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One Parking Partners with Parking Logix and eleven-x for Optimal Parking Efficiency for the City of Delray Beach, FL

April 24, 2024




One Parking Partners with Parking Logix and eleven-x for Optimal Parking Efficiency for the City of Delray Beach, FL



Delray Beach, Florida – One Parking is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Parking Logix and eleven-x® to enhance parking efficiency in the vibrant coastal city of Delray Beach, Florida. Together, they are digitizing 16 surface lots and 1,200 on-street parking spaces, radically transforming the parking experience for residents and visitors.

The new initiative, which leverages Parking Logix’s OpenSpace technology and eleven-x’s eXactpark™ system, will allow drivers to check public parking availability for on and off-street parking spaces via the city’s website. It will eliminate the frustration of reaching downtown areas and wasting valuable time searching for parking by matching drivers with available parking spots. The wayfinding project is being administered by One Parking, a leading parking management company that manages over 50,000 self-parking and valet spaces across the United States.

The goal of the One Parking initiative is to alleviate the common complaint of insufficient parking in the popular Florida beach town by providing real-time parking data at drivers’ fingertips. Sensors will be placed in on and off-street parking assets, which will convey real-time parking data to the city’s website, where drivers can view detailed parking data to assist in finding local parking. “As the chosen manager of the City of Delray’s parking operations and for One Parking, I can state that Parking Logix and eleven-x were able to work effectively and collaboratively here in service of the City’s best interests,” said Mark Pratt, President of One Parking. “One Parking believes very much in finding the right combination of technology components to meet the needs of each client’s unique needs in a bespoke manner. Vendors that are willing to partner, versus always trying to compete, provide the highest value. One Parking is proud to be the more innovative parking operator that brings key solution partners together for the best final outcome for all of our clients nationwide.”

Parking Logix’ OpenSpace technology is a game-changer in the world of parking solutions. This smart, solar-powered system uses innovative sensor technology to monitor and manage parking spaces accurately. It provides real-time data on parking availability, helping drivers find parking spaces quickly and efficiently. The sensors are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The data gathered by sensors is accessible via the Logix on Cloud interface, a user-friendly platform that provides comprehensive insights and analytics for better parking management. Data can also be shared to LED signage, Parking Logix’s Parker Mobile app, as well as third-party websites and apps via robust API integration. “Partnering with One Parking and eleven-x to implement our OpenSpace technology in Delray Beach is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative parking solutions,” said Todd Tucker, President of Parking Logix. “By digitizing surface lots and on-street parking spaces, we’re not just improving efficiency; we’re enhancing the overall parking experience for residents and visitors alike. This collaboration underscores our dedication to creating smarter, more connected cities through technology.”

eleven-x’s award-winning eXactpark™ system will improve the parking experience in Delray Beach for both drivers and the parking management team by deploying their patented SPS-X sub-surface stall sensors into the city’s on-street parking stalls to monitor individual parking spaces. Utilizing advanced wireless technology, the sensors will last for a decade ensuring accurate and reliable space usage data collection to help the city understand parking patterns and trends which will have a positive impact on programs and future planning. Additionally, the sensors will also enable a public website which will show, in real-time, where available parking spaces are located, helping drivers find parking faster. “We are excited to help the city of Delray Beach deliver the best parking experience for their community by delivering the most accurate, “true” occupancy monitoring of their on-street spaces. Our platform will help get drivers into spaces quicker, while also providing the city with 24/7/365 data and insights to help deliver better programs and services,” said Dan Mathers, CEO at eleven-x.

Parking Logix will equip the city’s 16 surface lots and garages, totaling over 1,700 off-street parking spots, with its solar-powered OpenSpace sensors. These devices capture and share data in real time to the city website and Logix on Cloud interface. eleven-x will outfit 1,200 on-street parking spaces in Delray Beach with eXactpark. The combination of these technologies ensures optimal accuracy for drivers and optimal cost-effectiveness for the city. Additionally, the city will gain access to detailed reports and analytic data, providing actionable insights to further improve parking management and planning.

About One Parking

One Parking, Inc. has over 20 years of experience, managing 135+ locations in 11 cities with 50,000+ spaces. It pioneers technology such as 2-way audio/video conflict resolution offered by Parker Technologies. it is the first parking operator to push real-time count information to the dashboard for dozens of automotive brands. One Parking is committed to a reduction in carbon emissions via the use of its proprietary technology and by partnering with trustworthy brands like eleven-x and Parking Logix.  For more information on the use of these disparate technologies to develop an information ecosystem, email One Parking President Mark Pratt at mpratt@oneparking.com.

About Parking Logix

Parking Logix, headquartered in Montreal, manufactures easy-to-install, intuitive and affordable cloud-based solutions, providing the highest industry accuracy in occupancy data. The data is available in real-time, and the system can be solar-powered, avoiding excessive costs associated with grid-powered solutions. For more information, contact Parking Logix President Todd Tucker at ttucker@parkinglogix.com.

About eleven-x™

eleven-x™ focuses on improving the parking experience for all with its award-winning, smart parking technology solution, eXactpark™. A comprehensive software platform, eXactpark enables drivers to find available parking quickly and easily in real-time with accurate and reliable 24/7 data to enable numerous use cases. The solution is being utilized by cities and institutions across North America to successfully address mobility challenges. For more information, contact eleven-x CEO Dan Mathers at dan.mathers@eleven-x.com.

