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AIMS Parking Management – Georgia Southern University issues virtual permits

September 27, 2017



Georgia Southern University issues virtual permits






Georgia Southern University added AIMS LPR enforcement to their system last year and spent the next months identifying and adapting to changes in both the administrative and enforcement operations that the LPR system introduced. Having accomplished this while incorporating best practices, the next step was to stop issuing physical permits.




Permit registration beginning Fall 2017 was just that, registration. Students and Faculty/Staff registered their vehicles via AIMS Web and selected from eligible parking options and method of payment, however permits were not issued. Exceptions to this were for parking requiring gate access, where permits with RFID chips continued to be issued. Plans are to add AIMS fixed LPR for gate access to totally eliminate the need for permits.


This had the immediate effect of financial and environmental benefits from not issuing physical permits. The drastic reduction of foot traffic in the parking office at the start of the year was also a welcome benefit.

Improvements have also been realized in enforcement.


Georgia Southern will now start issuing both e-citations and printed tickets in tandem through the integrated AIMS Mobile application. They will then transition to issuing only e-citations. This will provide additional financial and environmental benefit, and violators are able to make payment directly from the electronic notification of violation that they receive through AIMS.


Additional information regarding the integrated AIMS Parking Management solution may be found at www.aimsparking.com or by contacting at 800-886-6316