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ParkIndy, Led by Conduent, Wins Indianapolis Award

November 10, 2019




ParkIndy, Led by Conduent, Wins Indianapolis Award




ParkIndy, an Indianapolis consortium led by Conduent, received the 2019 Community Collaborator Award from the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention (CHIP). The annual award recognizes ParkIndy for its charitable work in support of Street Reach Indy, a local campaign that aims to improve the lives of the city’s homeless. Conduent, working with partners including Flowbird and ParkMobile, facilitates public donations through parking meters and app payments. Conduent maintains the meters and collects the donations for CHIP, which directly benefit the work of homeless service providers.



ParkIndy provides on-street parking management technologies and services to the City of Indianapolis to optimize program performance and make parking more convenient for motorists.