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Tattile: First ITS highway system in Serbia

June 15, 2020





Tattile: First ITS highway system in Serbia




In 2019 the Republic of Serbia put the first highway ITS system into operation covering about 200 highway kilometres on the Belgrade – Nis highway in central Serbia. The system of traffic surveillance smart cameras is aimed to improve control and surveillance of highway traffic, reduce accidents with casualties and material losses, and generally improve highway user safety. Additional responsibilities of the ITS system are to detect and sanction oversized vehicles as well as average speed control.



Along the highway, the ITS system has 28 gantry spots with in total 56 installed Tattile Vega Smart 2 HD traffic monitoring cameras – 14 spots from each direction and 2 cameras for every spot. Another part of the entire system is six variable message signs (VMS) which are installed on gantries above all three lanes of the highway and display information from the traffic monitoring cameras about the traffic situation on the highway and at the toll stations ahead.


The system is embedded into a larger project which includes a tolling system on the highway exits. Data generated by the Tattile smart traffic cameras along the highway is shared with the tolling stations. One of them, Plaza Smederevo is already equipped with a Weigh in Motion (WIM) system where measuring of gross and axle weights of vehicles is done without stopping and thus with a minimum influence on traffic flow to maintain a free flow tolling system. The WIM systems are installed on a lane at the Tolling plazas making use of already existent toll equipment, like optical curtains and ANPR (ALPR) cameras, and to potentially be used in future for tolling by weight.


The system operator plans to constantly expand the ITS system across the entire Serbian highway network; and to further improve the system capabilities by adding functionalities such as automatic incident detection algorithms, automatic number plate recognition as well as brand color and class recognition; functions which can be executed by the already installed Tattile Vega Smart 2HD cameras.





Tattile introduces vehicle identification system with on-board intelligence to read license plates and recognize vehicle features

January 17, 2020






Tattile introduces vehicle identification system with on-board intelligence to read license plates and recognize vehicle features



Italian ITS specialist Tattile expands its range of vehicle identification systems by the new Vega 1, an intelligent camera specifically designed for single lane vehicle tracking; traffic limited areas and priority lanes. Congestion charge and parking management are two other important fields of application in the ITS sector where the new Tattile Vega 1is a perfect fit.



The core of the new Tattile Vega 1 with an onboard ANPR engine is a dual channel camera built in a compact case. This extremely compact design and embedded intelligence provides a maximum output at extremely low system costs since all algorithms are inside the system and deliver an output ready to be interpreted by the user. The camera allows an easy setup to minimize the installation and maintenance time. Thanks to its local storage it can work stand alone in case the connectivity is interrupted.


Single lane traffic management

During single lane intelligent traffic monitoring the system provides color video streaming via standard RTSP protocol. Even with an impressive working distance up to 25 meters the Vega1 does not require an external IR lighting. Thanks to its high sensitivity image sensors ANPR reading and video streaming is possible even in harsh and low light conditions.


The standard features are complemented by several optional functionalities for the new Vega 1. They provide further information on the vehicles tracked by additional vehicle brand, vehicle class and vehicle color identification. As to connectivity there are options to connect the Vega 1 to Wifi, LTE and GPS. These additional features together with the standard functionalities turn the Vega 1 into a compact but powerful collector of all relevant data needed for vehicle identification and road control.


All features for intelligent parking management

Parking has become the third highest revenue source for many cities. With its abilities to read license plates and recognize vehicle features such as brand, color, model, and class the new VEGA1 matches all requirements of modern parking management. The vehicle recognition allows defining its dimension (small, medium, big) and to differentiate the parking fee or direct larger vehicles to a designated area. For security purposes matching the ANPR with Brand, Model, Color and Class info at the entrance and the exit allows preventing vehicle from being stolen or other frauds. Furthermore, this data connected to the authority’s database even allow detecting wanted vehicles and thus contribute to public security. With its features the VEGA1 also enables the installation of smart parking systems that reduce the number of physical barriers, ticket and cash machines, managing all the aspects of parking through APPs and digital platforms.


Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. (ITS) has joined the WPS-North America family of elite distributors

April 08, 2019



Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. (ITS) has joined the WPS-North America family of elite distributors




WPS Parking Solutions, (WPS) a pioneer of intelligent barcode technology for parking solutions in North and South America, is proud to announce that Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. (ITS) has joined the WPS-North America family of elite distributors.  With nearly 50 years in business, ITS is a leader in integrated electronic and computerized access and control systems and related technologies, emerging as the largest systems integrator of its type. Their team continues to develop and grow, ensuring that they’ll remain at the technological peak of system-integration in the future.




