzerland. Over 8 million people in the country can now easily pay for their parking via EasyPark parking-app, all over Switzerland by charging the fee to their phone bill. The payment method is supported for all subscribers of local mobile operators Swisscom, Sunrise & Salt.

To pay with carrier billing, drivers can easily send a text message that includes the parking area code when they have parked their car. This starts the parking while the reply message includes a deeplink to the EasyPark app where users will be able to see their parking status and extend or stop their parking.

“EasyPark helps millions of drivers around the world to save time and money by making parking management easier. Carrier billing supports this by giving our customers a simple way to make payments. We are happy to share the news that we now also offer Fortumo’s platform as a payment method in Switzerland, when paying for your parking with the EasyPark app,” said Ludvig Ellius, Chief Payment Officer at EasyPark Group.

“Carrier billing provides users with the most convenient user experience for digital payments. When standing in a parking lot and being in a rush, people just want to pay quickly for their parking and move on. They don’t have time to stand in a line for the parking machine or find coins. Therefore, we are super excited for the launch of parking payments with EasyPark parking app in Switzerland, so we can help people to make their parking easier and more convenient,” added Martin Lips, Vice President of Business Development at Fortumo.


Normally, integrating carrier billing is a complex process for merchants: every mobile operator requires a separate contract and technical integration to provide payments to its subscribers. By partnering with Fortumo, EasyPark can roll out carrier billing payments across several markets through a single contract and integration with Fortumo. EasyPark and Fortumo have been working together on providing drivers convenient payments for parking fees since 2018 in Finland, Norway, Sweden and since 2019 in Slovenia.


In recent news from Europe, Fortumo has also announced the launch of carrier billing with the Polish mobile operator Plus, as well as partnerships with the e-book service Legimi and the cloud gaming service Antstream.


About EasyPark Group 

EasyPark is a leading, fast-growing parking tech company that helps drivers find and manage parking and charge their electric vehicles. Our unique and cutting-edge technology also helps businesses, cities, parking operators, and property owners with administration, planning, and data-driven management in over 2,200 cities across 20 countries. We make urban life easier, one parking spot at a time. Visit www.easyparkgroup.com to find out more.


About Fortumo

Fortumo is a global monetization and growth platform for digital content merchants. The company connects merchants to a network of more than 300 fragmented telcos and digital wallets in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Merchants use the platform to acquire new users via telco bundle partnerships and collect payments using carrier billing & digital wallets. Through a single point of integration, merchants gain access to a new worldwide audience across more than 80 countries.

Fortumo serves customers including Google, Amazon, Spotify, Epic Games, Tencent, Schibsted, OLX and EasyPark. Founded in 2007, Fortumo is part of Boku Inc. Group (LON: BOKU).  For more information, please visit https://fortumo.com.