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NPA Takes Stand Against NYT Opinion Article Harmful to the Parking Industry

September 26, 2018


NPA Takes Stand Against NYT Opinion Article
Harmful to the Parking Industry



Leadership responds with a Letter to the Editor of The New York Times

NPA Members:


This is an NPA Issue Alert: An opinion piece was recently published in The New York Times advocating for an increase in parking tax to reduce congestion in New York City. The author, from San Francisco, suggests operators should be required to pay a 35% parking tax and eliminate monthly parking contracts. The full article can be found HERE.

NPA’s Position: NPA is committed to ensuring parking is positioned as an integral part of the transportation ecosystem. Congestion is a complex problem and parking is a solution that moves traffic off the active roadway—it should be fully optimized. The ideas in the NYT article are impractical and punitive to consumers and operators.

NPA Response: NPA cannot let these concepts stand without comment. We have engaged Golin as our PR agency of record. As a first response, we have submitted a letter to the editor of the NYT refuting the article, signed by NPA’s Board Chair Alan Lazowski. You can read the letter HERE.

As part of NPA’s strategic plan in becoming the leading authority and advocate for the parking industry to safeguard industry interests, we are undertaking a multi-year research program. Our first major study on reducing congestion will be released at the NPA Convention, October 22-25 in Las Vegas. This landmark study will provide insight on parking as a shared mobility solution to reduce congestion. Details on the inception and creation of this study can be found HERE.

NPA Support: We will continue to provide updates on issues affecting members. If you see positions detrimental to parking, let us know. Please reach out to Michelle De Graff, Director of Strategic Projects, with any questions or comments.

With best regards,

Christine Banning, IOM, CAE

President, National Parking Association