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Orbility announces Michael Bigbee as the new CEO for the US 

January 10, 2020









Orbility announces Michael Bigbee as the new CEO for the US 




PARIS, FRANCE, Jan. 10, 2020 — Orbility, an OSP Inc. brand, announced today that it has appointed Michael H. Bigbee, a senior industry executive, as the new CEO for the United States, reflecting the company’s commitment to expand the company’s presence in this important market. 

Michael Bigbee CEO orbility.com 

“Since we became an independent company in July 2018, we have been focused on strategic initiatives in growing our presence around the world”, said Laurent Gilles, Orbility’s Global CEO. “The United States, as the largest parking market, is vital to the acceleration of our vision and we are excited to have Michael Bigbee’s leadership for this effort. His long-term industry experience will allow Orbility to develop its presence in the U.S. in a sustainable way and to position Orbility as a major player in this market.” 

In the U.S., Orbility has focused on serving the airport market, with such long-term customers as Atlanta, Denver and Miami airports. With the introduction of Multipark Codex, its 6th generation parking revenue control system, it now has a comprehensive solution that serves both the airport and the commercial parking markets. 

“I am excited to be joining a leading global company with such a long and distinguished history,” said Michael Bigbee. “Orbility’s continued commitment to product innovation, dedication to superior customer support, strong management backing and a keen desire to expand the U.S. market via a dealer network creates an exciting environment in which to expand rapidly.” 

About Orbility:

Created in 1969 under the name Trindel, the parking activity quickly became a market leader as ELSYDEL and ASCOM. In 1977, the first magnetic stripe parking systems were put into service, followed in 1987 by the first parking equipped with credit cards. In 2004 the bar of 1,000 parking installations was crossed under the ACS brand. In 2008 the Multipark Reflex range was launched, followed in 2015 by Multipark Codex. In 2018, the company OSP HOLDING and its brand ORBILITY were created to become an independent company supported by investment fund WINCH CAPITAL III with the objective of diversifying its activity in the mobility business and developing its international presence.