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AIMS: LPR Enforcement Launched at Mohawk College

October 17, 2016

LPR Enforcement Launched at Mohawk College



Hamilton, ON – Mohawk College has integrated the AIMS Parking Management Software with Genetec’s AutoVu LPR system for realtime parking management!


The Parking Services office at Mohawk College has recently integrated their AIMS and AIMS Mobile Enforcement app with the AutoVu LPR system. AIMS feeds the AutoVu LPR system with permit, vehicle, tow/boot, pay by plate and pay by phone data. Vehicles in need of a ticket appear in the AIMS Mobile Enforcement App for real-time ticket issuance.

Parking enforcement officers now drive through the lots utilizing a custom
designed LPR golf cart. Rob Morrallee, Manager of Parking at Mohawk
College has nothing but positive feedback. “This is an exciting time at
the College! The LPR integration has made our enforcement operation even
more efficient and effective. We’re able to keep real-time records from
data transmitted and officers immediately see the need for other action
based on the history of the license plate being scanned. We’re excited to
see what the future holds with AIMS!”

The AIMS Parking Management System integrates with the the LPR system of
your choice, so our customers choose the best-in-class system that suits
their specific needs. Vehicle hits are transferred across all AIMS Mobile
Enforcement Apps in the field. Both the driver and foot patrol staff are
able to claim hits and issue tickets throughout their shift.

AIMS is used by parking departments throughout the US and Canada for
efficient and intuitive integrated citation and permit management. Find
out more at www.aimsparking.com.