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Lunera Releases New HID LED 360 Lamp

June 23, 2016



Lunera Releases New HID LED 360 Lamp



New Lamp Accentuates the Elegance of Architectural Post Top Fixtures, while Lowering Energy and Maintenance Costs



Santa Clara, Calif., – June 23, 2016 – Lunera Lighting, Inc. is proud to announce the Lunera HID LED 360 lamp for architectural post top fixtures, which are commonly used to illuminate walking pathways and building entryways found on a university or corporate campus, as well as at municipal parks and public venues.

The Lunera HID LED 360 replaces traditional Metal Halide (MH) and High-pressure Sodium (HPS) High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. The HID LED 360 lamp delivers a significant performance improvement to post top fixtures, elevating the aesthetics of campus grounds.

Unlike common “corncob” lamps with exposed LED components, the Lunera HID LED 360 Lamp features a cylindrical optical lens design that softly diffuses light at night and elegantly masks the LED components during the day so as to not detract from the architectural beauty and often historic design, of lamp post fixtures.

This is Lunera’s first HID LED lamp that is a replacement for both MH or HPS lamps. It also features dual operating power options. The Line Driven (ballast bypassed) option is ideal for the ultimate in low power consumption. For rapid deployment, the Ballast Driven (plug-and-play) option is the choice for convenience.

“We’re excited about this new generation of HID LED lamps. Not only have we evolved the electronics to make a more universal lamp, we’ve also crafted a stunning design that accentuates the beauty of the fixture that houses it. It’s a huge win for post top applications, whether for performance, safety or to enhance the aesthetics of the architectural fixture,” said Don Barnetson, Chief Technology Officer for Lunera Lighting.

The Lunera HID LED 360 lamp delivers immediate
energy and operational savings. It uses 50 percent less energy and has a long 50,000-hour life, supported by a
five-year warranty. The lamp contains no hazardous materials, which eliminates special recycling or
handling requirements at the end of its long life.

Available with Mogul (E39) or Medium (E26) base:
8,200 Lumens @ 90W with 3500K, 4000K, 5000K CCT
6,000 Lumens @ 90W with 2000K CCT
5,400 Lumens @ 53W with 3500K, 4000K, 5000K CCT
3,500 Lumens @ 53W with 2000K CCT

Save “Capital Budget” and upgrade to LED with no up-front cost using Lunera’s “Lighting as a Service” (LaaS) program
Lunera’s solution goes well beyond the new lamp with its “Lighting as a Service” (LaaS) program. This program allows campus operators and facility departments to proceed with broad deployments of Lunera’s LED technology and products while preserving valuable capital budgets for other use. With no up front cost, customers can use Lunera’s Lighting as a Service and start reducing their energy spend immediately. The lighting upgrade is cash flow positive from day one. This inventive, proven and scalable approach to upgrades eliminates the upfront costs for campuses, so that benefits from an LED upgrade can be realized immediately. For more information about Lunera’s LaaS program, visit www.lunera.com/lightstream.

About Lunera
Lunera Lighting, an innovative technology leader, delivers LED solutions that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own. Lunera invented plug-and-play LED technology for the commercial lamp market sector and has the best ballast compatibility in the industry. Lunera designs, manufactures and markets high performance commercial LED plug-and-play lamps that make traditional lighting technologies obsolete. For building owners and operators, Lunera’s products reduce operating expenses by lowering electricity and maintenance costs. For occupants, Lunera’s technology improves light quality, enhancing comfort and productivity. Based in Silicon Valley, Lunera is part of a community of progressive companies that challenges convention and transforms industries for the benefit of all. Visit Lunera.com for additional product and company information.