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Inugo: Frictionless ‘Windows Up’ Parking

September 10, 2018



Inugo: Frictionless ‘Windows Up’ Parking




The latest ‘buzzword’ in the industry is ‘Frictionless Parking’, but what does that mean?


To us at Inugo, it is all about the perfect customer parking experience.


When parking is Frictionless, the customer never winds down their window, never gets a paper ticket and never has to walk to a pay machine.  The parking transaction is completely automated.


Never wind down your window

Never get a ticket

Never walk to a pay machine



To give your customers a completely Frictionless Parking experience, you need to implement a set of technologies that will do the following:


  1. Allow the user to register an account so that they are a ‘known customer’
  2. Open the gate on request to enter
  3. Open the gate on request to leave the facility
  4. Provide for mobile payments
  5. Create a post parking relationship with the user so they can access receipts and manage their relationship with you the operator.


Until now, the ability to reliably open the gate has always been the barrier to a widely accepted Frictionless Parking program.  LPR technologies have been used – but they are both expensive and imperfect. Inugo has solved this problem with our patent pending Bluetooth™ based Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller (ICG). The Inugo ICG provides a reliable and fast way to open any parking gate or door, and it is cost effective.


Inugo registered users can open the gate from their phone, starting a parking session. The Inugo App keeps track of their parking session.  They can validate their parking with participating retailers and restaurants. When they exit the facility they open the gate again, ending their session and charging their credit card automatically for their parking.


The Inugo Customer Management Platform provides the technology platform that will allow you to implement a completely Frictionless Parking experience in your parking facilities.