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IPS Group Showcases Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem at IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo

July 28, 2022


IPS Group Showcases Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem at IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo

IPS Ecosystem unifies parking resource planning, management, and data-driven decision-making for any size operation.


SAN DIEGO, CA  — IPS Group (“IPS”), the leader in innovative Smart Parking solutions, will showcase its Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem at the IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo in New Orleans, LA July 24 – 27, 2022.

IPS provides Smart Cities and Higher Education Institutions a powerful, robust, and scalable Smart Parking technical ecosystem that can be deployed with IPS as the sole provider, as well as a system aggregator and integrator of multiple third-party solutions. Many IPS customers already subscribe to the complete, fully integrated IPS Ecosystem for their core operations for ease of agency-wide parking data integration and access to all parking applications in one secure platform.

“As innovation and sources of data continue to explode across the parking industry, seamless system integration has become the number one requirement of our customers today,” says Chad Randall, IPS Group Chief Operating Officer. “Understanding that every City and University has a diverse set of needs, we provide a truly unified and flexible solution that can eliminate data and operational silos. This allows our customers to extract greater value and prioritize their time on data-supported policy decisions such as streamlining maintenance and enforcement, managing parking demand and the customer journey, and seizing more opportunities to increase revenue and improve the customer experience.”

Live demonstrations of all IPS Smart Parking solutions will take place at booth 237. All IPS applications are seamlessly connected to the secure, cloud-based Data Management System that integrates all application data into custom dashboards, meaningful analytics and insights, and business intelligence reports.

The IPS Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem includes:

About IPS Group

IPS Group, headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices across North America and Europe, is a designer, engineer and manufacturer of low-power wireless telecommunications, payment processing systems, intelligent data management and cloud-based technologies. IPS provides Smarter Parking for Smart Communities™ of any size through its Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem of connected applications.


IPS Group and Barnacle Integration Released

August 27, 2019







IPS Group and Barnacle Integration Released




Barnacle Parking Enforcement has integrated their Enterprise Management System with the IPS Group Enforcement Management Solution. The new integration will support a rapidly expanding number of mutual clients across the globe.  With the integration complete, Barnacle can automatically query license plates for delinquent citations and then mark them paid.  The integration creates a seamless functionality, reducing workload for the parking enforcement officer and lessening administrative requirements for management.


Here’s how it works: The Barnacle Immobilization Solution suctions onto a vehicle’s windshield and blocks the driver’s vision, rendering the vehicle immobilized. Each device is GPS-equipped, sends real-time alerts, and allows for the violator to easily remove the device by paying online or over the phone. Barnacle provides payment processing and a 24/7 call center accessible to violators. The Barnacle Enterprise Management System (BEMS) is a comprehensive customer portal for management of the technology. BEMS provides GPS tracking, activity logs, deployment records, data reporting, inventory control, and access to the iOS/Android Enforcer native application.


With the IPS Group integration in effect, parking enforcement officers can type the license plate number into the deployment screen on the BEMS system or Enforcer App.  By querying The IPS Group Enforcement Management Solution, BEMS identifies all delinquent citations and creates a sum total to ensure the violator can pay as required. Once paid, BEMS communicates back to IPS Group to mark all respective citations as paid, thereby reducing the administrative workload on staff.


About the IPS Enforcement Management Solution: The platform provides real-time access to handle the entire citation lifecycle, including citation issuance, citation processing and delinquent collections. The ecosystem seamlessly integrates with existing parking technology, such as Single- and Multi-Space Smart Parking meters, Vehicle Detection Sensors, License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, and pay-by-phone applications.

The platform includes a handheld citation writer and an Enforcement Management System that serves as a back office, web-based application that receives citation information from the enforcement device in real-time, tracking and monitoring all stages of the citation process. It also includes an online Public Portal that provides citizens convenient access to their citation information with the ability to pay, resolve or contest it online.


IPS Group: For over 20 years, IPS has delivered world-class solutions through its Fully-Integrated Smart Parking Platform, including Smart Single- and Multi-Space Meters, Pay Station Upgrade Kits, Enforcement and Permitting Solutions, Vehicle Detection Sensors, Mobile Applications, Smart Cash Collection Systems, hosted Data Management Software with Advanced Data Analytics, and more. Unlike some that promote surface-level integrated solutions with basic data sharing, IPS offers a deeply connected system built from the ground up with complete, system-wide control at your fingertips.


