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Parkex 2017 4-6 April, The NEC, Birmingham – Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions – Stand P235

February 10, 2017

Parkex 2017 4-6 April, The NEC, Birmingham   –  Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions  – Stand P235




‘It’s parking, Jim, but not as we know it!’




Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions is boldly going where no exhibitor in the parking industry has gone before at this year’s Parkex.  The civil enforcement and intelligent technology specialist will be showcasing its range of proven software and smartphone systems for improving the parking experience of motorists, maximising compliance and improving operational efficiencies for parking service providers.


The theme of the company’s stand is ‘City Space – the Final Frontier’, paying homage to one of the most popular and iconic TV and film franchises of all time.  On its command bridge, Imperial will be demonstrating its commitment to integrated compliance, parking and permit management solutions and its pioneering approach to data sharing, analytics and connectivity to meet even the most ambitious connected city objectives.


“Ensuring accessibility and mobility for all residents, workers and visitors are prerequisites for a truly smart city, so the effective real-time monitoring and management of city space really is at the frontier of urban transformation,” says Imperial Managing Director, Ashley Bijster.


“There’s nothing virtual about city space – it is finite resource that has its own legacy and creates its own challenges and limitations.  But, using foresight and experience to harness the benefits of real-time data sharing and comprehensive analytics, new technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for improving connectivity and the experience of service users.  That’s where we come in. And that’s why we’re so keen to highlight the capabilities of the latest intelligence-led solutions – like our ParkFinder smartphone app – and our commitment to work in partnership with other like-minded organisations and service providers.”


Representatives from Imperial’s highly successful Business Processing Unit and Training Academy will be on the stand alongside other senior business development and R&D executives to discuss the company’s existing products and services as well as the potential for improving connectivity across all areas of the urban infrastructure.




Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions:

www.imperial.co.uk                        0117 925 1700                     sales@imperial.co.uk




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Historic towns ring in the changes for parking permits. The new PermitSmarti system from Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions (ICES)

September 15, 2016



Historic towns ring in the changes for parking permits


Motorists who are visiting or live and work in two popular Dorset towns famed for their magnificent Priory and Minster churches are now benefitting from a comprehensive and cutting edge permit management solution.  The new ICES PermitSmarti system introduced by Christchurch and East Dorset Councils has transformed efficiencies in the allocation and verification of a complex range of parking permits in Christchurch and the towns of East Dorset, and has eliminated the issues associated with paper-based permits.


“As we are in such a popular area for all year round tourism, there’s a huge demand for parking spaces in and around both principal towns,” says Peter Clements, Car Parks Team Leader for Christchurch and East Dorset Councils.


“The effective use and allocation of many different types of parking permit is absolutely vital for businesses and residents as well as regular visitors from surrounding catchment areas and tourists staying in the area.  But, the administrative and enforcement demands of such a wide range of permits as well as the specific criteria for different car parks were proving to be quite a challenge – especially with both Councils having previously used widely differing approaches.


“The introduction of PermitSmarti has changed all of that.  We now have one system that’s user-friendly, reliable and very responsive and the use of virtual permits has overcome the limitations, frustrations and costs of our earlier paper-based system. And, significantly, the efficiency improvements have been matched with outstanding customer feedback.”


The new PermitSmarti system from Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions (ICES) benefits from a seamless link to the authorities’ 3sixty back office processing and parking management system and is easily configured to meet specific operational requirements.


Featuring full self-serve functionality, all permit applications are easily completed by customers on the Dorset for You website and benefit from the convenience of 24/7 accessibility and a range of online payment options.  Once the permit has been confirmed, the back office records are updated instantaneously so that patrolling Civil Enforcement Officers can be sure the data on their DTX30 handheld terminals is fully up to date at all times.


Steps are now also being taken to capitalise on online evidence-based information to simplify the processing and payment of all permit-related Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).


The intuitive PermitSmarti portal on the Council website is compatible for use on all mobile devices and covers all customer requirements from registration and initial applications, through to renewals and requesting a suspension as well as all payment functions.    Almost everything in PermitSmarti can be customised according to the requirements of a local authority, including permit types, price schemes, validity periods and required documentation as well as frequently asked questions and help texts.


In the case of Christchurch and East Dorset, the system provides options for residents, non-residents and businesses with permits available from full or long stay annual permits through to Street Trader Permits and specific permits for Leisure Centre’s and even the East Dorset Bowls Club.


“We have worked closely with the support team at ICES to ensure the system has evolved to meet all eventualities and ever-changing regulatory requirements,” continues Peter Clements.


“Such a close partnership has not only helped ICES to refine and develop the functionality of PermitSmarti, but has also proved to be particularly effective in meeting our specific permit needs – in particular, a reliable system for over a thousand blue badge holders.  We’re absolutely delighted with the results.  The versatility and quick search functionality of the system has been a real eye-opener and we’re already looking to capitalise further on the success of the self serve on-line resources and access to real-time data.”



