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Amano McGann: Marriott Overland Park monetizes parking with OPUSeries

November 13, 2017



Marriott Overland Park monetizes parking with OPUSeries




November 13, 2017 – Overland Park, Kansas – Amano McGann’s Kansas City Branch has begun the installation for the new parking access and revenue control system at the Marriott Overland Park. Prior to this project, the hotel’s parking lot was not monetized. Using Amano McGann’s hardware and software solutions, Marriott Overland Park will control traffic flow for a smoother patron experience.




This large, upscale 435-room hotel has the potential to be a catalyst for more hotels in a suburban market of Kansas City to convert to paid parking. “To turn the parking spaces into efficient, profitable space, OPUSeries hardware will be paired with iParcProfessional® Parking Management Software,” said Amano McGann’s Vice President – Eastern Region Tom Dishman. “We will be adding entry and exit terminals as well as a credit card only pay-on-foot station in the lobby.”


Marriott Overland Park will also take advantage of Amano McGann’s seamless hotel property management system integration with Opera, Marriott’s property management system. With this feature, hotel staff will be able to easily select check-in/check-out dates and room number to encode and activate guest room cards for parking facility access.


Over-height sensors for large delivery trucks and an audible gate-vend system will be incorporated into the project. “Audible gate-vend devices mount to the parking gates and recognize the sound of an emergency vehicle sirens,” said Amano McGann Sales Manager Joe Mollish. “When a siren is detected, the gate allows for immediate emergency access.”


General Manager for the Marriott Kansas City Overland Park Chad Mohwinkle stated, “The new Amano McGann parking solution will augment the additional security measures being implemented for this large hotel property.” The Marriott Kansas City Overland Park is a market leader, implementing paid overnight parking to the dynamic and growing suburb of Overland Park, Kansas, located outside of Kansas City.


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