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Park Omaha is implementing next phase of curb management with Automotus 

December 16, 2021




Park Omaha has partnered with curb management company Automotus to deploy 100 “smart loading zones” across the city, with the goal of reducing congestion and improving parking turnover and curbside pick-up for local businesses.

For the project, Automotus will use first-of-its-kind computer vision technology to track and analyze demand at the city’s curbs. Omaha was an awardee of Automotus’ 2022 Commercial Curb Challenge, and as such, Automotus will work with the city to provide curb use data, real-time curb availability, and automated, pay-by-the-minute access to designated smart loading zones for commercial vehicles. The project will support the city in implementing new policies and developing dynamic pricing that reflects the real-time needs of all curb users and incentivizes more efficient, safer stops for delivery and ride-hailing drivers.

With delivery vehicle traffic on the rise, curb management has become more important than ever in Omaha, and Park Omaha is building a strategy for curb management as part of its overall parking management plan. Thus far, the city has focused on loading and unloading zones and has previously participated in a pilot program that assisted in mapping curb zones.

Automotus’ project will take this initiative a step further. Utilizing a camera system powered by artificial intelligence and algorithms, the project will allow the city visibility into when, where, and how people are using curb spaces in Omaha.

Unlike a traditional camera system, this technology only captures data that is de-identified, using it to train the technology and inform smarter policies. The vehicle license plate information is only used for enforcement and processing payments. Personal information and raw video feeds are not stored or shared, and data cannot be sold to any third party.

Data and analysis associated with the project will also give the city insights into the amount of time vehicles spend in certain areas and what type of vehicles are using curb space.

“This is a way for Park Omaha to understand how people are using loading zones,” said Ken Smith, the city’s parking and mobility manager. “This is the first of many steps we will take to optimize curb management in Omaha.”

Partners in the project also include Omaha by Design and ConnectGO, the Omaha Chamber’s transportation effort. Scott Dobbe, the executive director of Omaha by Design, said the partnership is unlocking new potential and allows the city to implement safer, more flexible transportation and curbside management systems.

“The advanced hardware, software, and consulting services offered by the program introduce opportunities for partner community organizations such as ours to better study and ultimately implement more equitable, accessible, and sustainable transportation solutions,” Dobbe said.

Stephen Osberg, the director of Transportation & Urban Development for the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, seconded that.

“The opportunities offered by the Commercial Curb Challenge directly align with our vision for a prosperous and equitable Omaha developed through our outreach,” he said. “The resources offered through the challenge will allow our city to apply cutting-edge technology to better understand and actively manage the conditions along our curbs, some of the most valuable space in our urban core.”

The smart zones are aimed to address some of the busiest sections of the city and are scheduled to launch in 2022.

“Curbside congestion has been an issue that’s plagued cities for years now, only exacerbated by the rapidly expanding number of stakeholders at the curb,” said Jordan Justus, CEO of Automotus. “We’re thrilled that Omaha has taken the leap to address this issue, and we anticipate that this program will serve as a blueprint for other cities across the country to rethink how space is allocated at the curb.”

About Automotus:

Founded in 2017, Automotus uses first-of-its-kind computer vision technology to help cities, airports, fleets, and small businesses manage the unprecedented rise in congestion and emissions from commercial vehicle traffic. Their curb management solutions help their partners make data-driven policy decisions, fully automate payment for the vehicle (un)loading and parking, and make accessible, real-time curb availability data for drivers. From cities to residents and small businesses, their solutions are meant to benefit everyone by making our communities safer, healthier, and more sustainable places to live and move.


About Park Omaha: 

As a division of the City of Omaha’s Public Works department, Park Omaha’s team is tasked with managing the Parking & Mobility division efficiently. Park Omaha generates enough revenue to support operations, maintenance, and improvements while balancing parking supply and demand and opportunities for mobility and curb management.

Park Omaha’s goal is to create positive experiences, whether they are small weekday trips to a store or big weekend adventures with multiple stops throughout town. The division fuels our community’s economy by enabling smooth commerce.

Passport Debuts In-App Citation Payment Platform

March 08, 2016

Passport logo

Passport Debuts In-App Citation Payment Platform

Passport’s Park Omaha will be first to take advantage of the technology


March 8, 2016 – Receiving parking tickets can be frustrating, but paying them doesn’t have to be. Passport is the first software company to offer a single solution for parking payments and in-app parking citation payments, combining in one app the entire parking ecosystem. The new capability further enhances the industry-leading solution for parking and is being offered for the first time within Park Omaha, a parking payment app created specifically for the City of Omaha. With the Park Omaha app, users can find, pay, extend and manage parking. The latest update allows customers the capability of paying any parking violation directly from the app.


ParkOmaha was the first-ever private label mobile application for parking. “We chose to partner with Passport because of their flexible technology and ability to build a product that fits our needs. Years later, they are continuing to evolve with new innovation and make parking easier,” said Kenneth Smith, City Parking Manager. Omaha continues to pioneer the parking experience for residents with the new native citation payment feature. When a user receives a parking citation, they can download the Park Omaha app, find their citation, and pay or appeal directly from the app. To help avoid citations, users can pay with the Park Omaha app and extend their sessions directly from their smartphone.


“Our enterprise software offers the flexibility to tailor features specifically for client’s needs. Providing an in-app citation payment feature was important to the City and allows users a convenient way to resolve their parking violation quickly,” said Brad Powers, CTO at Passport. “We’ve created a better experience by providing an end-to-end solution for parking in Omaha. Users can now manage everything in one place”


Cities around the world are adopting mobile payment technology for parking, transportation, and now additional municipal payments. Passport provides payment technology to cities, universities, private operators, and transit agencies throughout North America. Passport clients are experiencing enhanced speed in their operation and up to 20% increases in online payment compliance for citation management.


“Our extensible platform allows us to add useful functionality that meets user demands. It also creates multiple entry points for the app, whether parking for the first time–or receiving your first parking ticket,” said Brad Powers. “We are trying to make the entire downtown experience easier to manage and navigate.”


Passport offers citation management services to clients through a secure online payment portal and can easily integrate with existing hardware and software providers. As part of Passport’s commitment to innovation, the company released this in-app enhanced functionality for iOS and Android devices.



About Passport


Passport is the industry-leading mobile payments company specializing in integrated urban mobility solutions. The company provides feature rich software platforms that offer parking and transit agencies a more effective and efficient way to manage their operations and serve their customers. Passport’s smart city solution includes multimodal options by creating an all app solution for public transit riders and parkers. Passport’s mobile payment systems are deployed in over 1,000 locations in 47 states and provinces across the US and Canada, with clients such as Chicago, Toronto, and Boston.


Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Passport is backed by a highly respected group of investors, including Grotech Ventures and Relevance Capital. For more information, please visit www.gopassport.com