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The Nexgen electronic locking system parking solution from Medeco

November 09, 2021



The Nexgen electronic locking system parking solution from Medeco



Parking Security Solutions


Parking management is an important source of revenue for many cities, universities and public facilities. The Nexgen electronic locking system parking solution from Medeco is a powerful tool for securing that revenue and making sure it ends up where it belongs.

The Nexgen system is made up of three simple elements: electronic locks, programmable keys and system management software. These elements work together to provide controlled access, accountability, strong physical security and electronic route management for parking meters and collection equipment.

Nexgen keys are programmed to operate specific locks during a set schedule. Once the key is past its schedule, it will no longer open locks. Schedules also contain a date range which can be set from one day to one year.

Every access and unauthorized attempt is recorded in the key and the lock, then uploaded to the software when the key is resynchronized. Data is used to generate reports showing where and when the key was used. Exception reports identify questionable activities such as repeat openings, skipped openings and unauthorized attempts.

The lock itself is plug-and-play. All power comes from the key, so there is no hard-wiring. Simply remove the mechanical lock and replace it with a Nexgen electronic lock. Hardened components and unique design features provide the physical security and durability needed for parking installations.

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