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ACT Government begins rollout of smart parking technology in Australia’s capital

April 29, 2016



ACT Government begins rollout of smart parking technology in Australia’s capital


New technology emerging from the ACT could drastically reduce the amount of time that drivers in Manuka, Canberra spend looking for parking spaces.


Today the ACT Government, in partnership with parking technology firm Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ), launched SmartPark, the real-time bay sensor parking solution alongside the new ParkCBR app designed to make finding and paying for parking even easier in the capital.


Manuka will host the 12 month trial that comprises of Smart Parking’s RFID-equipped SmartEye sensors, which uses infrared technology to detect when a vehicle has occupied a parking space. The real-time data is then used to populate the ParkCBR parking availability app and 5 new dynamic LED on-street signs with changes to parking space occupancy on a minute-by-minute basis.

Drivers parking in Furneaux multistorey car park will also be greeted with SmartGuide, the overhead guidance system which uses green and red lighting to guide them to available parking spots.

ParkCBR can be downloaded and accessed via smartphone devices to view a current picture of parking spaces nearby; once a space has been selected drivers will be given the option for GPS navigation and payment – meaning no more paper tickets or top-up trips to the meter.

ParkCBR is free to download for iPhone or Android from the Apple App Store or from Google’s Play Store.

Paul Gillespie, Smart Parking’s Group Chief Executive Officer, said he was delighted that SmartPark technology will now play a key role in helping to transform the parking experience in the capital.

“Complementing a number of innovative digital projects in the territory, SmartPark will now make it easier for drivers in Manuka to find a parking space, leading to reduced congestion and less vehicle emissions expanding on the ACT Government’s commitment to ensuring the ACT is a livable city now and into the future.”

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said “This smart city initiative will actively support the ACT Governments goal of using technology to develop urban renewal and a solid digital infrastructure. It will support residents, local businesses and inter-state visitors to move in and out of Manuka more easily. This investment is about tailoring solutions to Canberra and developing technology which addresses the ACT community.”

For more information, trial locations and FAQ please visit smartparking.com and http://www.act.gov.au/smartparking

Notes to Editors:
Formed in 1993, Smart Parking is now one of the largest and fastest-growing bay sensor technology companies in the world. Smart Parking’s SmartPark solution has already been successfully deployed in capital cities across the globe in London, UK; Cardiff, Wales and Cape Town, South Africa with the deployment of over 3,500 sensors shortly to commence in Wellington, New Zealand.
Smart Parking specialises in some of the most technically innovative real-world solutions available within the market and continually leads the way in the development and application of these technologies, under the ‘Smart’ systems brand. They develop industry-leading technology and provide their clients with the very best parking management solutions.


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