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UK based Looking4Transfers expands Ryanair partnership to provide airport transfers in Italy

March 15, 2017

UK based Looking4Transfers expands Ryanair partnership to provide airport transfers in Italy



UK business, Looking4Transfers, has expanded its relationship with Ryanair to provide customers with transfers to and from some of the busiest airports in Italy.

Looking4Transfers is an international airport transfers booking agent. It is quickly becoming the market leading comparison website around the world, following a phenomenal growth in 2016.

The newly available services follow a long-standing partnership between Looking4Transfers and Ryanair, which aims to provide customers with outstanding airport parking and transfers across many countries in Europe.

Customers can now access transfers that include scheduled buses and private shuttle services at three major airports in Italy. The service is available at both of Rome’s airports, Ciampino and Fiumicino, which received more than 47 million passengers in 2016 alone. The transfer services will also be offered in Palermo’s Falcone-Borsellino airport, one of the busiest in Southern Italy.

Martin Mansell, Commercial Director at Looking4Transfers said: “This new addition is fantastic news and will be beneficial to both Looking4Transfers and Ryanair. We look forward to further establishing our presence in Italy and providing Ryanair’s customers with great, low-cost transportation options, helping Ryanair achieve its objectives as Europe’s number 1 low-cost airline.”

Scheduled bus services provide customers with buses between the airport and selected destinations, running at specific times so they can get the most out of their stay. Looking4Transfers’ shuttlebuses loop between selected destinations and the airport, picking up and dropping off passengers along the way.

For more information on Looking4Transfers and the services on offer, please visit the website: www.looking4transfers.com



About Looking4Transfers

Looking4Transfers Ltd. is an international airport transfers service and is a subsidiary brand of Purple Parking Ltd. Looking4Transfers offers low prices, high coverage and excellent customer service. We provide services across more than 40 countries including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, Australia and more. Looking4Transfers provides services such as limousines, private taxis, speedy shuttlebuses and express train tickets at more than 150 airports with coverage spanning six continents.