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The Nwave Per-Space Smart Parking Difference

March 09, 2018


The Nwave Per-Space Smart Parking Difference




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The Nwave Smart Parking Differencewww.nwave.io)



Mobility in our world begins and ends with parking.  Enhancing our mobility by making the parking experience as frictionless as possible is Nwave’s sole focus. Nwave’s breakthrough parking space sensors and wireless infrastructure provide constant real-time access to the precise per-spot occupancy data needed to reduce the time, frustration, congestion and pollution currently associated with the urban parking crisis we find our selves in. Nwave’s team of physicists have created the thinnest, longest lasting, and most accurate smart parking sensor ever deployed. Our award winning wireless infrastructure outperforms all others by an order of magnitude in density and range. Our cloud services enable per-spot mobile app way-finding, automatic mobile payments, adjustable dynamic per-spot pricing, and automatic overstay detection. We partner with parking application and operating companies to deliver the best solution possible to our municipal, education, and enterprise customers.


  Longest communication range: Up to 10 miles Line of Site. One medium size town requires just one base station. Competition needs 5-10 or more.

  Battery life: Due to our award winning* LPWAN, our sensors can last a decade with 15 parking sessions a day.

  Thinnest surface mount sensor in mass production (just 20mm high): Complies with international road marking standards, minimal tripping hazard.

  Detection accuracy above 99%: Working on proving 99.9% which requires 100,000 diverse observations.

  Robust and field proven: More than 2,000 sensors installed to date operating over 2 years on average (as of January 2018)

  Super quick install: Takes just 30 seconds to install, competition is 5+. Almost 10x advantage on installation costs.

  Service model: We install and manage the wireless sensor infrastructure so that our customer and partners don’t have to. It’s the best model for quick deployments and maximum reliability.

  Partnership model: We do not compete with parking application and operator companies, instead, we partner with them so they can provide the applications and we provide the data and infrastructure.  This allows us to offer the best solution to our customers and allows our company to leverage the strength of others instead of competing with them.




*Nwave won the Cisco IoT business competition beating out over 100 competitors with our visionary intellectual property and our ability to execute.


Our “secret sauce” is our years of research and development in smart parking systems by our two physicists and their team. Our CTO, Yury Birchenko, graduated with honors from the Moscow University of Technology and worked closely with our Advisor, Yury Polyansky, Professor of Wireless at MIT. Our wireless Low Power Wide Area (LPWAN) networking protocol and waveform outperforms the competition by 16X.  We also designed our parking spot sensors using multiple MEMS technology and algorithms that allows us to deliver 10X the accuracy of competing vehicle detection sensors. To be able to quote this, we had to observe 10,000 transactions, and we are now getting closer to 100,000 transactions to prove 99.9% accuracy. Smart parking bay sensors are their passion.


The company is run by Paul Fulton.  Paul has successfully run and sold several start-ups including Zentri, an IoT company, sold to Silicon Labs in 2017, and Orative, a mobile company, sold to Cisco. Paul was the VP/GM at 3Com where he started Wi-Fi and created a $100M business in 12 months.  At Cisco, Paul ran several global business units in IoT and security.  Much of Paul’s work at Cisco involved “smart cities”, designing and selling infrastructure to solve municipality problems.  Now at Nwave, Paul can leverage his skills and experience to solve the parking frustrations that plague as all with Nwave’s technology and execution.


Please read more about us at:  www.nwave.io


Paul Fulton Executive Bio: 



As Chief Executive Officer of Nwave, Paul Fulton is leading the Smart Parking startup to make the world a better place to live with social, economic, and ecological impacts on our society. Reducing the wasted time, frustration, congestion and pollution associated with our urban parking crisis is the first leg of the Nwave journey.

As an entrepreneur and corporate executive, Paul has driven innovation, created new markets and scaled global businesses.  His approach is marked with relentless evangelism of vision, business strategy and alignment. He has enjoyed numerous opportunities to influence global technological advances in wireless, mobility and cloud solutions.  Prior to Nwave, Paul was the CEO of Zentri, acquired by Silicon Labs. Prior to Zentri, Paul was the VP of Product for Mocana, a leading IoT security company. Prior to Mocana, Paul was the founder and CEO of Orative, acquired by Cisco. During his tenure with Cisco, Paul was the GM of three global business units in security, mobility, and IoT. Paul also held high level M&A, market development, product management, and strategy roles, collaborating globally across the company to drive businesses of over $2.3B.


A graduate of the Michigan Technological University, Mr. Fulton has testified before the United States Congress and the Federal Communications Committee on wireless matters and holds numerous communications related patents.