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Meter Feeder – The Role of IoT in Smart City Initiatives

January 31, 2017



The Role of IoT in Smart City Initiatives


Rubaiya Amin | January 26, 2017


Our world is changing and how cities incorporate new technology into the mix for conveniences of everyday life will be a driving force in the IoT (Internet of Things) sector. We are in a new tech age with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) embedding us into unique experiences in every aspect of our lives. From remotely adjustable thermostats for our homes to voice activated phones, devices, light fixtures, TVs, music players, notifications in retail stores, grocery stores, malls, etc. The list goes on. If you think of something, there is a way to connect to it. Every service is embedded and augmented with features that connect to the world of IoT more than ever.

In fact, many cities are even incorporating smart parking technology that not only reduce pollution and congestion, but also make parking simpler for city residents. Thanks to new technology offerings, parking experience has improved immensely through pay-by-phone parking apps, personalized parking reservations, and cloud-based location accessibility.

Getting More Out of Existing Parking Infrastructure

Officials in Redwood City, CA wanted to find a way to improve how existing parking facilities were utilized. Previously, the city used traditional means, such as pay stations, inside parking garages around the city. Most of these stations went unmonitored, which means that things like occupancy, counting, and even reporting were anything but accurate. The introduction of artificial intelligence seeks to change all of this and add much needed parking data analytics to help cities navigate parking availability and to plan for future infrastructure.

Testing the Waters

Technology company, VIMOC Technologies has recently finished its delivery and integration of a brand-new parking and automated building management platform in Redwood City, CA. The company claims this technology would allow more precise vehicle detection and counting, thus improving and optimizing the city’s revenue. The goal is to not only provide more convenient parking for the residents of the city, but also to observe and identify patterns that may lead to improvements in the city’s parking infrastructure later down the line.



What does the future hold?

Although Redwood City marks the first to use this specific technology, and it will take some time until the results are evident, it is expected that more cities across the country will move to this sort of technology. Analytics benefit city officials by improving their revenue and pinpointing problems with existing infrastructure, and it also benefits the drivers since they can see, at a glance, whether occupancy is available in specific garages. This saves everyone precious time and money, and it reduces time spent idling or cruising around to park.

Smart parking is finding its way into many cities across the US, and drivers are already reaping the benefits with multi-space meters, GPS enabled pay-by-phone apps that send friendly reminders, and cashless payments.

IoT is on its move to enhance customer experience even more in the future, especially in smart city initiatives across the nation. With hundreds of devices and platforms being added every day, the future of IoT is intuitive and will grow different market platforms exponentially. Since smart city initiatives are being built on connected platforms, cities will strive to offer and use services at a considerably lower cost than before which benefits all.

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