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Infracontrol and Nedap ensure smooth traffic flow at Port of Gothenburg

October 18, 2016



Infracontrol and Nedap ensure smooth traffic flow at Port of Gothenburg



The Port of Gothenburg has created a new common entrance for truck traffic called Port Entry. The aim is to provide a better reception and a more efficient flow of traffic through the harbor. To create a smooth traffic flow and make it easier for drivers to park their trucks, the parking management system of Infracontrol has been implemented. Nedap’s SENSIT installed at the parking bays in combination with a dynamic sign guide drivers to an available parking bay.



Better reception and smoother traffic flow

The new port entry site will serve ID checks and clearance for all Port of Gothenburg terminals. The entry is for the trucks that are not pre-registered, and each terminal will have its own reception desk. After notification, the trucks go directly to the port terminal where all goods that they transport will be delivered or picked up.


“This is a real boost for truck traffic to the port . A common ID control of all freight terminals easier for the drivers. In addition, traffic will be directed to the new outer harbor junction,” said Magnus Nordfeldt , project manager at the Port of Gothenburg said in a press release. “There will be a better reception of the drivers with these modern facilities.”


An important part of the solution to create a better flow and make it easier for drivers to park, is the parking management system delivered by Infracontrol. “The system consists of snow plough resistant in-ground sensors in individual parking bays and a sign indicating the direction in which the drivers should drive to find the nearest available spot,” says Jonas Bratt, project manager at Infracontrol. It is connected to Infracontrol Online service for controlling, monitoring and logging.


Trucks are allowed to park for a short time only, while the verification of the documents takes place. If a truck is parked longer than 30 minutes, the staff is informed via an app. This app shows which bay is concerned, which makes the enforcement of the usage of the bays efficient. The system also provides detailed data on the usage of individual parking spaces to optimize the logistics.


Flexible system solution

As in most Swedish cities, the Port of Gothenburg system parking management system is based on Infracontrol Online. One of the biggest advantages is that the systems can be easily adapted to varying needs. “Our cloud service is a system that is scalable and can be adapted to changing needs,” says Jonas Bratt. Wireless in-ground detection sensors in individual parking spaces and simple setup features make it easy to move or add more signs and more parking sites when needed. All user functions can be accessed via internet or mobile phone. This applies to both operational monitoring that triggers an alarm if something does not work and to set parameters.


“Parking Management system help both accessibility and the environment, even if it is in a small scale here,” says Johan Höglund, CEO of Infracontrol. “It is smart to connect this type of small-scale ITS solutions to Infracontrol Online, as it makes the system installation simpler and cheaper while ensuring high reliability, availability, and has a good future security.”