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SKIDATA Helps Dallas Love Field Ease The Pain For Holiday Travelers

November 28, 2018




SKIDATA Helps Dallas Love Field Ease The Pain For Holiday Travelers 





New Brunswick, NJ November 28th, 2018: SKIDATA Announces The Completion of Garage C at Dallas Love Field. 



Dallas Love Field recently opened the 3rd on-site parking garage at the busy airport. This is the final piece of a nearly 10-year airport modernization program designed to improve the visitor experience and eliminate the parking congestion problem that had often occurred during the busiest travel weeks. Garage C adds over 5,000 parking spaces – nearly doubling the available spaces at the airport. 

SKIDATA has been the PARCS provider for the airport property throughout their modernization and improvement process and once again worked closely with the airport to design the parking system for this 3rd and largest garage at the airport. 


As part of the massive new structure, SKIDATA installed a total of 10 Power.Gates – 4 Entry Lanes and 6 Exits. There are 2 nested lots inside of the garage – premium and discount, using Lite.Gates for ticket and toll tag reads. For payment convenience, there are 4 credit.cash – credit card only APMs and 2 manual paystations for cash and credit transactions. The entire garage is outfitted with SKIDATA’s Platetech.Logic LPR system as well as AVI integrations with North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), which allows for payment with the toll tag payment device for a simplified entry and exit. 

The SKIDATA team had a tight deadline to complete their installation and pulled it off with a talented team pooled from local Dallas technicians and project management as well as bringing in additional support staff from their Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey and Florida offices. 

SKIDATA is passionate about its commitment to deliver superior, reliable, and trend setting solutions. We are ready to help our customers to unlock the power of SKIDATA. 



SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group (www.skidata.com) belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (www.nagra.com), a leading provider of digital security solutions. 

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