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Teresa Whorton joins IPsens, LLC as Executive Vice President of Business Development 

July 26, 2021





Teresa Whorton joins IPsens, LLC as Executive Vice President of Business Development




IPsens, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Teresa Whorton as Executive Vice President-Business Development.

In her new role Teresa will oversee all commercial development aspects of IPsens as we move towards an exciting future of Open IP Parking Solutions, Making Parking Friendly for all.

Teresa has also just completed her certification as CPP further demonstrating her commitment to the Industry.




Teresa Whorton

EVP, Business Development

IPsens, LLC

500 W Main St. Suite 303

Branson, MO 65616

1.888.705.1196 ofc / 417.527.8060 mobile


IPsens, LLC’s Patented Software Algorithm Leads in Parking Management 

May 27, 2020


IPsens, LLC’s Patented Software Algorithm Leads in Parking Management 



One-of-a-Kind Solution is Capable of Managing Non-Delineated Parking



BRANSON, Mo.—- IPsens, LLC a leading provider of parking guidance software, is proud to announce the installation of its state-of-the-art, patented parking management solutions in several installations around the U.S. The patented algorithms (PATENT NO. US 9,595,194 B1 & US 8,692,688 B1) and their associated, innovative software approach tracks, reports, and provides guidance information for non-delineated parking in a variety of installation types and scenarios. Encompassing on-street parking, multi-level garage structures and surface lot management, as well as truck parking at interstate rest stops in the states of Florid and Ohio. These solutions are both highly versatile and designed to serve specific parking needs associated with the verticals into which they are deployed.

“Our solution provides a performance capability that is both efficient and extremely accurate for managing and monitoring parking in real-time non-delineated scenarios. It gives our clients and their users, clear concise parking data that is easy to use and act on in the most efficient and effective manner available,” said Gorm Tuxen, president and CEO of IPsens, LLC.

The software algorithm was first tested by IPsens in a pilot in New York City as part of the city’s ongoing Smart City initiative. Capable of monitoring and managing on-street parking in scenarios where parking is not distinguished by individual spaces, the system can accommodate the most flexible and maximum use of curb space while maintaining accurate vehicle and space counts.

“The key to our solution is its versatility and ability to work in flexible parking scenarios,” said Tuxen. “Instead of only being to monitor a “by the space” scenario, we can monitor an entire block face and account for any sized vehicle—from small cars, to sedans and SUVs, to box trucks—without having to lose space by delineation. Our solution leverages the patented algorithm to provide the maximum amount of functionality and flexibility. It can accommodate the most efficient and organic parking behaviors to capitalize on all of the available parking real estate.”

About IPsens

IPsens, LLC is the leading provider of cloud-based parking, parking guidance and management solutions dedicated to Making Parking Friendly. IPsens offers open IP parking management software for a variety of commercial and enterprise endeavors, including commercial real estate, hospitals, colleges & universities, airports, truck stops, corporate campuses, and parking lots. IPsens can be found online at www.ipsens.net.


June 28, 2018






San Diego, CA (June 27, 2018)—IPsens today announced that it has installed the world’s most advanced cloud-based parking management suite at the new Terminal 2 Garage at San Diego International Airport. The open IP system manages 1,170 surface mounted parking guidance sensors that constantly monitor occupancy and guide travelers directly to available rooftop parking spaces. The sensors are integrated with the general parking management system through a cloud based software interface, developed by IPsens, which manages the garage’s rooftop sensors and parking guidance systems.




The garage’s open IP system is what sets the San Diego International Airport parking technology suite apart. Typically, parking management technology only runs with proprietary software installed by the technology provider. As a result, the technology can only operate within the constraints designed into the software. San Diego International Airport’s open IP software package will allow the airport and its technology staff and consultants to work together to constantly improve the software and the technology it’s managing, permitting the software to adapt to the airport’s evolving parking management needs.


“Open IP is the future of parking software,” said Gorm Tuxen, president of IPsens. “The beauty of the open IP approach—beyond improving the operations of a single piece of equipment or technology suite—is that it encourages sharing among parking organizations and their technology gurus. Airports and other parking owners can explore, experiment, and share the results of those experiments to create innovative new ways to utilize different types of equipment.”



About IPsens

IPsens is the leading provider of cloud-based parking, data exchange, and information management solutions. In addition to IPsens’ open IP parking management software, the company also offers a variety of commercial and enterprise software solutions, including commercial parking traffic analysis, corporate campus parking management, university parking management, municipal parking management airport parking management, and truck parking management software. IPsens can be found online at www.ipsens.net.

IPsens Partners With Current, Powered By GE To Build Comprehensive Intelligent Environments To Reduce Energy Use

November 17, 2016


IPsens Partners With Current, Powered By GE

To Build Comprehensive Intelligent Environments To Reduce Energy Use



Branson, MO (November 17, 2016)— IPsens announced today that it has partnered with Current, powered by GE (NYSE: GE) as part of Current’s partner ecosystem. Current, powered by GE is a digital startup that’s helping commercial and industrial customers optimize energy use and drive operational efficiency. IPsens is a parking software solution company that has provided enterprise-level parking management infrastructures which include best-in-breed hardware and state of the art software solutions for 41 years.



“We are proud to be partnering with GE on this important initiative,” said Gorm Tuxen, president of IPsens LLC. “The importance of energy efficiency stretches across industries, and parking technology can play a particularly important role. By helping to make parking management more efficient, and the parking experience more customer-oriented, parking technologies can significantly reduce the amount of time and energy that is required to operate parking facilities.”


About IPsens

IPsens provides a full suite of cloud hosted parking and traffic management solutions, based on data input from various sensors, counters, parking operations and 3rd party alliance member systems.


IPsens can be found online at www.IPsens.net