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TKH Security: Mercy Hospital Puts Parking Experience First When Designing New Garage

September 06, 2022




TKH Security: Mercy Hospital Puts Parking Experience First When Designing New Garage



CHESHIRE, CT – September 6, 2022 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) has been awarded an Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) contract by Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, MO.  In Summer 2023, Mercy Hospital St. Louis is scheduled to complete a new, state of the art, five level Mercy Ballas Multispecialty Center across the street from the primary medical facility. A new high-tech parking structure is also a part of the project.

A recent 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Award Winner, Mercy Hospital’s patient centric approach to healthcare begins the moment each patient enters the parking garage. “We looked at everything. Nothing was off the table,” said Dr. Jeff Ciaramita, president Mercy Clinic in the St. Louis region. “Mercy’s mission is to get health care right and we know that when patients are dealing with health concerns, they need ease. We must make everything from finding a parking spot to wait times easier for our patients. By enabling them to plan and take charge, we provide calm in the midst of sometimes challenging health care needs.”

The first touchpoint of a seamless patient experience, the high-tech parking garage will provide 973 new parking spaces.  Patients will be able to find an available parking spot efficiently with our new M5 camera-based APGS. The bright, red and green color-coded LED light on the smart sensors instantly visually direct patients to available spaces.  Reducing time to parking by up to 63%, our APGS allows patients to sign in at their appointment quickly. Finding a parking space quickly can also reduce stress many feel during the parking process.

“I’m excited to work with Mercy Hospital on their primary focus – customer experience first. Parking is a customer’s first touchpoint of their visit, not the inside of a doctor’s office.,” said Jeff Sparrow, TKH Security Regional Account Manager.  “In the parking industry, the customer experience is becoming more top of mind. Our products and services align perfectly with this focus. I’m looking forward to working on more customer centric projects.”

Mercy Hospital’s APGS package also includes:

  • Park Alerts, which notify operators when certain vehicles enter the building including VIPs,
  • Park Surveillance to capture streaming video when motion is detected in or around a space, or continuously if desired,
  • And our API package that will provide Mercy Hospital with a secure connection to a limitless set of third-party parking related solutions.

From Mercy’s project concept to completion, TKH Security is proud to also partner with Schaeffer Electric Co., Inc., Walker Consultants, and Alberici Constructors.

The New Five-level Mercy Ballas Multispecialty Building

About Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Mercy, one of the 25 largest U.S. health systems and named the top large system in the U.S. for excellent patient experience by NRC Health, serves millions annually with nationally recognized quality care and one of the nation’s largest Accountable Care Organizations. Mercy is a highly integrated, multi-state health care system including more than 40 acute care, managed and specialty (heart, children’s, orthopedic and rehab) hospitals, convenient and urgent care locations, imaging centers and pharmacies. Mercy has 900 physician practices and outpatient facilities, 4,000 Mercy Clinic physicians and advanced practitioners, and more than 40,000 co-workers serving patients and families across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Mercy also has clinics, outpatient services and outreach ministries in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

About TKH Security

TKH Security specializes in the development of smart electronic security, safety, and parking guidance systems. With more than 25 years of experience, we offer complete solutions for Parking Guidance, Parking Facility Management, Security Management, Access Control, Video Management, Intrusion Detection, Intercom, Surveillance, and Asset & Site Management. We are always looking for innovative solutions for the market with a focus on creative, flexible and open architecture integration. Recently merging with seven companies (Park Assist, ParkEyes, Aasset Security, Flexsposure, Key Processor, Siqura, and VDG) TKH Security has a strong position in North America, Australia, Europe, and multiple offices all over the world. TKH Security is a member of TKH Group NV.

Tattile: ANPR-based Tolling System in Republic of Srpska

September 06, 2022




Tattile: ANPR-based Tolling System in Republic of Srpska



The Republic of Srpska, part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has approximately 100 km of the highway network currently covered by a toll system, including nine toll plazas with about 55 toll lanes. On the highway connecting the cities of Banja Luka and Doboj, the modern toll collection system enables charging all highway users according to their distance travelled and vehicle class.

