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Making cars smarter: EasyPark and Telenor

February 01, 2017

Making cars smarter: EasyPark and Telenor



Two of the Nordic’s best-known technology and telecommunications brands today announced the pilot of a brand new on-board device (OBD) at the Nordic Car Connect Forum in Oslo. The OBD, called ‘Telenor Connect’, will provide drivers of cars built after 2001 with the technological capabilities of a much newer vehicle, delivering a suite of ‘smart’ features to rival even the most technologically advanced cars on the market today.


Telenor Connect comes with the EasyPark app as a standard feature, while also providing cars with a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot to connect mobile phones and tablets to enable a range of entertainment options. The system directs the driver to the nearest service station when fuel levels are low, and will send an alert to your phone if the car is bumped or damaged while you’re away. The EasyPark app already shows off-street availability and will also enable drivers to seamlessly enter and exit a parking garage very soon.


Chief Business Development Officer of EasyPark Group, Mauritz Börjeson, spoke about how the partnership with Telenor represents an exciting new era for motorists everywhere.

“This is the first step towards a creating fully automated parking experience for drivers. It’s far better to get an OBD than to buy a new car. This is about making smart services accessible to everyone,” he said.

The new Telenor Connect device will link to the EasyPark app to start parking. The app ensures drivers never pay too much for parking, minimizing the time spent fumbling around for spare change and trying to figure out the various parking zones and regulations throughout the city.  It will also automatically stop the drivers’ parking session when driving away.


According to Börjeson however, this is just the beginning.


“Later in the year EasyPark will also reveal a new Parking Guidance service, showing drivers the best route to their destination with the most available parking spaces along the way, revolutionizing the way we drive in urbanized areas,” he said.


“As the rate of mobile parking payments continues to increase across Europe, partnerships with well-regarded brands like Telenor are helping us to find new ways to make finding and paying for parking easier for our customers. It won’t be long before we can offer consumers a fully automated experience,” said Börjeson.


Following the success of the pilot, Telenor Connect will become available to the public in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.






Since 2001, our award-winning smart services have been helping drivers to find and pay for parking in 500 cities in 10 countries. But what we do doesn’t stop there. On a larger scale, our technology helps businesses, operators and cities with parking administration, planning and management. What we actually do is make urban life easier – one parking spot at a time.



The forum gathers representatives across sectors, company size and borders, and aims to become the number one meeting point for companies driving innovation within the connected car ecosystem in the Nordics. The members will meet quarterly and will be organized by and at locations of the founding partners IF P&C Insurance, Circle K, Bertil O. Steen, EasyPark, Swedspot, Mekonomen and Telenor Group.

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