Barnacle:   Barnacle® Parking Enforcement was formed to modernize parking enforcement with a customer service-oriented technology that enhances compliance and collects on unpaid citations.  Barnacle has developed a patented solution that embeds mobile connectivity and online payment processing within consumer and enforcement friendly immobilization.  Barnacle is leveraging technology to improve process efficiencies and provide unmatched standards in terms of deployment, cost savings, and motorist satisfaction.  The platform is a fully integrated end-to-end solution for vehicle immobilization which includes Barnacle immobilization devices, payment processing, the Barnacle Enterprise Management Systems (BEMS), a 24/7 tier 2 call center, device deposit/recovery program, and remote motorist release.





Highland Council Choose IPS

May 07, 2018



Highland Council Choose IPS



International Parking Systems (UK) Ltd (ipsgroup.com) have installed their equipment in the picturesque towns of Fort William, Fort Augustus and Inverness as part of an upgrade program to their existing Metric Accent machines.


The first phase of the project saw 19 Metric Accent machines upgraded in Inverness and Fort William, with 2 of IPS own MS1 machines installed in Fort Augustus. All machines are installed with the latest contactless payment technology which is provides fast convenient payments to visitors and residents.

Richard Boultbee, Executive Director at IPS said “We are absolutely delighted that Highland Council have chosen our technology to serve their towns and look forward to the next phase

Shane Manning of Highland Council said “We trialled the technology first to ensure it met with the high expectations set by IPS and we couldn’t be more pleased with the product and service we have experienced”.

About IPS Group

IPS Group, (www.ipsgroup.com), headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices across North America and Europe, is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company focused on low-power wireless telecommunications, payment processing systems, intelligent data management and SaaS technologies. IPS takes IoT and Smart City concepts and turns them into reality. For over 20 years, IPS has delivered world-class solutions through its fully-integrated Smart Parking Platform comprised of smart single-space meters, multi-space pay stations, pay station upgrade kits, vehicle detection sensors, smart cash collection systems, mobile applications, enforcement and permitting solutions, hosted data management software with advanced data analytics, and more.


May 20, 2016



SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Smart Parking leader, IPS Group, Inc., is unveiling several new innovative technologies at the 2016 IPI Expo in Nashville, Tenn., this week.


The company is showcasing technology and providing live demonstrations of new smart products in their interactive booth display. The IPS Group Dome-Mount Sensor is a key innovation already being pre-ordered by municipalities nationwide. It demonstrates local decision-making at its best, by integrating real-time data and guidance into your Smart Parking Program. The sensors install directly into the meter and communicate over the IPS cellular backbone and can be configured for almost any parking environment.

The “IPS Group Innovation Table” also highlights the latest security available on the market such as the EMV-Approved Card reader.  EMV Levels 1 and 2 approved, the reader installs in single-space and multi-space meters in a customer-friendly design. The company is also showcasing the latest generation in cellular technology, allowing municipalities to “future-proof” their city’s parking program.

Booth visitors are also being given a “sneak preview” of new applications and web sites such as a parking receipts consumer web site, and the newly redesigned IPS web-based Data Management System that allows customers to manage critical data and access advanced analytics from anywhere, at any time.

IPS Group COO Chad Randall stated, “IPS Group has a proud tradition of innovation and we are excited to launch some of our latest technology at the IPI Expo. It’s a great opportunity to interact with many clients and the response to the new products has been exceptional.”


About IPS Group, Inc.

IPS Group Inc.,  (www.ipsgroupinc.com) is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. (USA), with offices in Canada and Europe (www.ipsgroupinc.com). IPS is a design, engineering and manufacturing company focused on low power wireless telecommunications, payment processing systems and parking technologies and has been delivering world-class solutions to the telecommunications and parking industries for over 20 years. The company offers a fully integrated smart product suite comprised of single-space meters, multi-space pay stations, pay station upgrade kits, vehicle detection sensors, smart cash collection systems, and SaaS management software with advanced data analytics.  IPS converts the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities into reality for transportation and parking operations all over the world.