Exceptions are currently made for vehicles with VIP status, emergency service vehicles and military convoys. Since the operator Autoputevi Republike Srpske still wants to offer a choice in payment, the toll plazas have different lanes providing manual ticket issuing and payment, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and a mixed lane offering both options. At the manual entrance lanes, the driver takes the magnetic ticket with encoded and printed data relevant for toll payment in cash or credit card at an exit station of the highway. At the ETC entrance lanes, the vehicles are registered without stopping, and the relevant data are recorded and stored in an onboard unit (OBU) and in the lane and plaza computer database. ETC lanes perform toll payment transactions electronically and optionally in pre-payment or post-payment.

A prerequisite for electronic toll collection is the number plate recognition of all vehicles passing the electronic nonstop lane. For this purpose, Tattile Basic Short-Range cameras are installed on all entrance lanes to capture ANPR data and obtain fast and secure vehicle transits. At the manual lane, the Basic cameras capture the number plate for security reasons.

The Tattile cameras must perform reliably in all weather conditions, even against sun flare, and during day or night. According to Autoputevi Republike Srpske, the Highway network in the Republic of Srpska will be further expanded, and Tattile Basic ANPR cameras will be the preferred technology for the new toll system modernisation projects in the Republic of Srpska.

SURVISION: LPR becomes key in adding value to Parking customer experience in luxury office buildings

August 16, 2022



SURVISION: LPR becomes key in adding value to Parking customer experience in luxury office buildings



Associated in the past with high-quality materials and devoted service, today’s luxury means intelligence. Luxury clients want a smooth and frictionless experience from the very first moment they enter the building… and of course, it starts with the parking!

So, today’s Landlords have the never-ending challenge of turning their developments into “intelligent buildings” that provide a luxury experience from the moment tenants access the facility.

For an office building, Luxury equals efficiency; customers want to spend no time doing boring/unproductive activities; they want their time back, so they have a great appreciation for time-saving methods and easier experiences.


This is the case of 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, a Trophy Class office building located on Washington’s most prestigious thoroughfare. The building contains fourteen levels of above-grade office space, approximately 763,000 rentable square feet, and just over 41,000 square feet of ground-level retail space.

But… What about the parking?

For the 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue crew, the journey had to be complete: The parking experience in its three levels of underground parking needed to be the beginning of a modern and powerful experience. A high-class office in a building with slow/clumsy/polluted parking is a poor combination.

So, how to offer a faster, cleaner, and smarter parking experience?; It’s still just parking, what else can be improved? Right?

Well… Let’s think about it.

Monthly Service

Monthly parking service is part of their commercial offer…and an opportunity to rethink everything about it! 

Monthly parking is a cold service where you already have all the information about who is allowed in; what about using this information to optimize all parking-related operations?

… In a timely fashion

When you think about parking, you immediately feel how your whole day rhythm goes down for a while: searching for a badge, slowing the car down, waiting for the barrier to open and so forth. But, let us dream… What if you could go through the barrier without even slowing down? Is that even possible?

Yes…  it’s called LPR/ANPR

For the 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Challenge, Scheidt & Bachmann chose Survision Nanopak Rugged LPR Cameras to upgrade the parking facility with License Plate Recognition capabilities and benefits such as:

  1. Automatic gate opening in entrances and exits, decreasing the wait before the barrier by more than 50%.
  2. Badges are not needed anymore, decreasing the operational costs of managing access cards or stickers (and the pain for the client to pick up his card or lose it)
  3. Improved Security: Once the license plate is captured and received in real-time by the building security systems, it’s possible to match it with security forces hot list or other databases, so immediate alerts are issued.


Survision Nanopak rugged LPR camera at 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Office Building


Survision LPR/ANPR technology makes badges and waiting at the gate a thing of the past.

The accuracy challenge

When a barrier opens by the decision of an algorithm, precision becomes a significant concern, no one wants false positives gates opening in a top-level office building, nor the complaints coming from false negatives victims either! So it has to be a very good machine if you are planning to entrust it with your parking’s entering and exiting.

Using their AI-Powered LPR algorithm, Survision LPR cameras achieved a more-than-satisfactory 98.34 % accuracy rate (and 99.14% N-1). This is where Survision LPR cameras make a big difference: an excellent confidence level that allows an accurate and secure operation, just what a state-of-the-art parking needs.


