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MeterFeeder announces Pay By Vehicle system for drivers and autonomous vehicles.

November 06, 2017



MeterFeeder announces Pay By Vehicle system for drivers and autonomous vehicles.



Pittsburgh (PA) –  MeterFeeder announced at the recent Innovation Works’ AlphaLab Demo Day & New Product Introduction presentation the completion of development of their “Pay By Vehicle” system for drivers and autonomous vehicles. The revolutionary new software will allow vehicles both new and old to pay for parking in select areas simply by being in defined parking spaces, with no human interaction.




The cloud based software can be implemented into any vehicle via inexpensive on-board diagnostic devices with GPS and internet connectivity. These devices are already readily available to the public to add features such as WiFi and mobile error code alerts to their vehicles. MeterFeeder also provides a platform for smart vehicle manufacturers to send commands directly to the system.


When the vehicle is shut off and the owner has registered through the MeterFeeder app, the vehicle will pay for parking on its own. MeterFeeder says they hope to see this technology not only in traditional vehicles, but also in autonomous ones as well. “This technology is the next step in MeterFeeder’s mission to meet the upcoming need of autonomous vehicles to find and pay for parking,” said Jim Gibbs, CEO of Meter Feeder, Inc, “making this technology available to smart vehicles, especially fleets, will let us get ahead of autonomous vehicle implementations so the product is in place and ready for their arrival in municipalities and parking venues of any size.”


The new system is all set to go, with integration with the MeterFeeder app complete. Citizens can begin using the new system as soon as it is greenlit by their municipality.





MeterFeeder Parking App Live in Sewickley, PA

December 20, 2016



MeterFeeder Parking App Live in Sewickley, PA



Sewickley, Pa. – The MeterFeeder parking app is now live in the Borough of Sewickley after a successful test phase completed earlier in September. Sewickley is replacing approximately 482 parking meters with parking kiosks and introducing a pay-by-phone app solution for both on-street parking and parking lots located along Broad and Beaver street. The app can also be used to pay for parking with extended parking hours in the area.



How MeterFeeder payment app works:


  • The MeterFeeder parking allows drivers to pay via credit cards.


  • Users download the MeterFeeder application and input their license plate number and payment information.


  • When drivers park, the GPS in their phone allows the application to locate the parking zone of the vehicle and calculate the appropriate costs. The total fee will include the city parking rate plus a vendor processing fee.


  • Users can add more time directly from their phone without having to go back to where their car is parked, provided they do not exceed the allowable time in the parking zone.


  • If drivers do receive a ticket, users can pay it directly through the app by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the ticket.


As a technology first company, Meter Feeder, Inc. focuses on usability and efficiency and taking a new approach to solving the existing parking issues and presenting new ways to introduce smart parking solutions. For more information please visit www.meterfeeder.com.