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Propark America Begins Parking Operations at JAXPORT Cruise Terminal

June 13, 2018



Propark America Begins Parking Operations at JAXPORT Cruise Terminal




(Jacksonville, FL) – Propark America announced today that it has recently commenced management of the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) Cruise Terminal parking facility in Jacksonville, Florida.


“As a leader in parking management services here in Jacksonville, we’re particularly excited about JAXPORT’s cruise ship parking operation,” said Propark’s Regional Vice President, David Horn. “We realize that the parking operator has a responsibility to serve as anambassador for the City of Jacksonville, and that’s a role that Propark is proud tofill.”


In addition to providing its signature premium service delivery, honed over decades of providing travel-related parking services to airports and cruise terminals across the country, Propark realized the opportunity to implement a new revenue control equipment upgrade at JAXPORT’s 512-space parking facility. The improvement is anticipated to not only provide complete financial accountability, but also reduce the dependence on third-party reservation service providers, which will result in significant savings for the Port Authority. Furthermore, the new technology will reduce transaction times by 50% allowing for smoother parking ingress and egress, which will help to enhance guest satisfaction.


“Propark’s software enhancements will help the Jacksonville Port Authority realize annual savings in excess of six-figures by allowing the parking operation’s booking system to function independently,” explained Horn. “Through our new technology application, Propark will also accurately protect revenue and provide complete accounting transparency, further developing substantial gains to JAXPORT’s bottom line.”


The JAXPORT Cruise Terminal has served more than 2 million passengers, who travel to Jacksonville from all 50 states. With 77 sailing dates for Carnival Cruise Line, the new economic impact generated for Northeast Florida totals $67 million annually.


About Propark America

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