With all back office staff and the authorities’ 9 Civil Enforcement Officers having completed a full training programme, The PermitSmarti solution for Christchurch and East Dorset Councils went live during the first week of April (2016). Very well attended Open Days to provide a hands-on introduction to the new virtual permit solution were held for members of the public at the Councils’ offices in Furzehill on the outskirts of Wimborne and in Christchurch.  At each event, assistance was provided to those individuals without access to computers or the internet and dedicated computer stations have remained in place at both offices.




Editorial enquiries – Ron Dyson 01935 83622;  mob: 07477 174674; ron.dyson@auroracomms.net



Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions:

www.imperial.co.uk     0117 925 1700     sales@imperial.co.uk


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Imperial unveils pioneering solution to transform parking

June 15, 2016


Imperial unveils pioneering solution to transform parking

– Motorists, urban authorities and car park operators all set to benefit

from ground-breaking approach to smart parking –


New technology developed with investment from one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies is set to transform parking practices for parking authorities and motorists alike.  ParkFinder, a revolutionary new app for smartphones, has been developed to make life easier for motorists and to provide unprecedented traffic management, customer service and environmental benefits for local authorities and other car park operators – with little or no investment or operational cost.



Proven in one of Europe’s largest and most congested cities, ParkFinder was formally unveiled by Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions (ICES) at Parkex 2016 following the parking specialist’s acquisition of the system from Apparcar – the company responsible for developing the new technology using investment from Telefonica.  The new app will now be integrated with ICES’s extensive suite of parking software and support systems, and users will benefit from the company’s substantial product development programme designed to capitalise on the simplicity and versatility of the new technology.


Significantly, the new app uses real-time data to meet the priorities and expectations of motorists in a way that maximises compliance and effective street and traffic management, but without the limitations and high investment costs of hardware and sensor-based parking systems.  It also provides car park operators such as Universities, Hospitals and retail centres with an advanced solution to improve customer service standards while also optimising occupancy of parking spaces.


The new ParkFinder app has proven to be highly successful and very popular with motorists following extensive testing and adoption in various cities, including the Spanish capital, Madrid. And the benefits in terms of parking management have exceeded all initial expectations as UK authorities and parking operators now look to capitalise on the development to overcome the parking problems faced by drivers in their area.


“ParkFinder is a really exciting and proven innovation that will transform the parking experience of UK motorists and the way parking spaces are managed and controlled”, says ICES Managing Director, Ashley Bijster.


“Motorists will be able to identify, book, find and pay for the most convenient parking space immediately – all with just a few taps on their smartphone after downloading the free ParkFinder app.  It really couldn’t be easier and takes all of the frustration, uncertainty and inconvenience out of parking a car and searching for a parking space.  It will also improve compliance and reduce vehicle emissions.  And the invaluable real-time data from GPS and smartphone interactions will enable parking spaces and behavioural trends of motorists to be monitored so that actions can be taken to improve parking and street management for the benefit of all road users and to maximise operational efficiencies at all times.”


ParkFinder was at the heart of the Madrid Smart Parking programme in 2015 and featured prominently at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona at the end of last year.


“We’re delighted to be joining forces with such a progressive and respected parking specialist as Imperial”, says Jose Luis Leiros, CEO of Apparcar.  “The growth in car ownership, the complexity of the transport infrastructure in cities, the level of congestion and the limitations on parking spaces pose particularly difficult problems – especially here in the UK. Consequently, the experience of the motoring public is poor – and getting worse – and those with responsibility for maintaining traffic flow, accessibility, sustainability and safety on city streets have a real headache to cope with.


“ParkFinder has proved to be very popular with motorists as it takes the luck out of parking, it’s so simple to download, extremely easy to use and is a very reliable solution to many of these issues.  But it also provides an expansive and highly flexible solution for urban and other parking authorities that are keen to balance enablement with compliance – not just today, but also for many years to come.  Working closely with such an experienced and highly regarded company as Imperial, we’re very confident the system will prove to be very popular and adopted widely right across the UK and Europe.”


Following the launch of ParkFinder at Parkex 2016, the initial focus of ICES will be to work with town and city councils, Health Trusts, universities and retail centres across the country so that UK motorists can benefit from the new technology.  Further adoption of the new app is then expected on the continent as a result of the high level of interest from parking authorities across western Europe.


For more information on ParkFinder, contact ICES on 01179 251 700 or sales@imperial.co.uk or visit www.imperial.co.uk.



Editorial enquiries –       Ron Dyson 01935 83622;  mob: 07477 174674; ron.dyson@auroracomms.net


Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions:

www.imperial.co.uk     0117 925 1700     sales@imperial.co.uk


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Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions unveiled ParkFinder on Stand B14 at Parkex 2016, Ricoh Arena, Coventry – 15-16 June 2016