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Perch Mobility Announces Nationwide Micromobility Charging Partnership With LAZ Parking

September 24, 2021


Perch Mobility Announces Nationwide Micromobility Charging Partnership With LAZ Parking




Pre-Registration Of Perch Community Charging Portals Now Open To Lime Logistics Partners And Bird Fleet Managers Looking To Maximize Profits




LOS ANGELES  — Perch Mobility, the premier provider of portable charging pods that fuel the micromobility industry, announced the launch of a nationwide partnership with LAZ Parking, one of the fastest-growing parking and mobility companies in the United States. Perch will deploy its Community Charging Portals in LAZ locations at the request of local logistics partners who charge vehicles for Bird, Lime and other operators; and fleet managers so that they can charge collected scooters in centrally located micromobility hubs through this partnership.

The multimillion-dollar micromobility industry has made waves in cities worldwide. With low unit economics, everyone from electric scooter operators to gig-economy logistics partners are looking for new methods to improve margins. Perch’s on-demand Community Charging Portals are now available to reserve for a monthly fee of $699. To reserve a Perch Community Charging Portal at a LAZ location, visit https://www.perchmobility.com/chargers.

“Electric scooters are a viable form of transportation – with one pitfall: the inefficiency of the current model to charge and release them back for public use,” said Perch Mobility CEO and Co-Founder Tom Schreiber. “Our Perch Community Portals are the key to overcome this efficiency barrier. LAZ’s national network of surface parking lots in high traffic micromobility markets is unparalleled.  Through our LAZ partnership, we will deploy a network of scooter charging centers to allow the nation’s scooter operators, community business owners, property managers, and professional chargers looking to maximize the potential of their ‘juicing’ activity.”

Perch Mobility owns and operates a network of proprietary micromobility charging centers (“Portals”), which it leases to professional chargers, scooter operators, and business owners, who use the company’s Community Charging Portals to bulk-charge scooters and maximize profit potential. The company is accelerating and operationalizing its plans to build an optimized micromobility charging ecosystem to keep up with the growing demand for shared micromobility transportation in a growing number of cities.

Each 20-foot Perch Community Charging Portal is a customized recycled shipping container modified to deliver up to 250kWh per day.  Typical use runs twice the average US household’s power consumption. Each Perch Community Charging Portal has four bays (Pods), which each has the capacity to charge 21 scooters, with a total unit capacity of 84 scooters at a time.  Each Portal can support about 300 deployed scooters in a community.

“At LAZ, we see the intersection of transportation, electrification, and last mile logistics converging at the parking lot,” said Alan Lazowski, Chairman and CEO of LAZ Parking. “Partnering with Perch Mobility presents an incredible opportunity to support an eco-friendlier way of mobility and to help maximize the profits of individuals quite literally paving the success of electric scooter travel. We are enthusiastic about this partnership and our future endeavors together.”

In addition to the Perch Community Charging Portal, Perch manufactures an Enterprise Portal, that is capable of charging 105 scooters simultaneously.

About Perch Mobility Inc.
Perch Mobility provides large-scale charging logistics solutions to scooter operators, local municipalities, and the rapidly growing electric scooter charging community. Founded in Los Angeles in 2018, Perch’s suite of portable, rentable charging pods, made from repurposed shipping containers, enables the electric scooter charging community to maximize earnings while supporting the adoption of the eco-friendly micromobility industry. For more information, visit https://www.perchmobility.com/.

About LAZ Parking 
LAZ Parking is the largest and fastest-growing privately owned parking operator in the United States and a pioneer in digital parking technology. Founded in Hartford, CT, in 1981, with four decades of experience providing best-in-class parking management and transportation services, LAZ operates over 1.2 million parking spaces across the country in over 3,200 locations in 35 states and 444 cities.  Over the past decade, LAZ has led the industry with business intelligence, remote monitoring, eCommerce solutions, and most recently launched its Proximity On-Demand Services – “LAZ PODS”.  Leveraging our national real estate parking network through connected tech enabled solutions, LAZ PODS includes EV charging, micro warehousing, last mile logistics, and ghost kitchens. LAZ works across various industries, including hospitality, commercial, healthcare, airports, transportation, universities, government, retail, events, residentials, and shuttle services. LAZ is a people first, conscious capitalist company that believes in elevating humanity through business. Additional information can be found at www.lazparking.com.