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Passio’s IncroMAXX Now Integrates with Transign’s LED Signs

December 16, 2015


Passio Technologies

ATLANTA — Passio’s exclusive IncroMAXX transit platform now offers “hands free” GPS-based integration with Transign’s LED Destination Signs, allowing transit systems to better communicate with riders and open new avenues for revenue generation.

Coupled with Passio’s automated voice announcement module, the solution delivers an exceptional passenger experience, said Mitch Skyer, president of Passio Technologies.

This partnership allows a vehicle’s on-board signs to display location-specific information directly from Passio’s mobile data terminal (MDT). With the integration, transit agencies can display on the destination signs a bus’ next stop, major nearby intersections, public announcements and location-based advertising as a means of generating revenue.

Passio’s IncroMAXX platform provides a single, cloud-based management solution with one on-board interface. Drivers automatically receive up-to-date information, and with a single selection, can control multiple devices on the vehicle.

This eliminates the need for manual count sheets, driver time sheets and schedule sheets, thereby reducing the amount of time needed for burdensome data entry. In addition, the platform produces straightforward, meaningful and easy-to-understand data reports that system managers can use to make decisions in real time.

Passio unveiled a prototype of the integration during the Florida Parking Association’s 2015 Annual Conference & Trade Show in Amelia Island, Florida, in early December. The new offering will be available to customers starting in early 2016.

In less than four years, Passio has partnered with more than 50 municipalities, universities and private companies to deploy customized transit technology solutions aimed at optimizing operations and enhancing the passenger experience.

Passio’s solutions have been used to count more than 20 million passengers at transit systems across the country. That number is expected to increase dramatically as current projections put the number of passengers counted at more than 12 million over the next year alone and increasing from there in subsequent years.

For more information, visit www.passiotech.com.