Genetec and Ride Amigos Simplify the Return to Offices with New Corporate Mobility Solution

August 05, 2022



Genetec and Ride Amigos Simplify the Return to Offices with New Corporate Mobility Solution


Collaborative solution improves commuting, parking experiences



MONTRÉAL — Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has teamed with commute management solutions provider RideAmigos to help organizations deliver a simplified and enhanced experience to commuters returning to offices post pandemic. The solution pairs RideAmigos Commute Hub with Genetec AutoVuTM Free-Flow and Genetec Curb SenseTM .

RideAmigos Commute Hub helps employers deliver a seamless experience no matter how their employees choose to get to the office. It enables commuters to identify their best transportation options and reserve a guaranteed parking space based on their needs, such as accessible parking, eliminating the need to circle lots in search of a space, and alleviating some of the stress of getting to work.

Space availability is guaranteed via automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras. The pairing of RideAmigos’ Commute Hub with Genetec AutoVu Free-Flow and Genetec Curb Sense  gives parking officials full insight into parking demand and facility status, so they can ensure parking conditions are optimal. The solution also enables employees to choose from many transportation options such as mass transit, shuttles, carpooling, and active choices like biking to work, so they select the commute that is the most beneficial and enjoyable on any given day.

“Leaders at large organizations realize that commuting options are a critical part of the overall employee experience, particularly as people transition back to offices after being fully remote,” said Genetec Product Line Manager, AutoVu, Michael Bradner. “Streamlining the commuter experience can help boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Our goal with this joint solution is to help organizations optimize accessibility and use of parking spaces and provide or subsidize alternative transportation services to reduce the burden on employees.”

“Employers are more conscious than ever of the commute experience and they’re looking for ways to support and incentivize employees as they navigate a transition to hybrid or in-person work arrangements,” said Kathryn Hagerman Medina, RideAmigos Director of Customer Success and Marketing. “RideAmigos is pleased to partner with Genetec to make on-campus parking simple to use and manage as part of the comprehensive commute support and sustainability programs employers are running with Commute Hub.”

Using Curb Sense and Free-Flow, parking managers can instantly see and respond if a vehicle is found in a space that has not been reserved, or if an unauthorized vehicle is in a parking lot. Using an ALPR-equipped vehicle to scan parked cars and relay the details to appropriate security officials helps minimize any disruption and enhances safety. If a car is parked incorrectly in a reserved space, the security and workplace teams can review the evidence package and determine appropriate action, including issuing in-app reminders to employees about parking guidelines. This digital process increases efficiency and improves the parking experience over traditional enforcement methods along with providing a paperless and green enforcement option.

Over time, employers using this solution will gain actionable insights into parking trends on different days of the week as office attendance patterns continue to evolve. It can also empower organizations to effectively optimize demand. By offering increased incentives to use alternative transportation on high-demand days or adjusting the size and location of dedicated parking zones, organizations can use parking resources more efficiently. They can also measure the impact of these programs on reducing emissions and meeting sustainability benchmarks.

About Genetec

Genetec Inc. is a global technology company that has been transforming the physical security industry for over 25 years. Today, the company develops solutions designed to improve security, intelligence, and operations for enterprises, governments, and the communities in which we live. Its flagship product, Security Center, is an open-architecture platform that unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Genetec serves its customers via an extensive network of certified channel partners and consultants in over 159 countries.

For more information about Genetec, visit: www.genetec.com

About RideAmigos

RideAmigos is a technology company on a mission to change the way the world commutes by empowering everyone to make smarter transportation choices. Employers, universities, and government agencies around the globe use our apps and programs to influence smarter commuter behavior that reduces congestion, parking demand, and environmental impact while creating healthier, happier communities. We have helped our clients take tens of millions of cars off the road and reduce our collective CO2 footprint by 280 million pounds.

© Genetec Inc., 2022. Genetec and the Genetec logo are trademarks of Genetec Inc. and may be registered or pending registration in several jurisdictions. Other trademarks used in this document may be trademarks of the manufacturers or vendors of the respective product.

Press Contact:

North America: Julie Miller, HighRez Julie@highrezpr.com  Tel: +1 310.259.5834

T2 Systems Releases T2 Velocity Frictionless Parking Solution

July 14, 2022


T2 Systems Releases T2 Velocity Frictionless Parking Solution



The all-in-one access and revenue control solution is designed to help operators increase compliance, improve enforcement efficiency, automate the citation lifecycle, and make data-driven decisions.



