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Filling up hotels’ empty parking lots: a.Lot Parking on a mission in Hollywood

February 18, 2021




Filling up hotels’ empty parking lots: a.Lot Parking on a mission in Hollywood



With hotel occupancy rate dropping by 50%+ across the U.S. due to COVID-19, this hotel is driving new customers to… its parking lot.



LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18, 2021 — Hotel parking lots are usually overflowing with hotel guests, staff and vendors. However, something unbelievable happened over the last year and hotels are empty. The hospitality industry is suffering big losses during the pandemic all across the country and around the world.

A crisis of such scope is the right timing for new generation technologies to change the ways important and yet often underestimated assets, like parking spaces, are managed and utilized.

The Hollywood Hotel, a beautiful classic Hollywood hotel located at 1160 N. Vermont Ave, in Hollywood, California, did just that and partnered with a.Lot Parking, a provider of touchless parking technology solutions, to upgrade their parking lot. This proved to be a great decision to meet COVID-19 challenges.

First of all, the Hollywood Hotel wanted to minimize its parking management. A.Lot Parking team has installed a revenue management and touchless access control software re-using all existing parking control hardware such a barrier arms and gates, induction loops and traffic signals. Since a.Lot Parking technology is fully digital, cloud-based and touchless, it can be managed remotely at anytime from anywhere. This has eliminated a need for extra operational costs and enabled the hotel’s front-desk staff to manage all parking operations, from reservations, user permissions and revenue settings.

It turned out that “touchless” became a key word in 2020 helping the Hollywood Hotel not only to deliver the highest quality safety standards to its hotel and parking clients, but also to avoid extra resources making sure that the equipment is constantly cleaned and possible to use.

The next question was – how to bring more customers to the underutilized parking lot located in the middle of Hollywood, one of the busiest urban areas in Los Angeles? The biggest help came from a.Lot Parking seamless integration with SpotHero, the digital parking leader and only independent off-street parking marketplace in North America. Millions of drivers use SpotHero’s mobile apps and website to find, book and access off-street parking in over 7,000 locations across 300 cities in the U.S. and Canada. This feature has helped Hollywood Hotel to attract customers from surrounding businesses like medical facilities and municipal essential services offices. Seeing parking revenue rising during the times of red numbers showed the potential of digital solution from a.Lot Parking that enabled the parking sharing in expensive and usually very busy locations like Hollywood.

Kian Zarrinnam from The Hollywood Hotel, said a.Lot Parking provided solutions that fit the Hotel’s needs: “The Hollywood Hotel and a.Lot Parking became partners by listening to each other’s needs and ultimately fulfilling them now and into the future. At the end of the day it’s all about time, and a parking system must be simple with as little maintenance, effort and cost as possible. Time equates to money!”


About a.Lot Parking:

A.Lot Parking Solutions specializes in touchless parking management and access control systems for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities and hospitality industries. A.Lot cloud-based Parking Management Platform (PMP) use license plate recognition (LPR) for touchless access control and mobile app for touchless payments. The PMP offers comprehensive analytics platform and maximizes return on parking assets.

Ada Jonuse | Head of Marketing and Product Manager | 888-884-9507


January 21, 2019








Access control system specialist Nortech has recently seen a luxury hotel in Bath update its car park by replacing its existing Nortech FeeMaster system with the latest specification.



Nortech’s FeeMaster range was installed by access control system experts APT Security Systems, which is currently updating its past application of the FeeMaster system, so that staff can continue to monitor use of the hotel’s car park.

APT Security Systems is the leading provider of vehicle access control and traffic management systems in the UK. Using its experience in designing and delivering practical and cost effective solutions, APT installed the updated system which includes the FeeMaster Smart Entry Station, FeeMaster Smart Exit Station, and a FeeMaster Smart Console for inside the building. The console allows the staff to control any misuse of the car park and ensures that there are enough parking spaces for its guests.

Mary Lynskey, Operations Manager at APT Security Systems commented, “Nortech’s systems have been used on our projects for a number of years and as with this hotel we are currently updating the equipment at these sites to the latest versions. We have worked with Nortech for more than 20 years and are very pleased with its equipment.”

She continued, “The FeeMaster range has always worked well for the hotel and they were happy to renew the system as it’s the right fit for their business. The client likes how the products work and we will always recommend Nortech to others looking to upgrade their car parking systems.”

Nortech’s FeeMaster Smart parking management system is a flexible, simple and cost-effective way of managing car parking access and controlling validity periods using Mifare smart cards. This avoids the need for expensive cabling between components and minimises disruption.

The FeeMaster entry station is designed to be used to record the date and time that a vehicle enters a car park. Located at the entrance of the car park, it issues tickets to visitors as they arrive, with each ticket containing a barcode, serial number and the date and time. Dispensing the ticket triggers an ‘open’ signal to the entry barrier.

The ticket is then taken to the hotel’s reception desk where the date and time is used in conjunction with the FeeMaster Smart Console.

The FeeMaster Smart exit station prevents unauthorised vehicles leaving a car park or entering restricted areas. Located at the exit of the car park or the entrance to a restricted area, it validates the Mifare smart cards and exit tokens.

The exit station is equipped with a barcode scanner to read exit tokens issued by the FeeMaster Smart console, as well as entry tickets issued at the entry station. Each ticket is valid for single use at the exit station during the validity period assigned to it. The exit station controller checks the details on the barcode ticket and sends an ‘open’ signal to the barrier.

The FeeMaster Smart Console is a compact and easy-to-install device that reads barcode tickets issued at the entry station, calculates the fees based on pre-programmed tariff details, and encodes reusable Mifare access control cards with validity data. If necessary, the console can print customer receipts and/or barcode exit tokens. It can also control a till drawer and can optionally provide a relay output signal which can be used by third equipment i.e. barrier control whenever a card has been encoded or an exit ticket printed.

The console may also be connected to a PC so that transactions can be analysed and additional tariff management features may be used.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind.

Further information is available from Nortech on 01633 485533 or by emailing sales@nortechcontrol.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.nortechcontrol.com

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