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City of St. Marys, PA Launches MeterFeeder Parking App.

January 03, 2019

City of St. Marys, PA Launches MeterFeeder Parking App.

St. Marys (PA)– On January 2nd, The City of St. Marys, Pennsylvania launched the MeterFeeder parking app to provide a new method of parking payment for its citizens. 

People who download the app will be able to pay for parking from their phone, extend their parking reservation from their phone, pay tickets online or in the app, and get digital receipts of their parking transactions. MeterFeeder will operate on top of the existing parking infrastructure in the city, which includes over 300 traditional coin-operated meters. If a citizen forgets quarters, they now have the option to pay digitally!

The current rate for parking via MeterFeeder in St. Marys is $0.25 per hour plus a once-per-transaction convenience fee of $0.33. A minimum purchase of two hours required. Parking reservations can be extended for a maximum of eight hours. 

The city parking authority will benefit from an organized administrative interface and new LTE tablets for the enforcement officers.

“Our goal is to make paying for parking so easy, no one ever gets a parking ticket again,” quipped Dan Lopretto, MeterFeeder’s Chief Technology Officer. “The city will see increased compliance and learn about it’s constituents parking habits, while we simultaneously make the lives of everyday folks easier”.

Users can opt in to GPS services to be automatically placed in the correct parking zone, or they can search the app for “St. Marys” and pick their parking location manually. The app has been praised for its simplicity, with no need for searching kiosks for unique zone codes to put in. Simply search for the name of your city, and choose your specific lot. 

Download MeterFeeder to Begin Parking!

iOS Version – https://apple.co/2COjR08

Android Version – http://bit.ly/2OgKzEYLearn more about Meter Feeder at www.meterfeeder.com