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June 11, 2020







LOS ANGELES, CA – Joe’s Auto Parks announced their renewed contract with LA Metro in support of the region’s public transportation expansion plan. This continued partnership builds upon the success of their initial program to offer accessible parking at popular LA Metro rail line stops. “We are pleased to be able to stay on for the next evolution of LA Metro’s continued growth in multiple markets,” said Kevin Litwin, Chief Operating Officer of Joe’s Auto Parks.


Commuters that choose to take the LA Metro can feel secure leaving their car in the designated parking while at work. With more access to parking near public transportation, drivers will save time searching for available parking spots and enjoy a more efficient commute. Both partners aim to reduce auto congestion and emissions, resulting in cleaner air for the city.


As LA Metro sees an increase in ridership, Joe’s Auto Parks is implementing 70+ parking infrastructures for commuter convenience. Given their upstanding reputation as the authority of urban parking management, Joe’s Auto Parks will inform the operational scale and sizing of development requirements. In addition to the facilities, upgraded technology and security are key project elements. Joe’s Auto Parks will utilize license plate tracking devices, which will ensure that parking will be exclusive to LA Metro riders. Contactless payment options are available through the mobile app Passport to encourage a stress-free customer experience. Joe’s Auto Parks remains on track to deploy contactless payment stations at every LA Metro parking station by 2025.


The collaboration has been critical to improving transit, commuter convenience and limiting congestion on the city’s roads. The plan lays out a future vision and blueprint for a more mobile, sustainable and vibrant future for Los Angeles County.


About Joe’s Auto Parks

Since 1959, Joe’s Auto Parks has been providing the Los Angeles Area with

premiere parking services at affordable prices. Both self and valet parking services are available at many of its surface lots and garages. In addition to affordable monthly parking options throughout the downtown area, Joe’s Auto Parks will soon offer a real- time parking reservations system to guarantee pricing and available space.



“Waze for Parking” app SpotAngels launches in LA with support from its local community

December 13, 2018




“Waze for Parking” app SpotAngels launches in LA

with support from its local community





SpotAngels – the “Waze for Parking” – a community-based parking app that helps drivers find parking and avoid tickets, announces today its launch in Los Angeles on the heels of a recent round of funding led by co-founder of Google Maps, Lars Rasmussen.


SpotAngels has previously established its community of drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater New York City saving them over $7.5m on street cleaning tickets as well as time and money finding parking. In San Francisco, 1% of the city’s drivers now actively use SpotAngels.


Unlike other apps like SpotHero that just show parking garages, SpotAngels shows street parking as well as provides you with alerts on parking rules so you never get a ticket.


“Our community of drivers has been asking us to expand to other cities where they travel to and where they have friends and family who struggle with finding parking and avoiding street cleaning tickets. Los Angeles is THE car city and although we can’t help with the traffic, we can help reduce the hours it takes to find a spot,” says Aboud Jardaneh, co-founder of SpotAngels.


SpotAngels displays a crowdsourced map showing the location of all street parking spots and garages, with detailed rules and prices kept up-to-date by the active community. It includes local specificities such as LA’s residential parking permits enabling to park for free. The map helps drivers find free and cheap parking, fast.


SpotAngels also makes sure that drivers never get a parking ticket. The app runs in the background and knows where and when you park your car and you leave a spot. It sends reminders when it’s time to move their car for street cleaning or any other parking rule.

After leaving a spot, the map displays an open spot in the form of a yellow bubble to help other drivers of the community find a spot.


The uniqueness of SpotAngels is that the all the parking information is crowdsourced.

“Our local community in LA helped build the map you currently see.” says Jardaneh.

Anyone can add or edit a parking spot on the map by sending a picture of parking signs through the app. For avid map contributors, they can join the SpotAngels Map Makers community (by reaching out to support@spotangels.com) and will be given access to an editor tool on the web that will enable them to map full neighborhoods.

SpotAngels is available on the App Store and Play Store and was previously featured by Apple and Google as “Waze for Parking” among the best apps of 2017 and 2018. The company is backed by the co-founder of Google Maps, the former Head of Google Street View and prominent investors from Silicon Valley.