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Venice Marco Polo Airport launches AltitudeReservation

March 04, 2016


Venice Marco Polo Airport launches AltitudeReservation



Venice Marco Polo Airport, named after the Venetian merchant traveller who was born in the city, is located to the North East of Italy, and is the country’s fifth busiest airport. The airport handles nearly nine million travellers each year, and is the third largest Italian gateway for intercontinental flights. Marco Polo Airport also remains focussed on maintaining the right balance between traditional and low cost carriers.

Choosing AltitudeResevation

In its search for excellence, Marco Polo Airport needed to provide a more flexible, easier to use reservation solution with the added functionality and innovation needed to achieve the airports growth targets.

Alongside further growth, Venice Airport were committed to improving the journey of their passenger, and among the most important features for their new reservation system were:

  • The ability to quickly and easily change pricing to maximise revenue
  • The ability to launch new products and provide partners (travel agents) with an easier to use interface and more control over pricing and discounts

Future Expectations

With the help of AltitudeReservation, Venice will now look to increase online bookings by 15% year on year, coupled with an increase of the average transaction value. Altitude will also enable the airport to launch more products, provide a compelling corporate program and increase partner bookings.

The AltitudeReservation system is currently used by Swedavia, Copenhagen, Munich and London Gatwick Airport, to name but a few. Marco Polo Airport wanted the reservation system which was recognised as the best by the leading Airports of Europe.


Please visit ADVAM at Stand 03.303 Intertraffic for a full demonstration of AltitudeReservation’s capabilities to enhance your company’s revenue.


About Venice Marco Polo Airport Ltd

Venice Marco Polo Airport is located 8km north of Venice, Italy, in Tessera. It is the fifth-busiest airport in Italy and is managed by SAVE SpA, a company listed at the Italian stock exchange. SAVE SpA also manages Venice Treviso Airport, which is used mainly by LCCs. Marco Polo is the larger international airport serving Venice, with the smaller Treviso catering largely to LCCs.

SAVE, set up in 1987, is the parent company of a Group which has integrated operations in the passenger service sector. It operates in three main business areas: airport management; mobility infrastructure management; Food & Beverage and Retail.

In 2014 SAVE Group had a total of 861 employees and reported consolidated revenues of 150.6 million euros.


About ADVAM Pty Ltd

ADVAM is the leading global provider of payment solutions, providing a full suite of parking, unattended and ecommerce payment solutions.

Managed on its own proprietary payment gateway, ADVAM solutions are PCI Level 1 and EMV compliant, removing the burden of legislative risk from customers. In addition, ADVAM’s transaction network handles dedicated links with acquirer banks in over 20 countries, offering the power of multicurrency acquiring and instant access to global markets.

ADVAM’s expertise enables custom integrations with merchants existing systems and processes. As such, ADVAM has a wide range of client solutions including Gatwick Airport, Edinburg Airport, Sydney Airport, Dublin Airport, Swedavia, National Car Parks (NCP), Wilson Parking, Westfield, Adelaide City Council, Adelaide Airport, Readers Digest and many more.




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