WPS is an international full services organization for integral parking management solutions. WPS is a knowledge hub for parking innovation, with decades of experience and state of the art research and development, production facilities and sales offices worldwide. We do this for both big players, as well as for the small ones. With parking solutions in over 15 countries and more than 350 professionals, we work hard to support airports, hospitals, local authorities, hotels, recreational facilities, shopping centers and professional parking operators worldwide in their daily parking operation. WPS handles worldwide more than 7.5 million parking visits each month, making us one of the biggest players in our field. And we keep developing, with strong focus on practical innovations. Merging technologies to provide our clients with the most intelligent, trustworthy and futureproof parking solutions.


WPS Core Values

  • Market and client driven
  • Passion for technology and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Collective ownership together with individual accountability to achieve highest standards
  • Parking domain knowledge is core
  • Work safely and with respect to environment
  • Integrity
  • Equal chances for everyone


WPS & ITS Competences

  • Parking knowledge & consultancy sales
  • Project management
  • Assembly
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Site management
  • Service
  • Maintenance & repair



ITS, with offices in CT, MA, NY and PA, will advise/consult, sell, supply, service and support WPS products within the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and surrounding Regions.


The company is a leader in the sales, integration, and service of Gated Parking Revenue Control, Multi and Single Space meters, Parking Management & Enforcement Systems, Access Control, Building Security and Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.  ITS supplies, installs and services systems to monitor and manage customer operations and facilities, as well as developing and providing software related solutions.


The ITS client-base includes Parking Operators, Federal, State, and Municipal governments as well as private developers, property managers, contractors, and related entities. ITS also offers evaluations of existing operations to determine the most effective system for increasing parking revenue or enhancing access control, security and/or safety of an operation.


The primary mission at ITS is to be the Market Leader by providing high-quality products, technical expertise, exceptional customer support and responsive service at every level.



Integrated Technical Systems, Inc.
8 Capital Drive

Wallingford, CT 06492
T: (203) 265-8100
E: info-its@integrated-tec.com



Todd Townsend – Managing Director, USA
7524 Standish Place, Suite 150

Rockville, MD 20855
T: (301) 258-9292 ext. 215

E: TTownsend@wps-us.com




Nedap’s parking sensors installed at Polish metropolitan area

February 10, 2016



Tri-City, consisting of the Polish cities of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, introduced the TRISTAR project to improve traffic efficiency. Nedap’s parking sensors are installed to maximize the utilization of the existing on-street parking capacity.



Tri-City is the urban area situated on the Baltic coast and is one of Poland’s largest tourist attractions. Each of the three cities offers a very different atmosphere which makes it a very attractive area to both visitors and inhabitants.


The area knows a large number of traffic movements on a daily basis, especially in the city centers. These traffic movements cause traffic problems: congestion, accidents and no access to real-time information about public transport and where available parking spaces are available. To reduce and prevent these problems, the TRISTAR project was implemented.


Intelligent Transport System

The TRISTAR project consists of the deployment of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS). This project comprises five integrated systems to manage public transportation and maximize the utilization of the existing parking facilities. Nedap’s parking sensors provide real-time information about the usage of those parking facilities.


Nedap’s SENSIT consists of wireless parking sensors that detect in real-time whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and how long it has been occupied. Green Center’s parking guidance system was implemented with SENSIT. The system uses the real-time parking information to guide drivers to available parking spaces via dynamic signs along the roads.


Ido Wentink, Business Development Manager at Nedap, says: “We are delighted to have been selected for this mobility project in the Tri-City region of Gdansk. Thanks to our partner Green Center, the systems is already running for some time and proved its value for motorists looking for a parking space. I am sure Polish cities are ready to implement a reliable parking sensor system SENSIT in order to offer citizens great parking services and for operators to improve monitoring and enforcement in these zones.”


Increased traffic flow

By implementing Nedap’s SENSIT sensors with Green Center’s parking guidance system, the traffic flow in Tri-City has increased vastly. Less traffic congestion, and thus decreased pollution, ensure the city remains attractive to its residents and visitors. Additionally, parking utilization is optimized and enforcement can be done more efficiently.


“As the parking solutions integrator in the TRISTAR project, Green Center wanted to provide a reliable and proven solution for the cities motorists. Therefore, choosing Nedap’s parking sensor system was the right way to go for us. Nedap’s SENSIT turned out to be easy, quick to install and very flexible for integration with the other ITS TRISTAR platforms. Dynamic parking occupancy information allows drivers in Gdynia to find available parking spaces quicker and easier, bringing the obvious benefits to the city.” says Jakub Osuchowski, Technical director Green Center.