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August 30, 2018








WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (August 30, 2018) – West Palm Beach, Florida-based One Parking announces that it has assumed operations and management of the Rockefeller Center Parking Garage in New York City, effective July 1, 2018.  Rockefeller Center is one of New York City’s most iconic attractions, located in the heart of Midtown. Composed of 19 buildings covering 22 acres, Rockefeller Center encompasses six square blocks with 8.8 million sq. ft. of office and retail space.  It’s home to a network of businesses, television studios, shopping and dining, as well as stunning artwork and architecture.  The Rockefeller Center Parking Garage is conveniently located in the Center, providing full valet service to the customers and visitors of the Center and area attractions.




“This property is an American icon, recognized worldwide,” said One Parking’s Chief Executive Officer, Kirsten Dolan.  “We were selected because we provide our clients with industry-leading parking operations management and help them find ways to maximize parking revenue while providing best-in-class customer service to their tenants and patrons.”


About One Parking

Founded in 2004, One Parking is the nationwide leader in professional parking management and intelligent parking technology solutions.  One Parking’s experience and expertise stretches across all asset classes including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and municipalities, in over 13 cities across the United States.  For more information, please visit www.oneparking.com.


Smarking Signs Enterprise-wide Agreement with One Parking

July 24, 2018



Smarking Signs Enterprise-wide Agreement with One Parking




Partnership Will Provide One Parking with Differentiated Customer Service and Operations



SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 24, 2018) — Smarking, the parking industry’s leading provider of data analytics and yield management software, announced today an enterprise-wide partnership with One Parking, a national parking operations management firm.  The agreement enables the best-in-class parking operator to provide Smarking to all One Parking clients, effective immediately. The announced partnership is an extension to an existing business relationship.


“We are excited about the expansion of our relationship with Smarking,” said Kirsten Dolan, CEO of One Parking. “The Smarking system arms our management team with in-depth operational information, quickly and easily.  We can now make decisions that are critical to our clients’ success, and income, in a more efficient, timely and effective manner. We are always looking for ways to leverage technology for better bottom line results.  The collaboration with Smarking helps us do so.”


Smarking currently provides One Parking with real-time insights and analytics for parking occupancy, entries, exits, duration, pricing, oversell, and yield management in one system for several of their locations.  One Parking utilizes their expertise in parking operations, combined with the Smarking data, to provide unparalleled service to a select group of clientsThe new agreement will make it easier for One Parking to offer Smarking to all clients, and will include advanced training, professional services and co-marketing between the two companies.


“We are excited to join forces with an industry leader like Kirsten Dolan and One Parking by adding business intelligence and yield management to the value they bring to each one of their clients. With the drastic changes occurring in the industry, companies like One Parking which are applying advanced technology will emerge as winners,” commented Wen Sang, CEO of Smarking.


About Smarking:

Smarking is a San Francisco based tech company serving commercial real estate owners, municipal governments, parking operators, and others to maximize parking asset results. Empowered by a team of MIT data scientists, urban mobility experts, Silicon Valley software engineers, and business professionals, Smarking’s market leading business intelligence and yield management software currently helps over 2,000 parking locations in the USA and Canada maximize NOI optimization, tenant satisfaction, and cost reduction.


About One Parking:

One Parking was formed in 2004 and manages over 80,000 self-parking and valet spaces for over 85 high-end assets throughout the United States.  One Parking’s experience and expertise stretches across all asset classes including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and municipalities.   One Parking works with forward-thinking real estate owners and developers, cities and property management companies throughout the U.S.





August 03, 2017






WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (August 3, 2017) – West Palm Beach-based One Parking, a national parking operations management firm, has added five new locations to the list of parking clients using their proprietary OPark system. The high-tech, 24/7, unmanned remote monitoring parking control system launched earlier this year and is regarded by the industry as best in class. The new locations include The Franklin, a 60-story, Class-A office building in Chicago, four other garages in Washington, D.C. and one in Denver. One Parking expects to announce at least five additional OPark installations before the end of the year.


“Our technology is revolutionizing the way developers think about parking,” says Kirsten Dolan, President and Chief Operating Officer of One Parking. “With OPark, we can offer them an industry-leading parking solution and VIP-style customer service while delivering significant savings in payroll costs.”

First installed at the popular CityPlace entertainment-retail center in West Palm Beach, the OPark system makes the parking experience as easy as possible. The system increases accountability of parking revenue and quick transaction time, and maximizes rate of traffic flow at exits. OPark saves on payroll and reduces overtime hours for late-night parking attendant shifts, while collecting revenues 24/7. OPark interfaces with the equipment that distributes tickets to drivers entering a parking facility, and that ticket is inserted into a card reader upon departure. But the OPark difference surfaces when a customer requests assistance. The “Help” button instantly connects to a Customer Service Representative who appears on a two-way video screen, creating a live, interactive human experience that is not available in other automated payment systems. The video background displays an image that is customized to show the facility where the driver is parked, even though the Customer Service Representative is assisting from the One Parking Command Center, located in West Palm Beach. The customer feels as if the representative is right there on the property, so there’s a sense of comfort, and a connection is created. The driver hears and sees the Customer Service Representative, and vice-versa.

“We have realized a significant savings in payroll costs, while maintaining the high level of customer service our customers expect at CityPlace,” said Kenneth Himmel, President and CEO of Related Urban. “One Parking has been a trusted partner. They keep our facilities clean and safe, they offer unmatched customer service and are very responsive to resolve any issue. It’s important that the premier experience at CityPlace is carried through to the parking experience in our garages. One Parking makes sure that happens.”

To learn more about OPark, visit https://youtu.be/IEUi0nsqF9U, or visit One Parking’s website at www.oneparking.com.


About One Parking

One Parking was formed in 2004 and manages over 80,000 self-parking & valet spaces for over 85 high-end assets throughout the United States. One Parking’s experience and expertise stretches across all asset classes including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and municipalities. Our first-class locations ensure easy access and intuitive flow patterns that maximize space, while offering expedited payment solutions to parkers.