Parking technology leader T2 Systems has released T2 Velocity, a frictionless parking access and revenue control solution that combines LPR, transient payments, permits, enforcement, and collections into a single, integrated, gateless system.

Velocity helps smaller municipalities and private operators manage access and revenue control in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The seamless, automated solution has minimal capital investment and maintenance costs, while also delivering a low- to zero-touch experience for the parker.

“Simply put, we want parkers to have an enjoyable experience while increasing efficiency for operations by enabling them to gain insights and manage enforcement without having to have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time,” said Zack Harmeyer, Head of Product for T2 Systems.

Velocity uses fixed license plate recognition (LPR) cameras at the entry of a parking facility to record the license plate number and time of entry for all vehicles that enter. Customers are then directed to purchase time at a pay station or using their mobile device before leaving the facility. As vehicles exit, another set of LPR cameras captures the license plate number and time. If a customer did not pay for parking or exceeded their purchased time, a ticket is automatically generated and sent to the registered owner.

Velocity also offers the option to enforce in real time with handheld devices and paper tickets for operators with mandates or a preference to print and place notices on vehicle windshields.

“Velocity has greatly reduced wait times at entrance and exit, which has been the prevailing complaint from our customers. It has also reduced our maintenance costs. And the auto-enforcement of violations has created a new revenue stream, which offsets the cost of the entire system,” said Nathan Matz, Executive Director of the Reading Parking Authority.

On the back end, Velocity provides a wealth of real-time data to operators, including occupancy, dwell time/duration of stay, parking transaction type, and more. This data can be used to optimize pricing based on demand, maximizing revenue. Additionally, comprehensive reporting capabilities help drive insights and create business value.

For more information or to contact a T2 Systems representative about T2 Velocity, click here.




About T2 Systems

T2 Systems, a Verra Mobility company, is the largest provider of parking and mobility solutions in North America. With nearly 30 years in business, T2 now serves more than 2,000 customers and maintains the largest Customer Community with over 7,500 active members. T2 helps universities, municipalities, operators, healthcare campuses, and transportation hubs generate revenue and operate efficiently with a comprehensive, integrated suite of solutions featuring touchless and contactless capabilities. From curbside management to gateless, from mobile payments to transportation demand management, T2 strives to make every trip a smooth journey by streamlining the parking, mobility, and transportation experience with technology solutions that help organizations manage resources, achieve goals, and empower consumers with choices.

Tattile: Toll plaza modernization in Portugal enables ‘Via Verde’ Electronic Toll Collection

July 05, 2022




Tattile: Toll plaza modernization in Portugal enables ‘Via Verde’ Electronic Toll Collection


Ascendi, a highway operator in Portugal, has modernized 22 toll plazas on the highways A7 and A11 of Norte Route and 4 plazas along the A16 of Grande Lisboa. The goal was to renew the toll collection equipment to achieve a state-of-the-art level of automation of the toll plazas and reduce the slowdown of the traffic flow during toll collection as much as possible.

For this purpose, overall 188 lanes have been equipped with front and rear OCR Tattile Basic ANPR Cameras. The new system now offers high-speed OCR number plate recognition for manned and automatic Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) even up to top tier fast ETC lanes that, managed together with the Via Verde system (motorway toll collection system with the use of electronic toll), allow a fast toll collection experience without the need for vehicle stopping.



Tattile: Slovenia successfully introduces Electronic Vignette

June 13, 2022




Tattile: Slovenia successfully introduces Electronic Vignette







As of March 2022, the highway concessionaire in Slovenia DARS successfully introduced the Slovenia Electronic Vignette on highways for motor vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons. For this vehicle class, the new digital E-VINJETA completely replaces the former sticker vignette. The new electronic vignette is linked to the vehicle plate number. Therefore, when purchasing an E-Vignette, highway users need to enter their correct plate number and country of vehicle registration. The toll amount is calculated for a given validity period which can be chosen upon purchase.

In the transition period after introducing the electronic vignette, DARS decided to acquire 20 Tattile Smart 2HD cameras for temporary enforcement of the E-VINJETA. These Vega Smart cameras are installed on a tripod and located on the roadside. Based on the enforcement needs of DARS, the mobile system can be moved from one site to another. Further equipped with a power supply system (battery) and a communication module, the Tattile Smart 2HD cameras read the license plates of all passing vehicles. This enables DARS to identify vehicles which didn’t purchase the e-vignette and issue a fine to the vehicle owners.

