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Nedap’s SENSIT installed at Belgium’s biggest port

January 31, 2017



Nedap’s SENSIT installed at Belgium’s biggest port



The Port of Antwerp, the biggest port of Belgium, is characterized by ‘the Havenhuis’. This impressive building, that has the shape of a ship, is both the workplace for 500 employees as the central meeting point for international contacts. Offering a convenient service to its employees and visitors, an important requirement for the modern parking facility was that all drivers have to be informed about the number of available parking spaces in real-time. Nedap’s SENSIT sensors were installed in order to make this reality.


The Havenhuis brings together several departments of the Port of Antwerp. Therefore, the building plays a central role in the port’s operation. It symbolizes the dynamic, ambitious and innovative character of the port of Antwerp. It is the daily workplace for 500 employees and acts as a meeting place for the many international contacts of the Antwerp port community.


Real-time parking information

With a large and modern underground facility, the building offers enough parking spaces for both employees and visitors. An important requirement for the was that all drivers have to be informed about the number of available parking spaces in real-time. In addition, drivers have to be guided to the spaces that are available on the moment of arrival. Nedap’s smart parking system was chosen as it meets both criteria.


A SENSIT Surface Mount sensor installed at every individual parking space detects in real-time whether or not it is occupied and for how long they have been occupied.


Nedap’s SENSIT sensors are installed at the three zones of the parking facility:

  • Parking spaces for electric cars
  • Parking spaces for disabled
  • Other parking spaces


Comfortable parking service

With the installation of the SENSIT system, drivers now know exactly how many parking spaces there are available when they arrive at the parking facility. This smart service creates a fast flow of vehicles and ensures both employees and visitors enjoy the comfort of easily finding an available parking space.


“The combined Nedap systems offer a complete solution that meet all requirements of the Havenhuis. The possibilities of these systems have a lot of potential for the port in the future,” says Marc De Caluwé, network engineer at the Port Of Antwerp.


Nedap technologies combined

Besides Nedap’s SENSIT system to offer real-time parking information, Nedap Security Management’s AEOS system was installed at the Havenhuis. In addition, the anti-theft detection system of Nedap Library Solutions was installed to prevent stealing of books.

Nedap’s SENSIT installed at Australian HQ of global supermarket chain

November 03, 2016



Nedap’s SENSIT installed at Australian HQ of global supermarket chain



At the Australian headquarters of the leading global discount supermarket chain, quality is of paramount importance. Only the best products are offered to customers. This standard is maintained in every aspect of the international company, which is why the required parking guidance system had to meet the highest criteria. After extensive evaluation, Nedap’s SENSIT was chosen for its high accuracy and quick network. The implementation was realized by Holman Engineering.



The supermarkets’ Australian head office is located in Minchinbury, NSW, Australia. Part of the headquarters is the state-of-the-art Product Development and Quality Assurance Centre. It is the centerpiece of the supermarkets promise to deliver exceptional quality and value to their customers. It is here that new exclusive brands are developed and the ongoing quality testing of products takes place.


Quality guidance system

The same quality aspects also applied for the parking guidance system required to indicate the available parking bays in the car park and outdoor parking area. The system needed to be highly accurate and very quick in displaying the number of available parking spaces at various locations around the car parks.


Real-time parking information

Holman Engineering implemented a solution which uses optical sensors above each parking bay to determine the status of each parking bay for the indoor parking spaces.  Nedap’s SENSIT was applied to monitor occupancy of the outdoor parking bays. SENSIT consists of wireless parking sensors that detect in real-time whether or not the individual parking bays are occupied and how long they have been occupied. The SENSIT Surface Mount is a vehicle detection sensor that is glued onto the surface of parking bays, which offers easy  installation. The sensor is featured with dual detection technology, which ensures the highly accurate detection.


The real-time occupancy information on all parking bays is displayed on several displays along the road. These displays show the indicate the number of available parking bays for visitors and in the general car parks.


Reporting and analyzing

The web interface on the Holman system allows the user to create many different reports, as well as see the status of the car park graphically. “Nedap sensors show an excellent detection accuracy due to the dual technologies featured in each sensor, which is key for providing real time information on availability of parking bays,” says John Holman from Holman Engineering.