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Kenzie Coulson Joins Dixon Resources Unlimited

April 18, 2019




Kenzie Coulson Joins Dixon Resources Unlimited



San Diego, CA: Dixon Resources Unlimited is pleased to welcome Kenzie Coulson to the team as DIXON’s newest Associate. With over 20 years in transportation, Kenzie has extensive experience launching complex projects, planning for traffic mitigation, and developing parking strategy. As Parking and Fleet Administrative Supervisor with Park City Municipal Corporation in Park City, Utah, she overhauled the entire parking department, facilitating the launch of nine new technologies, infrastructure upgrades, wayfinding improvements, and policy updates that included the introduction of paid parking.



Kenzie has a wide breadth of project management experience aimed at overcoming logistically-strained operations. As a Senior Manager for Sundance Institute, Kenzie managed all elements of transportation for the Sundance Film Festival, including the scoping and development of a logistics management database and various traffic and parking plans. Sundance Institute, founded by Robert Redford, hosts the annual Film Festival, which draws more than 70,000 patrons each year into the narrow streets of Park City. Accommodating this volume of guests in a small corridor requires a carefully implemented parking, transit, and curbside plan, a challenge which allowed Kenzie to put to use her skills in managing seasonal flux and budget restrictions.

Kenzie’s leadership role in Park City proved her ability to fit within the DIXON ethos, showcasing her willingness to customize a community-specific solution. Working alongside the DIXON team, she helped develop the specifications necessary to solicit a comprehensive parking technology system. The Park City solution integrated transportation demand management (TDM) with a progressive incentive program to encourage the use of alternative transportation such as transit and carpooling. Her efforts have allowed the Park City operation to become a model for TDM and parking solutions.

Earlier in her career, Kenzie worked on a Software as a Service (SaaS) booking engine that has grown to offer white-label service for prominent events, cities, and destination markets. Her involvement with the launch of the start-up involved all aspects of managing technical development, contracting partners, sales, operational oversight, and marketing, including the development of the website www.stayparkcity.com. Her diverse experience allows her to effectively foresee potential roadblocks to success.

Kenzie’s roots are in operational team management. She values the operator’s voice and perspective and works to understand the “devilish” details in every project. She’s managed multiple teams, including a FedEx Ground/Home Delivery terminal, a wilderness lodge in Glacier Bay Alaska, and most recently, the electric bus fleet in Park City.

As a Project Associate, Kenzie will work directly with customers to assess, design, build, and operate successful parking programs. She will primarily focus on developing on-street and off-street parking solutions, engaging stakeholders, developing operating plans, and assisting policy development. By integrating her practical experience with a personal touch and commitment to customer service, she will ensure that DIXON’s customers are able to seamlessly implement their parking solutions.

Dixon Resources Unlimited is a consulting firm that specializes in municipal parking, transportation, and mobility solutions. DIXON’s uniquely-qualified team specializes in supporting municipal parking and mobility programs across the country, consistently proving its ability to identify and implement operations, management, and technology recommendations to transition municipal parking operations to long-term, sustainable programs.