Tattile chosen in Basque tender to equip main roads with traffic control cameras

June 07, 2022


Tattile chosen in Basque tender to equip main roads with traffic control cameras





Traffic flow statistics can be helpful and essential for different aims.




First of all, knowing precisely the peak times, it is possible to optimise the traffic flows, implementing real-time adaptive solutions like intelligent traffic light management. Another option is to recognize the typology of the passing vehicles, which allows you to plan the maintenance activities: the heavier vehicles pass, the more the asphalt is worn, so more frequent maintenance will be needed. Furthermore, knowing the intensity of the traffic flow through the vehicles’ counting, it is possible to define the peak hours of traffic and consequently implement strategies such as dynamic lanes (the opening or closing of a specific lane according to the traffic situation). And many more.


In this context, at the beginning of 2022, the Smart 2HD from Tattile was chosen as the best suitable ANPR camera in a tender issued by the Basque Government in Spain to be installed along the main roads in the region. Local Basque authorities aim to create traffic flow statistics, including an origin/destination matrix to obtain information on how and where vehicles are moving in the area.

For these purposes, 40 Smart 2HD have been installed on the main roads. The traffic monitoring cameras are additionally equipped with the embedded Tattile classification algorithm that enables identifying the vehicle class (trucks, cars, motorbikes, etc.) of the road users, allowing the traffic profiling in real-time.


Harry Reid International Airport upgraded parking to LPR thanks to Scheidt & Bachmann’s & Survision.

April 13, 2022





Harry Reid International Airport upgraded parking to LPR thanks to Scheidt & Bachmann’s & Survision.




What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!




Survision LPR cameras have been Scheidt & Bachmann’s “weapon of choice” to face the challenge of upgrading Harry Reid International Airports (formerly McCarran Airport) Parking Management System.

Along with other major upgrades, this iconic airport has empowered its parking lots with 50 Survision Nanopak Totem cameras acquiring the ability to offer a frictionless exit to their customers, exponentially reducing waiting times, pollution levels, and radically eliminating lost ticket inconveniences/frauds.

When it comes to high volume traffic, as in the case of Las Vegas Airport, this represents a huge leap in service quality and operational efficiency; the challenge was tough: they needed to install 50 short-range LPR cameras without major infrastructure changes and without loop triggers.  Survision’s Ready-to-use Nanopak Totem was the perfect solution.

Laura Caillot, survision General Manager says:

“We are very excited of witnessing this LPR well justified “revolution”;  think about it, the benefits are undeniable for both customers and companies: 

On one hand, you have all the “magic” LPR can bring to the people(no wait in line, no lost ticket, less pollution, no badges) and on the other,  you have our special all-included Survision LPR cameras handling  all the processing by themselves!, All of this makes it easier and cheaper to do the LPR upgrade sparing you from spending thousands on heavy/expensive additional hardware” 

Survision LPR cameras already operate in many city airports such as London, and Paris.


Tattile: Toll tunnels under Liverpool’s Mersey River receive Pay by Plate update

March 15, 2022


Tattile: Toll tunnels under Liverpool’s Mersey River receive Pay by Plate update



With over 70,000 journeys a day, the Kingsway (Wallasey) and Queensway (Birkenhead) auto traffic tunnels running under Mersey River are critical to the social and economic wellbeing of the greater Liverpool area in the United Kingdom. In recognizing that continued investment is needed to keep the tunnels running efficiently and safely, tunnel operator Merseytravel decided to replace the existing DSRC system, which was built on antennas and tags, with a modern video-tolling solution based on automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

Introducing this cutting-edge technology is part of the wider Merseytravel vision to make transport services easier for people to use.

Starting in November 2021, the new system called ‘T-FLOW’ has modernized the way tunnel users pre-pay for their journeys. ‘T-FLOW’ uses in total 37 Tattile Vega Basic short-range ALPR/ANPR cameras which are installed on each lane on both tolling plazas: 16 on Wallasey and 21 on Birkenhead. The Vega Basic traffic monitoring cameras read vehicle number plates and activate the payment process if the license plates are registered to an account.

Once payment has been approved, the barrier will rise, enabling the most convenient and efficient tolling experience for all drivers who registered for the new payment process. According to the operator, new customers to the T-FLOW system will be able to use the system within 30 minutes after registering.



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