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Frogparking delivers a tailor-made solution for the University of Southern California (USC)

March 17, 2021






Frogparking delivers a tailor-made solution for the University of Southern California (USC)



With necessity comes innovation, which is how the Frogparking team came up with a solution that was tailor-made to meet the needs of the University of Southern California (USC).


USC is the oldest private university in California, founded in 1880. With over 45,000 students and over 20,000 staff and spread across two large urban campuses near Downtown, Los Angeles, there are many challenges when it comes to transportation and the mobility of people. Space to physically expand is at a premium so the USC Transportation team has to find smart solutions to ensure what parking they do have is utilised to its maximum.


After looking around for a parking solution, Deputy Director of USC’s Transportation team, David Donovan, explains that in Frogparking they found a technology partner to meet the unique needs at the McCarthy Way and Downey Parking Structures.


“We had been looking into automated counting systems for a long time and had tried loops at the structure entrances and other solutions off and on for years, but they never really worked for us,” says Donovan.


“We have a large number of custom spaces (Reserved for VIPs, ADA spaces, pay-by-plate, etc.) on the first floor of our structures that we didn’t want to be included in the overall space availability count, so having in-ground or overhead counters at the entrances wasn’t meeting our needs, because they captured all vehicles coming in, without regard to whether we wanted them included in the count or not,” says Donovan.


That’s when Frogparking joined the conversation.


“Primarily, Frogparking listened to us and helped customize an installation that addressed our concerns,” continues Donovan.


“They did this in two key ways: the first was to perform multiple site visits upfront in order to really understand what we were trying to do. This allowed us to re-think the strategy of having car counting at the entrances at all.


“This simple step, which no other vendor had even suggested, allowed us to save a lot of money on their second recommendation: individual space-counting sensors that would allow us to remove a custom space OUT of the count if someone occupied it after entering the structure,” says Donovan.


Thus, Frogparking’s Vehicle Count+ product was born. With both garages only having one entry and one exit, as well as other unique design features at the structures, plus the requirements of USC, vehicle counting technology could be reliable and accurate.


In true Frogparking style, Vehicle Count+ differs from traditional vehicle counting technology. Starting by using its patented laser-precise class-1 eye-safe laser sensor to ensure accurate vehicle detection. Data collected by the system is enriched. Where other vehicle counting systems are unable to distinguish VIPs, ADAs, or other unique parking users, Vehicle Count+ is able to accurately record usage in these bays with space-by-space sensors and still count vehicles entering a parking structure.


Accurate and enriched data which will uniquely position USC’s Transportation team to exit the COVID-19 lockdown.


“I do expect that as the University emerges from the COVID lockdown affecting the entire country and gears up operations again, the Frogparking data available online through the dashboard will be extremely valuable in monitoring usage patterns,” says Donovan.


Ultimately, USC say their experience with Frogparking has been excellent, with the goal being to expand the technology across the campus.


“We’ve been very happy with the product, installation process, and customer support teams from the very start.  For us, we’re looking forward to expanding the solution from our initial two-structure pilot phase into additional parking structures in the near future,” says Donovan.


Can Frogparking do the same at your parking structure? Let’s talk!

Frogparking gaining momentum in the USA with future focused technology

May 14, 2019

Frogparking gaining momentum in the USA with future focused technology




Environmentally friendly, wireless, solar charged sensors are still the way to go for businesses who want accurate parking guidance in outdoor parking lots, says Frogparking CEO, Shareena Sandbrook.



The complete provider in indoor, rooftop, and outdoor parking guidance, Frogparking’s sensors use the latest in vehicle detection technology and are proven over nine years in the field to be the market-leader in the parking guidance industry.


“There have been some inaccurate and misleading statements to media in recent days, so I think it is important to set the record straight and clear up any confusion,” says Sandbrook.


“The record of our outdoor wireless sensor speaks for itself. We’ve been successfully installing the sensor for over nine years now. They’re installed at universities, shopping malls, airports, and in cities in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. We consistently see 99% detection accuracy at these sites.


“Each device uses three methods of detecting when a vehicle is parked in a bay, giving the sensor unrivalled accuracy. There are over 20,000 of our wireless outdoor sensors currently active in the field. One of our city clients in New Zealand has been using the sensor for nine years now and we have only been seeing battery replacements in the past six months.


“Indoors, results from our new patented laser sensor show. With over 8,000 now in the field since launching the product mid-last year, feedback from our customers and data from our system shows detection accuracy is around 99%.


“Components are all installed above the driving aisle in a parking building to ensure the building’s aesthetic is not harmed with lots of clunky gear. One guidance light per four parking bays on average, also means we aren’t lighting the parking building up like a christmas tree,” says Sandbrook.


Parking guidance provides a frictionless experience for customers looking to park at a busy shopping center, airport, university, or city. However, if the system was inaccurate because of inferior technology, the opposite can occur and customers may become frustrated by being misguided around a parking lot.


“Our customers choose Frogparking because our technology is market-leading and we are constantly innovating to ensure the highest accuracy for our customers. Across the market, we consistently see technology that is inaccurate or delivering false data,” says Sandbrook.


“For example, our testing shows Camera-based parking guidance technology can deliver inaccuracies in detection due to sunstrike, from water, or because camera lenses constantly require maintenance. Cameras can also be tricked by people walking through parking buildings, or by passing shopping trolleys or service vehicles.


“Customers who have previously used these systems and have replaced them with Frogparking’s superior system also tell us the installation and calibration process is lengthy, leading to a costly installation project while valuable parking bays may be taken out of action.


