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Research from ParkOffice shows 48 percent of US companies set to make significant changes to parking post COVID

September 09, 2021


New report finds 57% of employers concerned about parking carbon footprint



Research from ParkOffice shows 48 percent of US companies set to make significant changes to parking post COVID


UNITED STATES: A new report from Manhattan-based parking management software ParkOffice has, today, revealed that almost 60 percent of employers say the impact of employee parking on the environment is a far bigger concern to them than it was 5 years ago. The ‘State of Employee Parking Report 2021’ featured research from 105 parking leaders across 15 countries and was carried out in the first week of September. ParkOffice is a leading parking management software solution that enables employers to optimise employee parking.

With a recent report from the United Nations warning that global warming will enter a critical zone within 20 years, ParkOffice’s findings indicate that workplaces have become more environmentally conscious and are set to shift to greener parking solutions. Last week, the company launched its new spotshare software, which will enable multitudes of companies to share, swap and trade parking spots based on demand.

The new State of Employee Parking Report 2021 also found that:

  • 80 percent of businesses with over 100 employees reported a growing sense of environmental consciousness

  • 62 percent of all businesses with over 1 thousand employees were experiencing parking problems

  • 41 percent of employers found lack of parking spaces at their office was their biggest problem

  • 30 percent of company bosses believe that flexible working is going to make parking harder to manage

To view the full report please click here.

According to a study by a group of civil engineers from UC Berkeley, parking emits greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. With around 3.4 parking spaces in America for each car, it’s estimated that the environmental cost of those could increase the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per mile by as much as 10 percent for the average vehicle. In addition to this, research from the OECD states that cruising for parking considerably increases CO2 emissions and is a primary cause of outdoor air pollution at the core of urban areas.

ParkOffice hopes to help reduce such carbon emissions through encouraging people to ‘park pool’ and share spots in multi-tenant buildings where demand allows, to help businesses become more environmentally friendly.

Speaking about this latest research, Garret Flower, CEO and Founder of ParkOffice said:

“With 57 percent of employers concerned about their parking carbon footprint, these findings indicate a positive shift in employers wanting to plan shared spots to reduce carbon emissions post COVID. It signifies a positive move towards park pooling in a new, hybrid working world which will help reduce headaches and stress on workers all while helping curb the environmental impacts of cruising for parking.”