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Gold Coast Council Parks Additional $500k In Savings.

January 21, 2016

Gold Coast Council

Having been a trusted partner of GPS’ for 10 years, Gold Coast Council has renewed their confidence in its use. Installing new ticketless parking meters allowing motorists to park and then pay from any meter has banked a $ 500,000 in savings for the Council. Savings are from initial capital cost as well as on-going consumables and maintenance costs. Motorists can still get receipts on request. eReceipts can be implemented at any stage however, due to low demand for receipts this is no longer a priority.

The new state-of-the-art parking meters fully integrate with a mobile application, allowing the user to only pay for the amount of time parked rather than prepay for a set amount of time. Wireless sensors will be installed to detect the occupancy status of each individual parking space. Data is transmitted to dynamic signs in real-time, guiding the motorist to the nearest available space. The technology can also alert and direct parking wardens to expired or non-paid spaces. Conforming to an eco-friendly approach, the implementation of sensors has made printed tickets obsolete.

A council spokesman said the decision to buy meters without built-in printers saved the council up to $500,000. “This matter was considered in the procurement of the new technology and the decision to not incorporate printers within each of the city’s 450 new parking machines was made partly on the basis of the more than $500,000 in cost savings which resulted from both the reduction in initial capital cost and on-going maintenance and repair savings,” he said.

“The decision was made with the recognition that the new technology was compatible with smart phones and offered many payment choices.”

Mark Oliver, GPS’s Technical Director, said there are significant savings by going printer-less in both up-front costs as well as maintenance and consumables; in addition less machines are required as motorists no longer have to return to their vehicle to display a ticket. Paper costs and maintenance make up a significant part of the on-going costs of running parking operations. “Printer-less makes a lot of sense and is something we are getting asked about more and more” When asked about those motorists who needed a receipt Oliver said “The old lollipop meters never provided a receipt; we can provide an option allowing users to obtain an eReceipt if needed”.


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