“Frogparking is also HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, UL, and PCI compliant, so our customers and all parking users know they’re safe with us,” says Sandbrook.



About Frogparking


Future focused parking for businesses who wants to revolutionise the way they handle parking. Robust hardware, reliable data acquisition and real-time reporting; user centred, elegant designs are at the heart of our systems. Servicing car parks across Australia, New Zealand, India, Europe, and North America, we craft parking guidance systems for any environment. Frogparking were the first to produce solar-powered parking sensors and wireless parking guidance. Frogparking’s bespoke end-to-end parking solutions prepare businesses for the next curve in the road. Follow thefrog.


Frogparking drives North American growth with new United States sales team

July 24, 2017


Frogparking drives North American growth with new United States sales team




Parking technology firm Frogparking has appointed two new senior sales executives to lead its ongoing expansion into the United States off the back of a multi-million investment.



The New Zealand-based firm, a pioneer of cloud-based parking management solutions, has recruited Grant Johnson, a senior sales consultant in the parking industry for over 20 years, and Shaun Donaghey, who’s led a number of technology companies expanding their operations in the US.

Frogparking Managing Director Shareena Sandbrook says the firm is building on its successes in the US aggressively boosting its research and development capacity and its international sales and marketing presence in the country.

“With a number of successful sites and happy customers, Frogparking already has a strong foothold in the United States. Our well established brand and reputation gives our new sales team a strong base to work from in the US,” says Shareena.

“Grant and Shaun are at the top of their game, both well known in the parking industry and with innovative technology companies, so they’re a perfect fit to join our team and lead the charge.”

Grant, who’s based in California, says he has seen the industry undergo a technological revolution in his 20 years as a sales consultant and sees Frogparking as a future-focused innovator.

“It’s about staying at the cutting edge of parking technology, because that’s where the advantages lie for parking providers. Frogparking is a fast and furious innovator, always one step ahead and looking for ways to provide even greater efficiencies and better user experiences.”

Frogparking’s suite of solutions includes wireless indoor and outdoor guidance solutions, solar and hybrid occupancy sensors, cloud-based management and user apps with Bluetooth user engagement.

Grant says one of Frogparking’s most sought after solutions is wireless indoor and outdoor guidance, which is fast to install, integrates easily with any existing system and delivers a smooth, stress-free user experience.

“Parking is the first interaction people have when they go to a shopping mall, stadium, or an airport where the facility is likely to be large and very busy, with available parking at a premium.

“Everyone knows how important a first impression is. So what Frogparking provides is a customised solution, which combines wireless technologies with real-time data to deliver an accurate and efficient system that makes the parking experience and, in fact, the overall facility experience easier and stress free.”

Both Grant and Shaun will be exhibiting Frogparking’s range of indoor and outdoor solutions for airports at the upcoming annual ACI-NA Conference and Exhibition in Fort Worth, September 17-20.

About Frogparking

Frogparking is a world leader in the design and development of innovative parking systems. It delivers a full suite of parking management solutions for a range of customers globally from local authorities, private parking operators, hospitals and airports through to major shopping malls and property developers.


Frogparking expands globally after multi-million capital injection

April 25, 2017


Frogparking expands globally after multi-million capital injection



World-leading Kiwi parking technology firm Frogparking is on a major growth programme off the back of a multi-million-dollar investment.



Frogparking, co-founded by entrepreneurial father-daughter team Don and Shareena Sandbrook in 2010, has grown into a global export success with a wide range of major customers and partnerships across the United States, Europe and Australasia.


Managing Director Shareena Sandbrook says the investment, amounting to a 25 percent shareholding, will facilitate the company’s growth in its already well-established key markets, enabling it to meet escalating demand for its products and lead the charge into new markets.

“This is a $100 billion global industry and we are well positioned to take it on. We already have well-established distribution networks and partnerships, a suite of large customers using our innovative products and a great team of people here in New Zealand.

“With this investment, we can build on our successes and take the business to the next level of global growth, aggressively boosting our sales and marketing presence offshore, increasing our engineering and operations team and pumping more funds into R&D so we can continue to lead the curve in technological innovation.”

Frogparking has also appointed shareholder Malcolm Bailey as Chair of the Board, an experienced director and business owner with international market expertise including previous roles as a long-term director with New Zealand’s major dairy exporter Fonterra, as National President of Federated Farmers New Zealand and with current roles including director with Australasian bank Westpac.

Mr Bailey says he sees Frogparking as a world-leader and is keen to push the company’s drive into key markets including the United States, Asia and Europe.

“There is enormous capacity in this business and it is growing rapidly. We’re excited to be providing the working capital injection that will help make it achieve its potential.”

Frogparking is now actively recruiting new software, firmware, and installation engineers operational and service personnel and additional global sales and marketing capacity.

Ms Sandbrook says a key growth area for the company is its real-time indoor and outdoor parking guidance technologies that combines innovative hardware such as solar parking sensors, wireless systems and cloud-based management with the unique benefits of user engagement through Bluetooth smartphone interaction.

“We have a strong point of difference in the market with our focus on using data and real-time information to make the overall experience more user friendly and tailored to each individual that visits a facility. We can give them instant information, customised promotional offers they can share via social media, creating a community of loyal visitors that feel valued and understood.

“This is a key attraction for major car park providers like airports and shopping malls as it allows them to differentiate themselves in what is a highly competitive space. They can take full control over parking behaviour and analyse a wealth of data on parking and demographic information.”


About Frogparking

Frogparking is a world leader in the design and development of innovative parking systems. It delivers a full suite of parking management solutions for a range of customers globally from local authorities, private parking operators, hospitals and airports through to major shopping malls and property developers.


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